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    still have the error

    Edit Rieu: spoiler added

    i install all addon and continue with this error.

    help me plz

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    say this

    can u give me the link for what i need plz

    Edit Rieu: spoiler added!

    thx soo much work and now i can play thx again

    The failing object is a crossing which is included in normal OMSI - so I wouldn't know why there's this error...
    Try this hotfix and report me quick please, whether it works.
    Hotfix 1

    Bitte nur herunterladen, falls "22_Sp-KGV - Track 19 not found" Problem besteht...
    I kindly ask you only to download this hotfix, when "22_Sp-KGV - Track 19 not found" problem is existing.

    thx very much work greats and i go play now