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    It is unfortunately not possible, when you are approaching a stop; the passengers aren't "seeing" the trailer. If, however, your bus is already placed a few meters ahead of the stop before the passengers spawn, then they will correctly identify -and enter the vehicle from- those doors (if of course the rear doors are closer to them than the front ones).

    Ok thank you

    I spawn the bus, but i don't see nothing

    Thank you for the reply.
    Since i'm not expert and i don't understand very well the english and the german, if i give you files that you have need, can you make it?
    Thanks anyway

    What file is it?
    How you open it?

    This will overwrite the ZF variant:…
    You need to open all doors manually then. First door boarding only, all other doors are exits.
    3rd door: bus_doorfront5
    4th door: bus_doorfront7

    Ne kleine Frage,

    Könntest du vllt in einen späteren Update mit einfügen, dass auch vorne Aussenschwentüren sind? Also zwei Aussenschwenktüren hinten und vorne. Wäre nice, musst aber nicht machen, wenn du nicht willst.

    Thank a lot, but there is a bug, i can't open 4th door if the 3th door is already open.
    If you check this