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    Good Evening

    I am currently trying to export an object with transparency on sketchup but only one panel is transparents.

    I tried to put the glass on a separated 3d file but it remains black. What am I doing wrong ?...

    Here is the .sco file

    The following objects were meant to be used on one of my project, but due to a major lack of time, I was unable to finish it. Rather than keeping these objects I though that it might be usefull for someone. Keep in mind that you can edit every textures, upload them with your map, edit the models...

    Art des Downloads:

    Multiple objects : Building, Decoration, Road Infrastructure...

    A few Splines : Road parts and French Roads marking.

    Beteiligte Personen:

    The textures used in the models were taken by : Myself,, Wikipedia Commons, Google, Mappy.


    Contains : 13 buildings, 10 signs, 9 roads segments, Nearly 40 road lines.

    Download :


    Google Drive:


    /!\ I forgot to add the nightmaps inside the downloads. If you have already downloaded the objects, please download this additionnal file if you want the buildings to be lit by night. If you didn't own the pack already, those files are included in links above /!\

    • Google Drive:




    2nd How often does the problem occur? How does the problem appear? Always

    4th Which content do you use? (Maps, busses, ...) The map might have been slighlty modified by myself but it worked fine for a long time. I don't have any mod that changes the routes or trips.

    6th Logfile inside a spoiler.

    7th System information (Operating system, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, ...)

    I haven't found any problems that might have caused the glitch. I had to (as every omsi player) deal with white maps quite a lot, but I really can't do anything to play this map

    IN GAME :


    The only part that does not work is when I'm going toward Bahnof Nordstadt where the map becames white and only the traffic works : no splines or objects. The rest of the map works perfectly...

    Thank you for any help you offer !


    Sorry to get back to an old thread but I have the same problem when I export an object.
    I tried to find the "'no smooth'" button but it looks like it changed/moved release after release.
    I would like to know something that does the same thing but for the recent version of Blender !
    Any help will be appreciated


    1st Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?
    OMSI2.3.004 Editor

    2nd How often does the problem occur? How does the problem appear? (Error message, but OMSI stays playable / crash / freeze / ...)
    Since I placed an street light object. An edited version of Ampelobject by David.
    The first one worked perfectly but when I tried to place this one (

    ), Edited, copy and pasted by hand, I was not able to move and the game kinda froze (the cursor was still moving but nothing happened while pressing any key. I think that the editor still worked). I tried to load the map again and...

    4th Which content do you use? (Maps, busses, ...)
    WIP map

    Log file

    Thanks for the support

    Of course, it could be a great idea to use the crossing editor to make it work,
    but the fact is that it is a way longer than using game splines ( note that the roundabout showed in the 2nd screenshot from Express91.06 only use the default invisstreet.sli.)

    I don't know how it does that as it is a spline and not an object.
    I will try to contact him !

    1st Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used? Omsi2 - Editor

    I always though that it was not possible, in the game, to create those kind of patern, where you connect 3 splines together to make and onramp or offramp with splines :

    But after playing and looking at Express91.06c, I figured that this trick was used using the default invisstreet splines from the base game.
    I'm pretty sure that you need to use an object to do this but it looks like there is any in this case.

    To make simple street work, you have to follow these steps found in the readme.

    copy "Splines/Marcel/texture" folder to "Splines/ADDON_SimpleStreets/texture"
    copy "Sceneryobjects/Kreuz_MC/texture" folder to "Sceneryobjects/ADDON_SimpleStreets/texture"
    copy and RENAME "Sceneryobjects\Railroad_RUE\texture\Gleis_Betonschwellen.bmp" TO "Sceneryobjects\ADDON_SimpleStreets\texture\Gleis_Beton.bmp"

    3D European Logos.

    Type of project: Scenery Objects

    Name of project: Europeans Logos

    Involved persons: Myself; Wikimedia Commons Users.

    Details: Contains 15 different logos from all around Europe and 2 decorative objects for Jumbo and Bauhaus.

    Copyright: You are allowed to use and upload these objects on your map, and include them in the download. Credits are appreciated but you are allowed not to do so.


    Before asking, please, look if the logo you want doesn't already exists !
    Logos by Kamaz → Kamaz Objects & Textures
    Logos by Doho → Discounter Set
    Logos by Juha Play → MoreLogosMod
    Fasts-Foods by TonyA → Tony_A Objects
    Logos by DavidM (Sceneryobjects/DadvidM2412 - Objekte/Advertisement/Logos)

    Feel free to edit the textures !

    Details:Contains 4 differents Towers (30 meters high). You are allowed to edit the textures, and redistribute the files.
    If you want to do it properly, the turorial is included.

    Google DRIVE →…o-iQKUbSMYblV3RlNoaWQyMXc

    Have a nice map-editing ;); matwor29[FR]

    Even if I chose Spanish as my 2nd language I still don't understand that much of what it is said in the video :p

    Anyway, it looks great and I love the big hill. It will be fun to drive there. How many tiles have been build already ?