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    So I drove both buses around the Chicago map, and I have a comment and a question.

    On the AGG, I did notice the bus jumping around, especially on Madison and Adams Streets.

    My question is: How do you make the bus go in reverse? I tried pressing the brake when shifting into reverse. I've tried setting the parking brake as well. But when I shift into reverse, release the brakes, and apply throttle, the bus just sits there revving the engine. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    So I tried this bus in Chicago (with the heavy snow they had the other day). I didn't realize the rear of the bus swings out so much, hitting cars in the adjacent lane.

    While driving on the 124, and after passing a long line of cars waiting at a red light, I made the right turn from Michigan onto Madison. A moment later, the complaints come out.

    As I was getting the bus into Kedzie Depot, another weird thing happened. I inched the bus closer toward the fence at the entrance, but it wouldn't slide open. The bus had to pass through the fence to get it to open!

    Yes, I think this is point to be revised. The fogged windscreen is one of the weak points of this buses, also with 27 C ° inside of the bus and at the exterior 8 C°.
    I had made several turns connected with ICAO KMDW(Chicago Midway), and the alternative is not a easy one: passengers complained about the high temperature at the bus (27 C°) or fogged windscreen. Enough to shut off the heat, the temperature went down only one degree to 26° and in a couple of minutes the windscreen became foggy.
    Strange this bus not come equipped with so a elementary device as a defog for the windscreen.

    I try to keep the bus temperature at a decent level (between 19 and 23 °C, 66 to 75 °F). Driving with real weather (based at KMDW) at this point would have the outside air rather cold, (about 1°C at the moment) would make it tricky.

    I purchased the Chicago Downtown addon today. I ran it the first time, all was fine. Everything worked perfectly. I closed omsi, re-opened it and now when I launch omsi the buses either spaz out, or i can only see the dials and the driver. This is only a problem with the buses that needs solving.

    Did you buy it from Steam or elsewhere? There shouldn't be any activation issues with add-ons bought from Steam. Copy the log file (located at OMSI 2\logfile.txt) to your desktop, start OMSI, then check the Addons tab in Options If OMSI 2 - Chicago Downtown says Activated, post the contents of that log file in a Spoiler here.

    I do not know whether I have understood you correctly. Have again the route Bad Kinzau tested with the bus. For me he goes to hang by without. Even at the station designated by you.

    Google Translator :(

    I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the collision bounding box. I wouldn't try driving it around Chicago until it's fixed.

    :!: :!: :!: EDIT: I have a fix.

    Open OMSI 2\Vehicles\VanHool_A320\VHA3203D.bus in a text editor, go to the [boundingbox] section starting around Line 425, and replace the values listed there with the following:

    1. [boundingbox]
    2. 2.490
    3. 11.990
    4. 2.8
    5. 0
    6. 0
    7. 1.8

    I was able to drive along South Water Street in Chicago without any trouble. :)

    Well, I got it to work!

    I had to take a copy of an existing .hof file and whittle it down, but I managed to get it to work.

    Here's the hof file.

    And for proof it works, the following picture.

    Probably because it doesn't get that hot in the Midwest, or any Norther US state. I think the highest I've seen in NYC is 98 or 99. It could feel hotter, but I rarely see the actual temperature be 100+.

    The hottest it ever got in NYC is 106°on July 9, 1936. On July 22, 2011, it got up to 104°. Places in the southwestern US regularly exceed 100°. Temperature readings at Chicago Midway reached 106° on July 13, 1995, and reached 109° in July 1934.

    Low temperatures also go to an extreme. Chicago's record low is -25°F (-32°C).

    Speaking of, I checked what happens with extreme cold. Currently, the temperature at NZCM (Williams Field, Antarctica) is -25°F.


    That also doesn't display properly.


    Map: Chicago Downtown
    Bus: New Flyer D40LF
    Repaints: CTA Chicago Fire (WIP)

    I see I'm not the only one who decided to try to repaint the actual CTA logo onto a Chicago bus. I think I matched the colors of the "dot" better, though. ;)


    Speaking of Chicago repaints, here's one I'm working on for the NL202.

    Flickr, (Modified Test Track map)

    I'm also working on a font modification for the Chicago buses. One part of the mod can be seen on the signs of the two buses in the first picture, another part of that mod is shown on this screenshot of an interior sign.


    RockinRM , so true! I just ignore that. Let me guess, that's the 124 at Wacker and State, right? That's where it happens a lot for me...

    It's happened to me there, and a couple of other places I can't remember off the top of my head. Most of them happen on the 124 though.

    Here's another tip. You can get real weather in Chicago using OMSI's Real Weather feature.

    Once you've loaded the map, open the in-game menu and click the weather icon.

    Check the box next to Real Weather, and select the city. But wait… there aren't any American cities listed! No problem, you can type one in! So, type in KMDW. That's the ICAO code for Chicago's Midway airport, which is about 8 miles from downtown.

    This seems to work with most if not all ICAO codes.

    Using this method, I discovered a small bug in the temperature display. I searched a weather map looking for temperatures of at least 100°F (38°C), starting in the southwestern United States, but eventually focusing on the Middle East. I used the ICAO code ORBI (Baghdad, Iraq), where the temperature at this writing is 118°F (48°C). Yeah… triple-digit temperatures don't display correctly.

    To the moment where I drive past a stop where nobody is waiting and a stop was not requested, then afterward someone rings the bell and complains that I missed their stop:

    No, I didn't miss your stop, YOU rang the bell too late! So if anyone missed your stop, it's YOU!

    Sorry about that, I just needed to vent.

    BTW, some bus drivers will give a response like this when the situation occurs IRL.

    The only lines that matter are the first five:

    Base bitmap
    Alpha bitmap
    Mask bitmap
    Add bitmap
    Multiply bitmap

    The remaining lines can be used for comments. I'd assume Referenzwert: 170 refers to a page in some handbook which explains this portion of the repaint tool in more detail.

    We are trying to change the front lights so that they come on with the doors only, and not the headlights.

    Are you talking about how when the interior lights are on, the first light behind the driver is shut off unless the front door is open?

    (This reduces the intensity of the reflection of the interior lights off the windshield, helping improve the driver's ability to see the the road ahead at night.)

    I haven't played this map for some time but must say it is nice just wish it had more routes? Any further development for this map at all Darius ?

    I'm used to fictional maps with like 4 night lines and about 10 day routes

    Routes 7 and 126 (PDF) would be good candidates, as both routes serve areas already covered in this map. However, as for night routes, only Line 20 goes anywhere nearby (on Madison, a few blocks north of Jackson).

    Routes 7 and 126 are housed at Kedzie Garage, just as the 124 and 130 are, but the 20 is housed at Chicago Garage, 1 mile west and 1.1 miles north (approx. 1.5 miles as the pigeon flies) of Kedzie.

    Then again, anything beyond the existing routes would be a tremendous undertaking, as there's nothing modeled between Kedzie Garage and Downtown, except for the neighborhood immediately surrounding the garage and what's visible from the Congress Expressway, though Blue Line stations at Kedzie-Homan, California (abandoned/disused), Western, Damen-Paulina (Illinois Medical District), Racine, and UIC-Halsted seem to have been omitted, including a highly visible ramp connecting the Blue and Pink "L" lines just east of Illinois Medical District station (the ramp starts at Loomis (1400W), rises and passes over Ashland (1600W), then curves to meet the Pink line west of Paulina (1700W).

    Some folks on a Chicago-based message board seem to be even more nitpicky.

    The two buses are great. However, the 40ft bus is way too underpowered for use on any other map (unless it is flat) Is the bus like this in real life?

    The short answer is yes, but to better answer the question, I took one of these buses to Poland. :P

    I drove one of these buses on the wonderful Projekt Szczecin map*, and in particular, an incline on the 63 route at Artyleryjska. I drove to the bus stop there, then attempted to drive onward, toward Skolwin. The only way I could do this though was to set the parking brake, rev up the engine, then while doing so, release the brake. Inspecting the incline in the editor revealed that the incline at the Skolwin-bound bus stop at Artyleryjska is 8% (1 in 12.5). I wasn't able to go faster than 25 km/h until the incline began to level off. Keep in mind this was with an empty bus!

    I then considered a real-world example of bus operations on steep inclines, in particular steep inclines on bus routes I've traveled on. The Bx9 route in New York City has an example of such a steep incline between Heath Avenue and Sedgwick Avenue on Kingsbridge Road in The Bronx. Here, the elevation of the road changes by 39 meters in a distance of about 400 meters.

    Here is video of a particular trip aboard a bus on the Bx9 route. The bus used is a New Flyer D60HF, an older high-floor diesel variant of the DE60LF included with the Chicago add-on. Watch the speed (if you want to call it that) of the bus, and the sound of the engine as the bus makes its way up.

    New Flyer Artic #5281 Bx9 Bus Ride on West Kingsbridge Road

    So yeah, if you send the bus up a steep incline, it's going to struggle a bit.

    * I know the Tettau map has some steeper inclines (up to 15% according to posted signs), but the thought of negotiating those narrow winding roads in the D40LF made me dizzy.

    EDIT (2015/08/10): Drove the D40LF in Tettau. Do not recommend it, especially on the 8342. While climbing the mountain to Kronach, full throttle, the bus actually started going backwards, down the incline. Had to drive swerving back and forth across the road in order to keep climbing, and even then, it wasn't going faster than 10 km/h at full throttle until the road leveled off a bit. There was another point on the 8343 where I managed to get the bus going 70 mph downhill, only to slow to 10 mph by the top of the next upward incline, again, full throttle the whole time.