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    Hi Andy,

    Many thanks, I'm slowly understanding more!
    I've opened the program, so before with the other editor I was opening the "global.cfg" and it gave me everything.
    Now I have just the option for .sco files. As seen in the screenshot.

    Though from what you say I don't think I will be able to open the map from OMSI 2 directly and can't seem to find any .sco files.

    Kind Regards and thanks again.

    Hi again,

    That's the question I had, I have succesfully launched the OMSI 2 editor via steam, but when you talk about the "crossing editor" I don't know if you mean that it's a different program just for the crossings?

    Because in the normal editor I've tried all the tabs and using SHIFT and CTRL and also trying to delete but it's just impossible.



    Thanks for your reply and no it's a map that already exists I didn't create it myself.

    When you refer to the crossing-editor and that it's in the official OMSI-SDK, do you mean it's already something inside the editor or
    something I have to download apart like from this page?
    [DE+EN] [OMSI] Download-Links Doku, SDK, SDK-Tools, DIN-Fonts

    EDIT: Ok, so I've just taken a look and I am still pretty confused, I assume then that you can't add the white car paths and that they are automatically defined in the intersections that you can place in the objects tab. But as they are invisible streets I really have no idea!

    I've tried everything I can within the editor and just can not work out how to do it.
    Is it the tab where you add a trackentry?

    Any more help in the right direction would be much appreciated!!