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    I checked map tools I have all the scenery objects, and it seems like the scenery objects and splines are only giving warnings, do it should affect the map as much as the Error? I am not sure what CV-Calculate is and I think that's the main problem. Also should mention that the map runs fine other than that spamming the logfile.

    Hello, I am just wondering about an error I'm getting on eberlinsee. I do not have the Tram NF6D DLC so I replaced the ailist with "vehicles\Uni-Tram\tram.bus"

    However, now I am getting this error in the logfile and I do not understand.



    I have a question if someone knows how to fix it.

    I am playing this map with Hamburg DLC but without Tram Addon. Due to this, I edited the ailist and replaced all instances of the NF6D with vehicles\TATRA_T6B5\TATRA_T6B5.bus. However, now the Tatra T6B5 AI shows up but do not move.

    If there is an alternative ailist that I haven't found or if someone is able to fix this one and make the T6B5 move, that would be much appreciated!



    Ich habe eine Frage, wenn jemand weiß, wie man es repariert.

    Ich spiele diese Map mit Hamburg DLC aber ohne Tram Addon. Aus diesem Grund habe ich den Ailist bearbeitet und alle Instanzen des NF6D durch Fahrzeuge \ TATRA_T6B5 \ TATRA_T6B5.bus ersetzt. Nun taucht jedoch die Tatra T6B5 AI auf, bewegt sich aber nicht.

    Wenn es einen alternativen Ailisten gibt, den ich nicht gefunden habe oder wenn jemand in der Lage ist, diesen zu reparieren und den T6B5 in Bewegung zu setzen, wäre das sehr zu begrüßen!

    Hi, I am currently making a map for OMSI 2, but am wondering if there is visual guides for different splines. If not, is there a way to tell what type of street it is looking at the name of the spline?

    Well i have not driven this bus at night, only with a dark clouds and rain, and at that time there is no light showing on the dash. Ill do some tests later today and let you know the results.


    The light should be on the H beside the two door controllers. It's subtle but it's there.

    Amazing Bus!!!! Already 5 thread pages in one day! Congrats, I love how there is such a good mix of the two buses. I love the display of the ICTS and at the same time the display that looks amazingly close but new to the A27! And as well the passenger display screen, that is very well done!


    Hallo! Ich bin Englisch, aber ich liebe diese Karte. Dies ist von Google Übersetzer. Ich weiß nicht, wie kohärent das sein wird. Ich habe die folgende Frage.
    Unterstützt die ai-Liste für diese Karte die New Flyer-Busse von Chicago Add-On? Ich habe versucht, diese Karte auf der NF-D40LF. Allerdings scheinen die Ankündigungen nicht zu funktionieren oder zu spielen. Wer weiß, eine Lösung oder Lösung?

    I seem to be having a problem where the AI MAN buses are not able to display the destination on the displays. The buses have the hof file, and whenever I take over the bus, I can confirm that entering a route number works AND passengers will get on that bus if I am driving and not the AI. Any suggestions to fix this?

    For all people that have a white space, I suggest checking the missing objects using OMSI Map Tools. For all those with this problem check if one of the missing objects have to do with the generics objects. I found out that only the download package for people with the .02 version has the costum route arrows needed for the map. Since those route arrows are used for directing you to the depot and vise versa. In conclusion, for those who are missing the route arrows, you will need to download the one for updating from .02 to .03