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    Purchased and installed today Hamburg Day and Night. Fine job with this addon and congratulations to the authors.
    The Scenery is very well done with a lot of details and the bus(to this moment only first runs at the 109 done with CityBus 12m 1416)work also very well. About this bus: Citybus , is a MB or MAN?
    First minutes were a little confused but that is normal with each new DLC. For example, what I make with this ticket number, then I have see the place to insert this one. After was to find something called Wintehude Markt, and after some two minutes I have spottted the WIM word there and was clear to follow this one.
    Only I have changed a pair of minor things after personnel taste(other driver, sounds passagiere inside and wet lane deleted, I dont like this loops)
    Timetable is very well done and is not necessary to run like a rocket to arrive in time at each stop. Time is very precise calculated. Annoucements work fine, only in the second run they were any but was my fault; must answer the IBIS with the "Ja" before departing.
    Voices are quite funny and already what mean "moin, moin"? I suppose is something like Grüezi.
    A last question, is a garage somewhere?

    Thanks and happy day

    Wich is better, 4 GB Patch or CFF Explorer?
    I have try with both, actually my OMSI 2 is patched with the 4 GB but I have always problems with the Chicago Downtown at the westbound run with massive drops in FPS, specially at Madison Wells(124)or Adams and Wells(130). There, at this point, sometimes, from the 24-26 FPS initial at Navy Pier or Adler Planetarium that sinks to 4- 5 FPS with the inevitable bus levitations, jumps and of course the trip is ruined after that.
    I dont know if the patch is of some help from this situation. The settings are the recomended, and I have still reduced the AI, but now way; before from Clark that start the drops of FPS and the railway bridge at Wells is the fatal point. Only way to supere this obstacle is running very slow with these 6 or 7 FPS to avoid the jumps, then expected to recover some FPS after the bridge for the end of the trip.

    After several dozens of runs by the 124 some comments about the route and the map, specially in theme FPS.
    The map is well done with many good points, but also had some points to eventually improved.
    At Navy Pier, with the bus stopped,FPS remained by the 26 FPS. After depart FPS remained stable in the region of 14-16 FPS, also for the Grand, Columbus, Michigan, the tunnels at Wacker until the entry at Madison and the stop at Madison and Wabash.
    There, maybe a first point to consider. The traffic red lights are extremely time longuer(for nothing because traffic at the Wabash is near nil).
    After Wabash FPS remained by the 12 FPS until Clark. From there the things come complicated.
    There are something in the map after there, very hungry in Graphic Card and PC processor resources. FPS start to sink considerably to 7-8 FPS. If you run fast because your time is barely enough to arrive in schedule to Madison-Wells and you touch maybe the brake that can give a loss of control of the bus(both D40LF or DE60LF)with levitation and jumps. Processors had not enough resources to manage the map calculations and the bus at the same time and that give place to this loss of control.
    The extremely critical spot is under the bridge, before Wells, there, 6 FPS are not rare. Dont matter if your schedule is 50 or 200, the FPS sink point take place always there.
    After Wells, FPS recovered a little, to some 9-10 FPS and the bus remained controlable for North Wacker, Canal and Clinton Monroe. After this last, FPS improved to 11-13 FPS and with this numbers you arrived a Union Station. At Union Station after stop FPS recovered and increased again to some 16-17 FPS.
    More easy and with lesses critical points.
    After inmediately depart from Union Station at the first left turn , dont went fast in Jackson. Map calcultation take place in this moment, and from the 14 FPS at Union Station, than can sink to 7 FPS in a couple of seconds with the risk again of levitations, jumps and loss of control.
    Remained slow, risk is lesser and after the next left turn to entry in Canal, FPS improved to some 11 FPS. But must be cautelous. At some point, shortly before Madison, FPS sinks again sorpresively to 7 FPS and if you was running too fast, again come the risk of loss of control.
    After Canal and Madison and Canal and Washington,the right turn and then the left turn to entry Wacker, FPS remained weaked, by the 9-10 FPS, Some 200m after in Wacker, things improved considerable and FPS icreased to 13-14 FPS or more.
    And so remained for the rest of the run.

    Inter Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00Ghz
    4,0GB RAM(4096 MB)
    Nvidia Geforce GT 740(2048 MB)(2 GB)



    Bin heute mit dem Solobus gefahren, hatte 20°C im Bus und 50-54 % Luftfeuchte und die Scheiben sind beschlagen.


    Wie muss ich die Heizung dann einstellen, dass die Scheiben wieder frei werden?

    Yes, I think this is point to be revised. The fogged windscreen is one of the weak points of this buses, also with 27 C ° inside of the bus and at the exterior 8 C°.
    I had made several turns conected with ICAO KMDW(Chicago Midway), and the alternative is not a easy one: passengers complainted about the heigh temperature at the bus(27 C°)or fogged windscreen. Enough to shut off the heat, the temperature went down only one grade to 26° and in a couple of minutes the windscreen come fogged.
    Extrange this bus not come equipped with so a elementary device as a defog for the windscreen.

    Very problematic addon with this nightmare of log and pins for unlock the transmission each time after one trip is finnished. Sometimes no way and must break the tour, start again after the last time of arrival and start again the tour after the last arrival.
    Continued some two trips more but now a new problem surfaced: no more battery and no more power to start the engine. I have the bad idea to cut the engine in a pause of some 20 minutes at Navy Pier and no way now to start the engine.

    All solved. Sorry, mea culpa.
    No batteries problem. Starter is conected to parkingbrake. Without parking brake set no starting possible.
    About the destination display, that change automatic and actualised the data one minute before the fixed time departure. Nothing to change there in log or pins. Only patience to see the display changing automatic to the next destination.
    And transmision work fine now.
    All OK and enjoying full now the addon.

    Superb addon, both the buses and Neuendorf. Today I have make a tour with a 0305 with manual gear box, the 111 in the line 301. That was a rainy day(meteo download after Berlin)and the dirty to see by the 111 at the end of the journey was something to see.
    Thanks for this fine job with this addon and keep up the fine work.

    Very pleased with this serie of addons and together with the 0305 is one of the must have by Omsi 2.

    I have worked only for my personel use a small route with terminus at Hirschstetten Ort. The terminus is the displayed square a some 100 meters of the stop Hirschstetten Ort and because left turns track are nos allowed to get there directly after the last curve, the line take a right desviation after the Sussenbruner Strasse stop(the intersection after the second red light)and then to the left in the I think is called Louisstrasse. Here at the beginnin of the strasse I have finded some problems because the track segment was broken(2spur_8m_Louis_sl). Nothing of terrible I have repaired the thing with the editor,then corrected the height of the parked cars for correct the sinked tyres in the paviment and then the full track was done to the small square. There, I have placed a new bus stop with the same Hirschstetten Ort name but configured only as last stop to exit. New date of the line was added to the Hof file and I have done for my Gu240 and Lu200s the respectively broseband targa files marked as "Hirschstetten Ort". For the ansagen in the return trip, that count from number 31. All work fine and the new route alternative was added to the timetable of my personnel 23A line.

    Very nice addition of this addon was also the motorcyles, and for the future a Piaggio Vespa can be also a interesant addition, this scooters era present evrywhere worldwide. My version 2005 was set to utilise only cars of periode 1989-2005 and for the buses only LU200s and GU240. I have no interes in the other bus(NG 235), and for the maps I use only versions 2005 with both addons.

    Keep up the good work with Wien, thanks again for the addons and I waited others lines for the future.