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    Good day everyone!

    I'm having some problems with the OMSI Maptools on my new computer. It's saying that I'm missing objects while I don't. Instead it shows some weird characters I haven't saw before.

    For example, I tested this on the Lemmental map, everything is working fine. But the maptools still shows this:

    As you can see, it shows weird characters on some objects. But the map itself is working fine.

    So why I'm asking for help is because, if I have a new map with missing objects, I can't find the objects easily due to this weird character problem...

    Does anyone have a solution to this please? :(

    Where can I find ''Объекты на карту (kiosk)''? The link is broken :/

    EDIT: And Polskie znaki drogowe (Polish road signs), Kiosk RUCH v. 1.0, Polskie i Niemieckie Stacje Benzynowe (petrol stations), Obiekty 3D, moja paczka (3d objects)and MÁV tehervagon AI & objektumcsomag 1. MÁV M40-M43-M44-M47-M61-M62 dízelmozdony AI & objektumcsomag (Hungarian locomotives and carriages), Warsztat mmikiego26 and Barierka uliczna (street barrier)? All of the links are broken/damaged/not available! :(