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    I got a problem. Is it suppost to be like this? ;

    Cant see whats wrong?


    When I load the map, everything looks fine, hte only problem is that there are no busses? There are normal cars etc. Why? I have edited the ailist.


    Got a problem with the map. When I load into it, I only see skies and my bus, nothing else.


    I was driving the line 261 from Teltow Stadt to Ruhlsdorf. When I reach Ruhlsdorf, the schedual wont finish? I've tried to stop the bus over the whole terminus but it wont work? Only happens with this line at this terminus.

    And btw, how do you get the "X" in the Gladbeck Bus on the rollbander? I write for example "0101" in the Kursnumber but it only abears as 1. Same with X10 and the night busses. Only the number is displayed, not the letter?

    many thanks for help!

    Hey! (Im not good at German so i take it in english? :) )

    I have i wish for the Mercedez Citaro G C2 Gladeck version. A Kolumbus repaint of it :D
    I dont have that much of pics of it, but if you need more, just tell and I'll grab some (they are driving just outside my doorstep :) ).





    Many thanks!!


    Just a quick question, is it possible to use the repaints made for the 3-gen Citaro C2 for the Gladbeck C2? And is there any repaints avalible for it?Seached around google and i can say i cant find any. I must say that i like the Gladbeck's C2 more ;P
    Thanks for answers! :D



    I tried the fix that was sent for me earlier, but it didnt work

    Was drivin throught line 454. All was working fine until I was closing into the Terminus Ketzheide. The "main ground" becomes white and the roads becomes very lighten up?

    I managed to fix it i think. You were correct, @ Willem1974 . The ailist was corrupted. I copied one of the ailists in the main folder of Lemmental/Ailists and edited it the same way i did with the old one and I guess it works since i dont recieve the error aboit it in the logfile. But however, i still see alot of other errors?

    Okey, this is how my Ailist looks like. I have only changed the busstype and the repaint, nothing else.

    I did that, but still doesent work though

    Got a small problem with the map. I notice that its quite a few AI busses at the map. I checked the Logfile and it shows this: