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    I have recently bought OMSI2 and found it to be very laggy.

    I had given a try in configuring it but only made the matters worse :(
    The average fps I'm gettings is 15-20

    I'm sure you had many of such threads but could anyone help me set up OMSI because I don't fully understand how to achieve best performance in it.

    My Specs for reference:

    I7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHZ (8 Cpus)
    8 GB ram
    Nvidia Geforce GT 740M

    Can anyone try to help me plz

    my actual setting are here…I&LVxXoas&5r9BBta&kR2ZIn3

    help me guys plz

    still having troubles can anyone help

    If you show me your Logfile ;)

    here u go