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    I don't really have free time or motivation to patch up things on the bus, but thanks for the suggestions and bug reports, they are being passed on to another devteam who promised me to continue fixing up this bus, and then move on with bringing the other versions up to the same level as well in the future!

    On the other hand, HJALMAR had some excess time on his hands lately, and he just gifted the community an amazing soundmod engineered to perfection for the 7700A :)

    You can download the mod on webdisk, and before installing please be sure to read the included readme pdf in the rar file!

    Happy easter all! :S

    Of course, I need to acknowledge that. No changes, as I said previously to do, was did.

    But, there is one new problem - with doors. Door buttons were messed up! If I want to open 3rd door, I need to press blank red button near proper button for 3rd door. This wasn't apparent in previous version, and here, 3rd door can be opened normally, by using such proper button. The blank button was used to be a button to close all doors.

    I detected some errors in this bus model. They appears to be in both versions.

    German version:

    • A large mess in displayed stop names in internal displays.
    • Sometimes, there is a disaligned GUI navigation on Farego cash register.

    Hungarian version:

    • Money, placed on cash register, are in so-called "air" position.
    • No automated stop announcements - switching must be done manually. (Hungarian bus stop announcement playback scheme comes to be different than German - usually, one announcement is played after bus reaches stop and doors are opening)

    Common for both versions:

    • Missing highest-value coins in cash drawer (for German version 2 euro and for Hungarian version 200 forint coins).

    I developped a patched HOF file for Volvo 7900H/LH buses from HafenCity DLC, resolving problems with displaying of selected bus stop names on an onboard computer and internal LCD monitor and unplaying selected bus stop announcements.

    Download link:…N_yslBuuAs_lslsFnAEhWlAF7

    Der SIMUlant: If it's possible, please reupload this file to your preferred file hosting service and include link generated here on the post #1.

    @Lowlander: Articulated version of the B5LH (B5LAH) first appeared in 2013, year after Volvo 7700 was discontinued, and two years after the successor to the Volvo 7700, the 7900, appeared on the market. So, there's no hybrid 7700A's on the world, only 7900A's.

    So, this Volvo 7700A is maybe based on B9LA, or on the B7LA (some final 7700s on B7L had same driver's cockpit as depicted in video). But, the details visible on the front of 7700A (in video) marks that's a facelifted version of 7700A, built exclusively on B9LA. Sorry for my bad English.