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    I'm working on it, but just like everyone else here, I do have a life and I do have other things going on. I don't get paid or anything, so there is no reason at all to work full time on this project. It's going slowly, but I want it to be perfect. If someone releases a similar mod earlier, than it'd be perfect for anyone. You'll have to wait until either mine or eventually someone else's mod is released. It's not just a 5 minute job ;).

    To clarify, a mod like this is more than scripting alone. It requires modelling and touching the original files, which I'm glad they got released.

    Besides all that was written before, it takes a huge amount of time to create a map. When I don't feel like going on with my mods, I just go ahead and work on my map project. I've put in like 60 hours, and I don't even have all the roads laid out nor do I have one single building. Just a couple custom made crossings, junctions and splines. Let's be clear, everyone wants their hometown to be represent in a simulator like OMSI. And so do I. I just can't imagine how someone would build a map which is real of an area he doesn't live in.

    I don't really have any experience in Blender, but after watching a few tutorials, I do know the basics and I can model quite some things. It took me a while before I even got to my very limited knowledge, since it has a steep learning curve. If you want it, you can do it. Just sit down and learn.

    I have been around these kind of communities for years and I've never gotten into actual modding. I was like you and didn't realize it would take a huge amount of time to create something from scratch. However.. I'm 26 now and I've already learned my lesson. Just mark my words and get started yourself. ;)

    It's easy to change this door to swing out, instead of sliding out. I was planning on making the two versions anyway, since Arriva doesn't have this sliding version, but the swinging version. Since most details are the same, except for the pole holding the door - it's only a 10 minute job after this door is done.