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    There are some way to set gas stations(tankstelle)to work? By the map Luzern Line 24 there some nice tankstelles there(Avia, Agrola, etc)but the problem the objets dont work for refuelling or washing and by the moment are only as "cosmetic" there at the map.


    Excelent addon and thanks.
    Only small detail by me: there are two small spots of the panel without textures. The bus is a Volvo O305, the number 738.
    The spots are at the right, the parking brake hand gear is white and also the position of the two button lights of the doors.
    All other is OK.
    Thanks again for this pleasant addon.

    Yes the route number is there but not the line number.
    For example, the 92E(Freudstr to Reimerweg)the number of the line is 09210 and the route is the 25.
    The 25 is there for the route but where is the 09210 of the line stored?


    I have set a M37 line but the problem is I dont know where the Ibis stored the line number information.
    The line number is 03728 and the routes actually only two: route 3(Waldkrankehaus to Hahneberg)and route 4(Hahneberg to Waldkrankehaus).
    Buses to be used are D92, EN92 or GN92.


    Something is corrupted in the folder Script.
    Check as example the first entry(visual.osc). Must be:


    'Beeinflusst das Fahrzeugaussehen in Abhängigkeit von der gewählten Wagennummer und Lackierungsvariante
    '(Sonderausstattungen bestimmter Fahrzeuge etc.)

    '(c) 19.10.2010 Rüdiger Hülsmann

    'Script Version: 1.0
    'Omsi release: 1.0

    '- none

    'Revision History:
    '- Rüdiger Hülsmann 19.09.2010 File created
    '- Rüdiger Hülsmann 04.10.2010 File renamed from Ident-Features to match with visual_varlist (including MAN grill visibility depending on livery)
    '- Rüdiger Hülsmann 14.10.2010 New SD83 visuals


    ' SD80: Ist dies ein Bus mit O&K-Klappe (1746-1770)?

    (L.$.number) "1746" $>= (L.$.number) "1770" $<= &&

    ' Klappe nur darstellen, sofern kein Vollwerbeanstrich vorliegt

    (L.L.vis_grill_invisible) ! &&

    1 (S.L.vis_SD80_tauschklappe)
    0 (S.L.vis_SD80_tauschklappe)

    ' SD80: Ist dies ein Bus mit Polstersitzen (1721-1745)?

    (L.$.number) "1721" $>= (L.$.number) "1745" $<= &&
    (L.$.number) "1739" $= ! &&
    (L.$.number) "1742" $= ! &&
    1 (S.L.vis_SD80_polster)
    0 (S.L.vis_SD80_polster)

    ' SD81: Ist dies ein Bus mit Kunstledersitzen (1773, 1775, 1776, 1782, 1787, 1788, 1800, 1801, 1807, 1810, 1825, 1840)?

    (L.$.number) "1773" $=
    (L.$.number) "1775" $=


    (L.$.number) "1776" $=


    (L.$.number) "1782" $=


    (L.$.number) "1787" $=


    (L.$.number) "1788" $=


    (L.$.number) "1800" $=


    (L.$.number) "1801" $=


    (L.$.number) "1807" $=


    (L.$.number) "1810" $=


    (L.$.number) "1825" $=


    (L.$.number) "1840" $=


    1 (S.L.vis_SD81_kunstleder)
    0 (S.L.vis_SD81_kunstleder)

    ' SD83: Grüne Matrix (3233-3250)?

    (L.$.number) "3233" $>= (L.$.number) "3250" $<= &&
    1 (S.L.vis_SD83_matrix_gruen)
    0 (S.L.vis_SD83_matrix_gruen)



    We have very good buses and maps, but the humans are always the well know limited number. New voices were a good initiaitve by addons like Chicago, Wien or Hamburg.
    But new faces, full new complete humans must be at very welcome adition to the Omsi world.

    Each map had his particular requirements in perfomances and that change also in the same map. Is not the same for the machine calculations to be in U Rathaus Spandau or in Freudstr, or at Wien in Kagran or in Invalidensiedlung. Is a thing o equilibre searching always the better FPS allround but some losses in FPS are to be expected.
    Settings in the game, specially in Graphics and AI traffic are the key to obtain reasonable FPS.
    After my experience with the most used commercial addons and some others availables here(Tettau, Reinickendorf, Teltow):

    -Never more of one tile(Neighbour tile count)
    -30 FPS is more of enough in target frame rate(the eye make not difference after 24-26)
    -750 m is a good parameter of visibility distance.
    -Min Objt size 1.30 % is OK
    -real time reflexions economy, particle system OFF, Stencil buffer OFF, Sun glow OFF, object and map completity full to the right.
    To take in count, more mirrors are in bus, more the resources went down.
    In advanced uncheck autosave, this machine calcultation each time take a lot of resources and paralize the game also each time.

    AI traffic.
    Many fundamental parameters are here to set to obtain good FPS.

    -Road traffic Max count : 75 work very well for me. If I find the traffic in a particular street is too low or to high, I edit with the editor increasing or reducing the traffic for this particular.
    -Road traffic factor: Usually is recomended no more of 50 %, I used also 75% and work very well.
    -Parked cars 45 %, humans 80 % and passengers at stations 100 %.
    -Scheluded E.g Buses. Well, here with a have a key parameter to set with many precautions and extreme prudence. More buses and schedules all around, more calculations each time to the machine and also more mini-freezings each time.

    A map like Spandau need a minimum of 70. That work well including all AI buses, Airline, helicopter and trains. To ckeck is all this traffic is present with a a particular map, start the game , load the map without buses and placed yourself at U Rathaus Spadau or another spot with many traffic and check if the AI buses lines, trains and maybe the airliner come in the scenery.

    Wien I or 2 need a little more: 90. Under this number your loss the U Bahn or one of the Tramways, or that buses or tramways vanished at Kagran.

    For Hamburg 40 is OK, I have by personal taste changed a part of things but with this number all buses lines are there and the reduction in FPS is minimal arriving at Dammtor.

    Neuendorf is very friendly in FPS and also had few lines. By personal taste I had added an extra Night line to Paulus Platz: 30-40 is OK.

    Chicago. 70 here with cars at 75. This map required a good number of machine resources, and the AI traffic(including all this Metro, trash trucks and taxis)are demanding. As before, load the map without the buses, went to Union Station or another critic spot and check the FPS and the presence of all traffic with your defined number in the schedule parameter.

    This numbers are with Schedule priority 2 for have all the lines present and active in the scenery. All timetables were also checked and placed in Schedule priority 2.

    Can difficult to set. Each bus need a track to went to the assigned parking position. Usually depots had only one track entry(and exit)from the garage door and all buses used this track and vanished after passing the door. Also there a certain risk of overload the machine resources(memory)with so many buses parked.