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    How do I change the rollbanders to the LED Orange one for the BVG Solaris and the Scania Citywide? I think I almost made it on the Solaris one, only thing is, the green background light is really irritating. Any1 knows how to make it black or something? And how to I make it like Orange LCD on the Scania. I got the Morphi mod on both busses.

    Solaris Urbino BVG

    Scania Citywide GN14


    played the map earlier today. Suddenly, when i was driving the line Nr. 2 I got a huge lag-storm. All cars became invisible or white, and out of nowhere, my scheduale just randomy exited after i got a fehlmelung. Then i couldnt exit the game and had to close it through task manager. Note, I have made some changes in the Ailist but only changed the buses, nothing more. This has never happened before. Any solutions? Several errors in the Logfile i see.


    I've tried to make a repaint for the C2 bus. i made a .dds file with the repaint and done the .cfi file, but the bus only turns to a blank metall bus? I can see the repaint very unclearly some places on the bus. i have no idea of whats wrong.

    My CTI. file


    I got kinda the same problem. When I'm about to select the Metro Lines, no one appears. Already checked that im not playing on a sunday and i have tried to select diffrent times a day, no results


    When I start the map and spawn at the terminus of line 1, I can only see skies?