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    Is there a working .hof file for Hamburg? I'm trying this .hof file without any luck, it, the bus just loads the Grunsdorf hof file.

    This hof file loads perfectly fine on the Citaro's, and I can use the X10 hof file in the MAN without any problems.

    No i mean..... we have in my home time hybrid busses a year ago but the driver have to set the break with a manual stick to put the electric better in to the batteries! The bus breake much more stronger with the stickt!

    No, it doesn't, those VanHools only brake like that because the orangutans behind the wheel have no clue of how to drive them.
    The lever requires a bit of feeling, but it does allow you to more precisely dose your braking power then lets say a Citea, or an Ambassador.

    Pedro, would it be possible to make the side and rear matrixes toggable as well?
    examples of busses delivered without them:
    Anyway, these busses are going to be awesome!

    Just did a fresh omsi2 installation, only installed the o305 and the G&S 240, when trying to load the 240 it gives me a "Zugriffsverletzung bei adresse 005D497C in modul omsi.exe, scheiben von Adresse 00000354'.

    Ganz normal installieren wie du es auch beim "normalen" Citaro gemacht hast.

    There are enough people who download the pre-edited files because they don't know how to do them. or like me, have tried 20 times, and always end up with a disaster like buses dissapearing.
    I too would greatly appreciate pre-edited files.