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    Hi everyone.

    I just bought a Logitech G29 and is now wondering what i should config the different buttons to do.

    What have you config them to do?

    Also for a long time ago i had a G27 and then you could use the buttons to change the driwers wiev. To the same as the arrow on the keyboard. You could look left or right. Now i can´t find this in the list when i am looking.

    How to do?

    Thanks for all your help and advice.

    Hi everyone.

    I still need help to be able to play the map. I just get a blue sky and people and cars is in the air. I have downloaded everything and maptools say i doesn´t miss anything.

    Can someone please help me and i ´m sorry i didn´t use SP to put my loggfile in the last time.

    I need help. For me when i try to drive the map i only get blue sky and see the people and cars drive in the air. I tried the maptool and i am not missing anything and i have downloaded everything.
    What is wrong?

    Can anyone help me please.

    From my loggfile:

    Pls use the Spoiler by yourself next time. //Semedah

    I have installed the map and every file but map tools say i miss these objects:


    Then i check in my sceneryobjects the files are there. When i try to play the map is just blue and i can see a yellow dot but nothing more.
    What can be wrong?

    A big thanks to all of you. I did like nemeza said and there i validated my files again. I got the answer that 669 files not could be validated and would be downloaded again. After a while i tried to start omsi again and now everything is normal again so i don´t need to reinstall everything


    Thank you to all of you again. Have a great week.




    I tried to write in ENG as you wrote, but then i started OMSI i hade the same problem so i close it again. After i check the option.cfg file again and it was empty under language despite i wrote it before and save.

    How do you revalidate omsi on steam?

    Hi everyone.
    After tha latest update my OMSI2 looks like what you can see on the pictures. How can i get the text to be normal again so i understand the text and also see what it says.
    I want it as it was before the update, without all the new strange text. Please help me?

    I have downloaded your map but get that i am missing Sceneryobjects\ASLANBAS_Objects\Street\OTOGALERI\oto galeri tabela.sco.
    I have read here and tried to download the fix files but it will not start download. Nothing happends when you press on the links.

    The 3rd door is usually ky_doorfront2. If not try ky_doorfront3.

    Thank you very much captainprinter. I tried with ky_doorfront2 and it worked. Do you know if there is a list anywhere there it stands what all this other settings you can choose means?
    I think it´s easier to find out the settings you want to use on your G27 if you understand what they all mean in the list.

    One question more from me. Is this the only place you find maps to donwload or do you have more places?

    Ok so you can put in different settings if it is a manual or automatic bus? Or do you have to change it every time?

    When you drive a bus with three doors and you want to use the 4 red buttons on the gear to them. I have the doorlock, front dorr and the middle door.
    But i don´t know how to get the third door?`What have i to choose for that button for the third door to work?