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    I don't know if it was already told, because I don't know the german language, but on Lion's Coach with automatic transmission there are some bugs.
    I know that it is on a beta stadium, but here is a list of missing functionalities or don't work:
    - pressure levels, fuel level and engine temperature are always on 0
    - automatic retarder
    - cruise control activation button on the steering wheel with regulation of speed (+ and -, always on the wheel)

    Nothing else, the mod anyway is good.

    Type of project: Bus modification

    Name of project: Volvo 9900HD RTM gearbox modification and improvements (it works with the beta version of the Volvo, which is on the following folder: "volvo9900new". IT WILL NOT work with the other version of the 9900 which has the Krueger display.)

    Involved persons: Me

    Details: This is a mod which improves the gearbox and other little things.

    Copyright: You can do whatever you want, this is just a little improvement.

    Pictures/videos: ---

    What's changed:
    - Edited the ratios, now it has the ratios of the ZF AS Tronic 12 (called by Volvo "i-Shift 12")
    - Added weight to the bus, now it weight is 19 t (according to the official Volvo 9900 page)
    - Improved the brakes

    The bus now appears as "9900HD RTM ZF AS Tronic 12"

    Link to the mod: CLICK HERE (Mega)

    I'm currently working on the lights system, but it isn't included in this package.
    In the future I'll update the pack.

    You have to delete the following files:

    Concerning constructive feedback:

    I am/We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me/us and must not diminish my/our work.
    Please write your feedback to my/our work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.
    • Please write in ENGLISH because I don't speak German.

    Since I am glad about any kind of compliment of my work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.