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    Good evening guys,

    could you help me? I've tried to download everything but I still got some white textures on streets, grass, etc...

    Here is my logfile:

    Best Regards

    It's really good job! Well done, nice model, beautiful and realistic sounds. Everything is ok. But this bus seems to freeze from time to time for a few seconds. Earlier, I had the same problems with other buses, but now it's only wiht Camo... I don't know, maybe it's because of my bad settings or smth...

    Still got the same problems...

    Hello drivers!

    I want to edit ailists file, but I need some help from you. Maybe someone could explain what lines are going in these groups:

    Projekt_Szczecin MAXI-Szczecin

    Projekt_Szczecin MAXI-Police

    Projekt_Szczecin MEGA

    Projekt_Szczecin MEGA-posp

    Thank you. ;)

    Hello. I love this MB! Awesome details, sounds, etc. I really like that changing external screen in map Rhodenau between Flughafen/Airport. So, what files and sections it them I need to edit to have effects like this in other routes or maps? Thank you, guys.