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    Any of testers reports were considered? Seem like they were not really taken into account, since game is that buggy. Other thing could be that they weren't reporting important things.

    Because HOW we are going to explain even buggier game than previous one?

    Sorry Julian, there is no excuse for either testers or developers. Stop defending yourself.

    //Julian: quoutes cutted.

    To be honest I fully agree with Eggtooh, it's M-R's responsibility to deliver a good software. The customer does not have the be a victim of what they do. They make the product to satisfy the customer and this has not been the case YET. I think OMSI2 is a big turn down especially in performance. I am freezing constanty at day and at night, I can only play around midnight. They better release a patch soon otherwise I will never ever buy their products again.

    What ever you say this is M-R's fault and nobody else, I am not sure what these BETA testers have done, but I know one thing that they DID NOT do their job if that many people have complaints.

    Exactly! Testers did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This game is buggy mess that should've never been released in this state.

    M-R Soft lied to us about 30-50% better FPS. I have same FPS on spandau as before.

    I DONT CARE if they made spandau bigger. I DON'T CARE, IT IS NOT CRYSIS 3 and should run better than this. MR CANNOT make games, they cannot optimise them, they don't want to admit this. Their tile loading system is total piece of crap that causes lag spikes which should've been resolved LONG TIME AGO.

    HOW COME games like Train Simulator 2014 run mindblowingly better than OMSI 2? I could've understood OMSI 1 performance, because it was their debut, BUT TWO YEARS WASTED ON RELEASING A BUGGY MESS THAT DOES NOT REPRESENT WHAT IT SHOULD!

    ON TOP OF THAT, this game is nothing more than DLC. There are BARELY any improvements to it. I paid 29,99 for same effin game as before, but with argiculated bus support.

    MR - get your crap together, and optimise this game to make it run at atleast 40 FPS in ALL situations. There is no justice to this crap optimisation! Game looks 2003'ish but requires PC that is can run BF4 on ultra details to even have comfortable experience on low details.
    There is no excuse for MR. Fix it, or don't embarass yourself with another crappy, unoptimised "game" that barely works on hi-end PC's.
    If any mod will lock this topic, it will be clear that MR does not care.

    I am waiting. Marcel? Rudiger? I am awaiting official answer from you, HERE. If you care, you will respond here and state what you're doing. If not, you're just another developer, together with Aerosoft that I can blacklist. I will also spread the word everywhere., consider this game failrue. That is already 2000+ people.

    Great example of Indie developer is Undead Labs. Last patch for PC version of State of Decay GREATLLY improved performance. 50-60% better performance. They've also fixed most issues with mouse support. They have ported game that was barely working on PC. Before you ask, Undead Labs is indie dev that released State of Decay under Microsoft brand due to Xbox Live Arcade. They are indie dev. Sure, they have more people, but even two people can do better than it is now.


    What MR did with last omsi? Absolutely nothing. 6 patches, where two were for DLC's to prevent piracy, which lowered FPS even more.

    Julian was beta tester I think. You have done anything to make this game better? No? I WOULD DO BETTER THAN ANY OF THOSE TESTERS. Who the hell was testing this game? They did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in order to make MR resolve issues.


    This is a joke. MR, don't embarass yourself and respond officialy here. I want a recompensation for this INSULT, I am fully entitled for refund in this situation, sadly I bought game off steam, and I am giving you last chance to reedem yourself.

    I want a patch. SOON, not in a month, but SOON. I've waited 2 years for a good product, that was advertised to be better in EVERY way than the first one, but instead got a stinky pile of crap that works even worse than first one.

    Eggtooth, please hold your horses! This manner of complaining is intolerable! Even if you are dissatisfied, there is a civilised way of conveying your concerns.

    As for the content of your complaints: The majority of issues you mentioned is already being worked on by the developers, and a patch will be issued soon. Please be patient until that time arrives.

    In the meantime, you should try lowering your settings (in particular the total number of AI vehicles; the total number of people; the timetable priority; and stencil buffer effects). The engine has in fact been optimised, but the Spandau map has also become a lot more complex, that's why you're experiencing worse game performance.

    I was promised an upgraded game FROM THE START, not after release.

    What if it wasn't Marcels and Rudigers fault? What if aerosoft pushed them to release it before christmas?
    So shut the hell up, if you don't know the facts, I understand your anger as i struggle with the same problems but it is just plain wrong to let out everything in one post. Relax, wait for the patch and go on.


    No I will not shut up as I paid a good money for it and received a barely working product.

    I paid for A, but received B. It's not how you treat customers.

    Okay? WHAT IS THE DEAL NOW? This is supposed to be BETTER OMSI 1, but what we've received barely represents anything you're advertised!

    Where is optimisation? It thought that was the priority! Game runs no better, and in fact runs worse than first one!

    Where is backwards compatibility? Maps doesn't work, some buses too! This is false advertising.

    On top of that, game crashes sometimes randomly, freezes, stutters, has problems with FPS.
    This game has a lot of bugs.

    What the hell is this?…orary/nk/yu/py/tp89e5.jpg


    Why in the world passegners doesn't get into my bus when I have destination set on table and number on the display?

    Why the hell people on grundorf walk 2 meters above the ground?!

    Why the hell game sometimes doesn't count the bus stops, and when I arrive at the end of the line, everything ends, but I need to wait at least 15 minutes for window to appear?

    Why the hell game crashes randomly when driving NG272 with some Index error?

    A Public apology should be filled to those who bought this pile of crap! Where the hell were beta testers? WHO THE HELL TESTED THIS GAME BEFORE RELEASE? I demand answers, as I have bought BROKEN product that was advertised AS COMPLETE ONE, THAT IS BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE, BUT IN FACT IT'S NOT!


    I am sorry for being so angry, but I've bought a game that barely works! I want a patch, SOON, not in a month. I am a fan of your work Marcel aand Rudiger, but you went too far with OMSI 2. YOU RELEASED BROKEN PRODUCT, I am sad that you treat customers with no care and dare to release product that does not work for lots of peeople.

    I thought you were a professionals who do games with passion. I understand you have low human resources, but this game has EVEN MORE PROBLEMS THAN THE FIRST ONE. How the hell that happened?

    Morphi me and my friend have problems with sound editing for Jelcz PR110. We got recorded sound of it, it just needs slight editing and cutting. We got sounds, but we would like to make them released with model so could you help us edit them properly we would be glad for help.

    Please, those sounds delaying the release, please help us...


    Now It works, I changed name of the texture and it worked. However I made another fix for lights that were following camera angle, causing strange effect:

    2 to 0

    So it should look like:

    Change this "2" to "0" in Danny's headlight mod. Lights does not follow camera angle anymore, lights look much cooler, and doesn't make strange effect. (Remember: value "2" is always above that "255" value).

    Julian... Please fix problem with your bus on heavy maps (Rheinhausen) because it's IMPOSSIBLE to load this bus. Error: Zu wenig Arbeitsspeicher. This bus doesn't work on half of my installed maps (it sometimes even crash on Bad Kinzau which is stupid).

    Bus itself is good, but it's impossible to play on heavy maps.

    if passengers moan so what,l ur seriously gonna get rid of this great simulator just because passengers moan. do u live in the uk ? buses in london passengers always moaning about something or another if all the bus drivers thought like u do there be no buses. i not sure but there prob a way that u can at least not hear them moan i not sure how to do that thou ask marcel or something. don't give it up for just for this reason.

    It's gamebreaking issue that causes passegners to leave your bus, and when rating goes down to "cruel" nobody wants to get into your bus.

    Try downloading the patch from the official website. If that doesn't work, contact Marcel. From my experience and from what I see on YouTube, what I said before is true.

    Around the curves in Bad Kinzau, I recommend going maximum 22 km/h. I drive with a steering wheel, and if I go past 22, there is so much force feedback in the wheel. I can't suggest anything about Omninsk or Moges because I don't have those maps.

    I have 1.01. Passegners always complain when I drive on Manual gearbox, and often when pressing clutch right before sharp turns. It ALWAYS happen when I try to use next gear.