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    Type of download: Developer pack

    Name of project: FAINSA Arianne

    Involved persons:

    • fuljo (me)

    Project details:

    This project aims to share the Arianne seats manufactured by spanish FAINSA (seen in the Autodromo Busotto) with addon developers and modders, so they can implement them in other buses as well.

    The packs include everything needed for this purpose: blender project, textures and developer guidelines.

    Three versions of the Arianne are provided: Urban (plastic), Suburban (plastic and fabric) and Interurban (fabric cushions).

    For more details read the manual in the pack.

    Download link:…9fd9dg/


    Type of download: Developer Pack

    Name of project: Aesys KC640 / Aesys LED Display

    Involved persons:

    • fuljo (me)

    3rd-party content:

    • Original Vollmatrix script by M-R Software
    • Krueger+ mod
    • LED Display Textures by Italien83

    Project description:

    This project aims to share the two Aesys devices seen in the Autodromo Busotto with addon developers and modders, so they can implement them in other buses as well.

    The packs include everything needed for this purpose: blender project, textures, scripts, developer guidelines and user manual (only for the KC640).

    For more information on the features of the KC640 please read the included manual or try it on the Busotto.


    The KC640 is an on-board display control unit developed and manufactured by Aesys, as part of its Standard Sign System. Its primary function is to transmit messages and/or destinations to the destination sign system. It is responsible for the management of all communications with associated signs and provides a user-friendly interface.

    Functionally, it is the on-board device for selecting the line code and/or the destination of the vehicle. The operator can use the CCU’s LCD to verify that the destination message or code number selected with the keyboard is the one he wishes to display, before sending the command to actually display the message.

    to actually display the message.

    This addon tries to be as accurate and realistic as possible in replicating the KC640, so the operation mode is different from the standard IBIS (there are no routes, announcement and delay).

    LED Display:

    This display is just a little modification of the Krueger+ 0.6+2ε, with textures and fonts by Italien83. These modifications make the display compatible with the Aesys KC640 control unit. Only a monochrome orange LED version is provided, but an experienced developer can get a full-colour version pretty easily, using the standard textures from the Krueger+ mod.

    Download link:


    LED Display:…


    I'm looking forward to drive the Busotto in this final release! Great work.

    (I smell some [Xe]LaTeX in the user documentation, am I right? :P)

    Thanks a lot, and you're also right about XeLaTeX. I got to know it at university (I'm a CS student) and it took a while to write my own template for OMSI documentation, but it's been very useful both to work on multiple languages and also to integrate the parts I already wrote for specific packages like the FAINSA Arianne, the Aesys and others.

    In this regard, I'd also like to announce that I will release the following developer packages when I have some time to write a full post:

    • Advertisement System
    • Aesys KC640 and LED Display
    • FAINSA Arianne

    Each of these contains the Blender project, Textures, PSD templates, Scripts and, of course, Documentation needed by developers/modders to implement these objects on their buses.

    Finally I managed to get the bus out for public. It's stable, it has a big set of Italian repaints and quite a few customizations.

    I didn't do many repaints for popular OMSI maps so repainters are welcome, as long as they provide quality work based on the templates.

    On the feature side, there are still a few important features I'd like to add, such as the Air Conditioner on the roof and an alternate type of seats. But since I don't know when I will have time to work on them, I preferred to do a release now and add them later with a patch.

    With that said, I hope you enjoy the bus.

    See the first post for the download links.

    I've noticed that there's no more the side display: are you going to make another one or the Busotto won't have it?
    Also, i have a request: could you make an ACTV repaint (Photo)?

    I decided to remove the side display because the LED version looked veeery bad, so the Busotto won't have one.
    For the ACTV repaint there's no problem. I just added it to the list and I will make it as soon as I have the final version of the exterior texture.

    Hi everyone, I've got quite a few updates on the Busotto for you today.

    First: the exterior texture has now been upscaled from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048, so the repaints look much clearer now.
    The ANNAX Matrix has been substituted with a monochromatic LED display, which is based on the Krueger++ script, with textures by Italien83. It can also be turned off with a switch in the Dashboard.

    Then I finished the interior advertisement, which has multiple configurations you can toggle via setvar.
    I also created a standard for a sign advertisement system that can be implemented in other buses as well, so you can use the same texture on multiple buses.

    Aesys KC640
    Now let's talk about the two big things that happened.
    I created a brand new display control unit, to substitute the IBIS. It's the KC640, manufactured by Aesys.
    For it to be realistic I removed the stop announcement and route input features, but I added some interesting new features such as destination scrolling and also code saving and loading capabilities.
    This unit uses a 10 digit-code by default, which is composed like this: LLLSSZZZZZ, where LLL is the line number, SS is the line suffix and KKKKK is the zielcode (only the last three digits of the zielcode are really used); you can also set it to use a 4-digit code, but you will have to integrate the line number in the hof file with the *L command provided by the Krueger++ display.

    Here's an old demo (still with the ANNAX display), but the device got some improvements and you don't even need to press F3 to input the code anymore. There is also an English version of the script, if you prefer.

    AEP ticketing
    The other big thing that happened is about the ticket selling.
    I imported the AEP ticket validators an onboard computer from Helvete's Citaro Facelift and made a lot of modifications to them:

    • completely re-designed the scripts
    • created a repaint template for the texture
    • added the F420A validator, which is the old version of the F420B
    • added ticket selling capabilities to the on-board computer
    • translated all the textures in 4 languages (English, French, Italian and Polish)
    • created various repaints for different languages and different bus companies (mostly italian)
    • added a cash desk with a drawer (with sounds!) below the control unit, so it's ready for ticketselling

    Here's a quick demo of the on-board computer and cashdesk:

    After the official release of the bus I will also release a developer pack for the KC640, the LED display and hopefully for the AEP, too. These packs contain blender files, textures, repaint templates and a guide, so basically anything that you need to implement the mod in another bus.

    In addition to these changes, there has been an overall reorganisation of the files and a lot of bugfixes.

    Development Status and feature requests
    Last but not least, in order to make a point on the current development status, I created a document on Dropbox Paper where I keep track of the main features as well as the repaints. Please have a look at it and if you have a feature or repaint request please post it on this thread, so I can add it to the list.

    CAM Busotto: Development Status

    So now I'll be focusing on making new textures for the wheels and on writing manuals, which will be the most tedious work ever


    That's all, folks. Have a nice weekend!!!

    No, at the moment I'm only planning to release the LU diesel version, maybe I'll do some more versions in the future, like the LS or the CNG, but definetly not the trolleybus.

    Hi there!
    It's been over a year since I last posted some news about the Busotto on this forum, and I think it's high time to share with you the improvements I made (and to prove that the project is still alive


    Now the interiors are finished, as well as the cockpit. The interior illumination works fine and the materials of the windows have been re-arranged to have a nicer look.
    The LOD vehicles for AI and far-distance view are also ready, but I think they need some testing to determine if the poly-count needs to be reduced furthermore.
    In advance I made some changes in the organization of 3D files and Textures to have an overall performance improvement.

    So the bus, for the most part, is finished and now I'm focusing on details, like ticket validators, stickers, advertisement in the interiors, a new matrix display (ANNAX is soooo bad) as well as a new IBIS.
    I think I'm not gonna include a cashdesk for ticketselling, because this bus wasn't meant for that; maybe I'll just put the ticket blocks somewhere so you can do "basic" ticket-selling, is that all right or do you think that ticket selling is such a crucial feature?

    Let me know what you think of the model and also if you know any ticket printer or validator that has been shared on the forum for 3rd party use, feel free to link it here.
    For the moment, the bus remains in PRIVATE BETA phase, but I hope I'll be able to release a Release Canditate to the public in the coming months.
    The photos of the current work are in the firts post of this thread, just open the spoiler.

    HI Guys and thanks for the positive feedback, and to Pedro in particular for the words spent on the "stolen bus" theme. Usually a developer develops a bus for himself first, but for me it's different. If it had been just for me, I think I would have given up the project months ago, because I have very little time to enjoy it. What really keeps the project going is the support from people: this really gives me the strength to go on every time. Another good thing about this work is that I learned to do a lot of things that I wouldn't have learnt in any other way and they can be useful in my later carreer.

    Now let's talk about the wheels: they look like the ones from vBus because THEY ARE the ones from vBus!!


    I created them when I started the bus and those were the best textures I could find, adn btw I hate them too. If you have any suitable textures for me (I only need the inner part, the tires are ok) please let me know.

    Type of project: Bus

    Name of project: Autodromo Busotto

    Release state: Public release

    Involved people:

    • fuljo (me): modeling, texturing, scripting, sound-design
    • Alessandro Licastro: reference, modeling (driver seat)
    • Alessandro Loguercio: reference, sounds
    • Augusto Costa: photos
    • Mirko Gamberini: photos, reference
    • Marco Redigolo: scripting and reference (gearbox)
    • Marco Benetti: reference (AEP)
    • Andrea Stini: reference material (KC640)
    • DSR1984: engine and gearbox sounds
    • alexredx: RATB repaint
    • the OMNIBUSSIMULATOR ITALIA and Omsi Autisti italiani communities: beta-test

    also photos by: Antonio Palmira, ATCBy673, Luca Allegra, Stefano Bonetti
    base scripts and sounds by M-R Software, Morphi

    3rd-party mods

    • Krueger+ matrix mod 4.2 by Italien83
    • AEP Ticket validators and onboard computer by Helvete & Ogon
    • Two Tone Air Horn by LjNad

    Hi there, I'm Alessandro Fulgini (fuljo), a 20-year-old Italian developer. I started modeling a few years ago and this is my first project for OMSI, though I started two before but ended up with nothing.
    The Busotto is a typical italian bus produced by Carrozzeria Autodromo Modena (CAM) between 1994 and 2001, when it undertook a restyling. The company bankrupted in 2003.
    The model is based on MAN's NL/NG 2x2 floor assemblies and therefore it is a low floor bus produced in many variants:

    • LU - the 12m urban version with three doors (NL 202-222), also available with CNG (NL 232) or as trolleybus
    • LS - the 12m suburban version (NL 262), also available as trolleybus
    • LI - the 12m interurban version with 2 doors (rare)
    • AU - the 18m urban version only available as a trolleybus (NGT 204F)

    At the moment I'm only working on the 12m diesel version, but I'm also planning to do the CNG version and the suburban one. Apart from this, there are many things which are configurable via [setvar] in the .cti files (e.g. outdoor ads, horn button, seating configuration, ...) and via the customization panel.

    I chose this bus in particular because it's based on the NL 2x2 family, so I could take base scripts from the NL 202 rather then starting from scratch (remember it's my first project). It's also an iconic bus for Italy and I like it very much, even though it's not my favourite one. It mainly circulates in Italy and in Romania (produced in association with Rocar), but it's really rare to see one outside these countries. It has that early-90s look which makes it perfect for this simulator and I hope you will enjoy the taste of what can be considered the first Italian bus for OMSI!

    Compatibility note:

    Unfortunately the bus had been stolen during the beta phase, so some of you may have an old version downloaded from a Dropbox link (maybe with some repaints too).

    I changed a few things in the textures and in the file organization since then, so I ask you to delete the old version before installing this one. I will not give any support for the beta version.


    The standard packet contains the installation files (including fonts), a complete set of repaints and detailed documentation. The repaint templates (and some extra textures) are provided as a separate download.

    Before operating the bus you should read at least the Controls and operation chapter of the manual (in the docs folder), in particular for the display control unit which differs from the IBIS.

    Download link (latest version):…tygh3ul4k/

    Repaint templates (Photoshop and GIMP):…

    Please do not re-upload these files on other sites, but always use the Mediafire URL above, which will stay up-to-date with the latest version. Also include a link to this thread, if possible.

    I will continue to update this document (and hopefully this thread) with developement updates: CAM Busotto: Developement Status


    If you're willing to make mods, I kindly as you to contact me before releasing them (I don't bite), so I can consider on integrating them in the main release and/or keeping them in mind when making future changes.

    The redistribution of this work, or its parts, without permission is strictly forbidden.


    If you have any questions, bug reports or anything write here or email me at: [email=''][/email]

    If you like this project you can buy me a coffee (will be spent on beer): Donate on PayPal

    If you want to tell your thoughts, feel free to comment. Criticism is accepted as long as it's constructive.

    Hi, I'd like to use the sounds and scripts from this bus for my model based on the NL 222 chassis. So, can I use them, please?
    Obviously I will mention you in the credits
    P.S. FRENZYMAX has turned off his PMs, so don't delete this post