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    Earlier this week we were able to acquire the objects from a project that is not being developed actively anymore, which greatly expanded the asset set available for the Börzsöny upgrade.

    This includes new flats, new factories, new houses, new fences, and some smaller stuff. And in the last pic you can see the new paint scheme for buses.

    Some of the older villages will surely receive an update using these new objects. Also we are open to ideas, so feel free to share them if you have any.

    That's great news! I can't wait :) That map is already so unique, and this upgrade will make it even better! :)
    Can you label the new upgraded map with the names of the villages and towns, just as that guy did? It only takes a few minutes in Paint or Photoshop for you, but it means so much for people who doesn't know the map so well. Especially with all of these new towns... Thanks! :)
    (Also, please keep the original EMKK bus repaints, too. The new one looks sweet, but I absolutely love the old one, too). :)

    Ankündigungen mit Echo (youtube video)
    Hey Roland!

    I have added echo to the announcements on your map! Do you give me permission to share it with others?

    Thank you, your map is great! :)

    (google translate):
    Hey Roland!

    Ich habe die Ankündigungen auf der Karte hinzugefügt Echo! gib mir Haben Sie die Erlaubnis, es mit anderen zu teilen?

    Vielen Dank, Ihre Karte ist groß! :)

    I guess you´ll have to use less objects to get more fps :D

    Itasi: thanks for the tip, I'm already running things tha way.

    Johnsen: I think you don't get what I've said. :) The issue is that I want to judge the performance impact of individual or groups of object, and at the moment it is only possible ingame, not in the editor, because of a few extra lines of code which place an 30 fps lock on the editor. I think it would be a great idea to remove that few lines of code and get the same fps as the game itself. At least it would save me time, not having to switch between the editor and ingame so many times.
    Of course I want to achieve higher fps at the end, just like every one of us does, this is why an editor with an unlocked fps would be nice.

    Right, the settings only concern the game, not the editor.

    Maybe we will add an option to chose whether you want to be easy to your graphics card, or not.

    I want to explain (NOT discuss!) the reason for the lock:
    Mostly the editor is pretty bored. As a consequence it has 120 fps and more, 100% of what is possible to render. Since this is not a bit neccessary, we decided to lock the fps at what is needed at most --> 30 fps to perceive a clean, smooth video. I did not quite understand the reason why some people do need more fps, but I am okay with not to dictate how to handle it. :)

    The reason for me why unlocked fps in the editor would be great is to conduct certain performance tests. I would like to see, for example how a group of objects drops the fps level. At the current state I can only gauge performance loss if fps drops below 30. So I have to place the objects in the editor, then load the game with unlocked fps, and that's where I can gauge framerate loss. Now this adds an otherwise unnecessary extra procedure to the workflow. I think it would be better for everyone the fps of the editor would be linked with the game, or it could be adjusted seperately. I would welcome if the fps lock would be removed. :)


    I've read the english SDK, but I'm stuck. When I want to connect an intersection to a spline, I can link it up, but cannot rotate it. The manual says they will link up automaticly. Now, they doesn't (probably not since Omsi 1), but I have figured out that I have to press Ctrl. That is great, but I cannot rotate the intersection. The manual says press F9, but that doesn't work. I've tried 'R' to rotate, but then the linkage is not correct, I've tried the arrow keys, space, rotating it manually, but I've probably missed something. It's probably very simple. Can you help please? :)

    Actually, I've found the solution, re-mapping the keyboard shortcut works. Thanks! :)