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    Hardware should not be the issue from what you've written that your hardware is. Simply put, OMSI is poorly optimized for any kind of system and hardware. Lower your settings and try again. It's known that OMSI will run like crap on high end PCs, whatever the settings, and run smoothly on medium specs PC. And also run smoothly on one play, and then you start your game the next day and it will run like crap.

    Unfortunately I can't reveal which bus it is. The wheel diameter is the same for all wheels, 0.94, like it's on other bus models I looked into to see if there is any difference. I thought about changing, but then I saw (looking into another thread where a model had different diameters of wheels and they changed the values in bremse script of bigger diameter) that it doesn't need correction of values in bremse script. Here is the full script of the abs part:

    I mean, it's pretty much the same like any other model that has abs, I am really baffled on why it doesn't work properly, or why it activates when changing to 2nd gear. I contacted another member of this forum that made a modification to one of the models and they had the same issue with their mod and they fixed it. Unfortunately, the member hasn't answered me at all. So thank you for trying to help me! :)


    I have this really strange problem with this model I am testing. The issue is that abs/asr system activates on its own whenever the bus starts going uphill, after a station. And it always activates when it's supposed to switch to 2nd gear, after it finally switches the gear, the systems deactivate and bus is normal afterwards.
    I have tried looking into scripts trying to find the problem and I can't seem to find it. I tried everything, switching the systems off in script, changing values for gears, nothing works. Can someone help me with this?
    Thanks in advance!

    Needs plenty of time to get the map? How? You literally download a 1.5 gb file and extract it. All objects and splines that are needed go with it, including the ai buses. The only issue I had was with certain splines that OMSI wouldn't recognise german letters, but this is not the authors fault. I fixed that easily and didn't run into any problem with the map. One of the best and most realistic maps done for the game. You're one of the few who had such issues and it's rude to discredit the whole work just because you have to spend so much time to get the map. This is one of the rarest maps I didn't have to fix anything, unlike many other german maps for which I have to download tons of objects and in the end not still be able to play it properly.

    That issue is already reported and you could've found it PDF file that came with the map. Either disable ticket selling or use the fix that's written in the PDF file.

    Congratulations from a fellow from Belgrade. Map is really well done and looks 99% exactly the same as in real life. Easily one of the best maps I've played, right next to Szczecin and Hamburg.

    I am not going to make any changes or alternate versions of this model. If you wish to change it yourself, go ahead, I don't have free time to work any further on it. ;)

    Is it me or does this bus looks little shorter for full length city bus?

    The model is generally out of scale because it's a vbus convert. I changed 90% of the original model, but by the time I realised it was not in scale, it was too late for any changes. I actually think it's longer than it is in real life. Maybe it's a subjective thing. ^^

    marrecar: it ain't problem with font textures. It's a problem with PNG textures in the bus texture folder.

    Png format is supported by OMSI ever since. As I recall, 2.0 had issue with it, but it was fixed. The fonts still seem to have issue with ong format and I am completely aware of that. I started to work on this model on Omsi 1 and had certain issues that made me stop the whole work (loss of hdd). And 2-3 months ago I continued my work in Omsi 2 and also had issue with png format (the same as above) so I thought it had to something to do with png textures. I changed everything to other alpha supported formats, exported and converted and I still had the same issue. It turned out to be the fonts, RG ones to be precise. So I changed them to bmp, changed oft files and since then I had no issues. In initial phases of testing, certain testers had the same issue, it was resolved by replacing fonts formats from png to bmp. So there is no way that png textures of the model are issues here.

    That error is related to a font. The ones I provided are used by the model and have been converted to bmp format so that there is no issue. Try replacing the fonts again, if not, convert all your fonts to bmp format (from png) and change their oft files. I can't really help with this one.

    Top Bus. Funktioniert ohne Probleme, außer das dass Rückgeld bei offener Tür draußen in der Luft schwebt, wenn man die Tür schließt kommt es an die richtige Stelle. Sonst alles top :thumbsup:

    Thanks! Floating money is OMSI fault since I'm unable to make it rotate with the cabin doors, but it's not a big deal. ^^

    Finally a normal 100% finished Serbian bus.

    Thanks! ^^

    Type of project: Bus

    Name of project: Ikarbus IK-112N

    Involved persons:
    Author: marrecar

    Details: Ikarbus IK-112 (or IK-112N) is a low-floor city bus that is manufactured by Serbian bus factory Ikarbus from Zemun. It's made to withstand in the most demanding operating conditions in city traffic. Floor height at the front door of 340mm allows passengers entering from ground level without any steps. This feature makes it easier to use public transport, especially children, the elderly, persons with disabilities and mothers with strollers.

    The city of Belgrade in 2008, obtained a larger number of buses IK-112N for the purposes of GSP Belgrade, which renewed the fleet by 15 percent.

    IK-112 is the largest number in operation in public transport Belgrade (GSP and private carriers), as well as in other cities, such as Nis, where a private company Transprodukt bus transport in the fleet of 8 buses IK-112N.

    Thanks to immense help and support to members of forum Gonzales, Se7en, Becks89, Icacar98, Steva95, Simson, Kraspeed, as well as to all other member who gave constructive criticism and suggestions.
    SPECIAL thanks to Polish team KaJoT3D who gave me permission to use the sounds and scripts of their incredible model Jelcz M125M Dana, which Ikarbus IK112N was based on. Without it, this model wouldn't be complete.


    You are allowed to make any modifications as long as you credit the author and give a link provided here.


    More images:

    Download link:!FpwESYQA!zTS…ZtV2EfiFrwMQ64uQ_iTDH4Mlo

    Fix for custom tickets/money issue (thanks to icacar89)!jU9jTLBI!Xt_…Xn3BwFlArczpsoXF7Lc0QqC7k

    Concerning constructive feedback:

    I am/We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me/us and must not diminish my/our work.
    Please write your feedback to my/our work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am/we are glad about any kind of compliment of my/our work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.

    This is the trigger for all doors, I'm not sure what you mean by adding new S.L.?

    I've tried it and it doesn't really work:
    (L.L.door_0) 0.1 > (L.L.door_1) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_1)
    (L.L.door_2) 0.1 > (L.L.door_3) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_2)
    (L.L.door_3) 0.1 > (L.L.door_4) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_3)
    (L.L.door_light_2) (L.L.door_light_3) || || (S.L.door_light_4)
    0 (S.L.door_light_1) (S.L.door_light_2) (S.L.door_light_3) (S.L.door_light_4)

    Now whichever button I press, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, all three of them light up.

    Then I tried with this:

    (L.L.door_0) 0.1 > (L.L.door_1) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_1)
    (L.L.door_2) 0.1 > (L.L.door_3) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_2)
    (L.L.door_4) 0.1 > (L.L.door_5) 0.1 > || (S.L.door_light_3)
    (L.L.door_2) (L.L.door_3) (L.L.door_4) (L.L.door_5) ||


    And now it's the same thing, when 3rd button is pressed, the 4th one also lights up, even though it's not supposed to. When 2nd one is pressed, it's the only one that lights up, which is the right way.

    Skip to 4:47 to see how it should act, though other buttons aren't pressed.

    Not really. The 4th button lights up ONLY when all doors are opened. It should NOT light up when 1st, 2nd or 3rd doors are opened individually or combined 1-2;1-3;2-3 or whatever.
    I'm going to what you recommended later, only going to change it a bit, since I wasn't aware that (S.L.door_light_x)... || (S.L.door_light_y) was a possible command.

    I'm having an issue with texture changes with my door buttons. The model has 4 buttons that are for doors. 1st one opens the first door, 2nd door the second doors and 3rd is for third doors. The 4th button opens all doors. Whenever a button is pressed, it lights up and I've managed to make that work. The first button never lights up, just like the real bus. 2nd button lights up properly. When 4th button, for all doors, is pressed it's supposed to light up 2nd, 3rd and 4th button. And that works fine. But when I press 3rd button, it lights up itself, but also 4th button. I'm confused on why that happens. I'm using "door_light" command for texture change. This is what I edited in door.osc file, adding door_light_5.

    I don't get why the 4th button lights up when 3rd one is pressed, but it also doesn't light up when 2nd button is pressed, which is supposed to be like. Can anyone help me with this?

    Here's the cfg part:


    I have recently started my work on a old model I was doing for Omsi 1. I had lost my HDD and my cloud backup was off sync with the in game model and 3d files. So, I managed to make them look the same, which isn't really important to this story.
    So, when I first downloaded the model, I tried to load it in game and got that PNG error. So, I figured it must've been the fonts, so I changed all png fonts to bmp (at this point I didn't change oft files). But that didn't work, I still had PNG error. So I figured it's because the model uses png textures. I worked on it, changed them all to bmp, updated 3d files, exported, converted, replaced textures in texture folder, changed all png in cfg file. But that didn't help either, I still got the PNG error. So, then I changed the oft files, deleted all png textures and then I got "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung". Next time, I turned of Preview while selecting the model, clicked ok and then I got "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung: TUV 2". It went away, but the bus was invisible, only the floating driver remained. I pressed E and then I got "Illegal Index: TUV 2" error.
    I really do not understand why does this happen, there is no single explanation in logfile or nowhere else why is this happening. I'm more furious about the fact that this errors happen and the developers of the game didn't even bother to write a list of possible errors and explanations on what they mean and why they occur.
    Can someone please help me solve this, I don't want to leave it here, it was extremely hard work and I'm like at 80% finished. Thank you to whoever might be able to solve this for me!