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    Yes, OMSI map tools didn't find any missing objects, or splines.... I opened the map in the editor too, but in the editor the roads also missed.... I don't know how to use the editor, and solve the problem...

    Hi everyone!

    This map was my favorite in OMSI 1, and now I'm very happy to see it is works on OMSI 2 too! So I installed again OMSI 2, and started to play, but I have some problems. I used line 92, and 97. AI buses don't stop in every stops, and Stadtgrenze, and Gymnasium is missing for me... The road wich going to Stadtgrenze is ended, and my bus fallen down to nothing...

    Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

    Thank you very much!


    This is my favorite map, but I have a problem since I installed the 1.04 offical patch. The map works only the original AI-list, if I made changes the AI-list the map textures become white.... The 1.01 game version I can made changes the AI-list without any problem...

    Can help anyone for me, what can I do?

    Thanks, and sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian.