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    1. Welche Version von OMSI 1 oder OMSI 2 wird benutzt?

    Omsi 2

    2. Wie häufig tritt das Problem auf und in welcher Form? (Fehlermeldung, aber weiter spielbar / Absturz / Freeze / ...)

    3. Welche Tätigkeit/Aktion führt zu dem Problem? (Neuen Bus platzieren / Fahren mit Fahrplan /...)

    When driving around with the bus with a schedule

    4. Welcher Content wurde verwendet? (Karte, Busse, ...)

    Ruhrau V2, Citaro Facelift w/ Morphi

    5. Welche Mods oder Plugins werden verwendet? (SweetFX, ...)

    6. Logfile im Spoiler oder Anhang.

    These ones are the important from the logfile:

    I did test with maptools and it said I didnt have any missing stuff.

    7. Systemdaten (Betriebssystem, RAM, CPU, ...)


    16 DDR4 2666Mhz

    MSI GTX 1080

    Do u load the whole map at start? If so that can be why it happens. Some maps is heavier than others.

    Install 4GB-patch and Increase the texture memory in settings. Then post new logfile thanks. It can also be u have too high AI settings and too high neighbour tiles, Object complexity and Map complexity Also view distance can impact it.

    Do you have any graphics card beside for the Intel HD?

    Its crashing when forwarding time. I didnt have any problems on my other pc which had much worse specs. Im running i7-8700k and gtx 1080 and 16 GB RAM

    Ehm I can't get this working on the MAN Stadtbusfamilie.. When I click the mirror nothing happens.



    Cashdesk varlist

    Cockpit stringvarlist


    Yes you need to delete every W at the End.

    Still same error....


    The O405_main_AI.osc

    Ehm for some reason this doesn't work?
    I installed normal version by Alterr then applied Morphi soundpack then Nighthauler

    Ehm I see plenty of the w at the end.

    Delete every W at the end?

    It is already script\AI_constfile.txt in the BUS file.

    Whenever I use the O405 addon as AI I keep getting C.L.antrieb_getr_autoSwDnMinSpd2
    Any fix for it?


    The O405 main ai.osc Config.

    <Template for bug descriptions>

    1st Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?
    Omsi 2 2.3

    2nd How often does the problem occur? How does the problem appear? (Error message, but OMSI stays playable / crash / freeze / ...)
    It happens very often.

    3rd What did you do before the problem occurs? (Place a new bus / activate scheduled driving /...)

    4th Which content do you use? (Maps, busses, ...)
    I have some buses and maps.

    5th Which mods or plugins do you use? (SweetFX, ...)

    6th Logfile inside a spoiler.

    Most important error:

    7th System information (Operating system, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, ...)
    Windows 10 64-bit
    Nvidia Geforce 840M

    Im using official Map and Bus.

    Go to ur Citaro bus rep folder then Lemmental V3 then change all of the O530_RVL2_template to O530_RVL_template Do that to all the O530 files in there. Only the RVL named files.


    This is the cashdesk

    For Neoplan N4021 it doesnt work? After applying that bus missing doors, wheels and some of the cashdesk.

    The model.cfg


    Cashdesk varlist

    And cockpit stringvarlist