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    So I'm trying to avoid having passengers leaving the bus when they complain about my driving after a while. I already know how to make them not complain at all through the ticketpacks option files, but they still storm off the bus at some point. Thing is, the only thing I'm doing "wrong" is trying to keep a low speed on 30km/h zones, playing on a keyboard. I will eventually, hopefully, have a wheel, but in the meantime the keyboard is all I have. Not interested in switching to mouse, tried it a couple of times and I just hate it.

    Already looked through cfg files of buses, of human models, and map files.

    Is this even possible at all or is it hardcoded?


    Then please post a logfile when using the original ai-list. My guess would be there are buses on the ai-list that are not on your harddisk. Please check the exact names of the bus-files in the ai-list.

    When you have white buses it means there is an error in the ai-list because OMSI can't find the correct files, the basic repaint for most buses is white. In the ai-list you should not write the name of the cti-file nor the name of the texture-file but what is in the cti-file in the line under [item].

    Okay, so I tried multiple changes in the ailist, to finally discover that the problem was that the Euro 3 O530s from Morphi's soundpack, for an unknown reason, can't get the Lemmental repaints, only 3 different repaints, including the base white one. But the original ailist includes, apart for the Facelift Citaro, only Euro 3 O530s. So I just changed them all to Euro 2 O530s, and as of right now every older O530s has the correctly assigned repaint. I still haven't figured out why Euro 3s won't do it... And I still don't know why some AI runs don't work

    Check the mods of the buses for Morphi's soundpacks as if you've updated the versions, OMSI is looking for the old .bus file (possibly)

    OMSI is looking for the .bus files that are in the mod I currently have so that's not the issue. The issue is within the map itself, if you read the logfile I provided with my first message, you'll see that the error is from the TTData file, which has all the bus routes and runs. It can't read em properly.

    Ai-list can usually not be interchanged between maps. If you have problems with a certain bus on Lemmental Updated you have to edit the ai-list that comes with the map or see if there is an alternative ai-list in the archive. What must be changes you can read in my post above.

    Well I put back the original ailist in, and it only works now on half the runs. The other half or so is still not working, therefore I still have a lot of AI buses missing. And for some reason I still have white buses, even though the white repaint is nowhere to be seen in the ailist for the O530. I have all the repaint files that the ailist should be looking for, I checked the whole texture file for the O530. Every Facelift Citaros spawn correctly with all the correct repaints available, but for some reason the O530s can't do it.

    9705, if you want i can send you my ailist, it uses the Citaro facelift from morphi and the Lemmental repaint pack. Contact me if you want it

    Link for repaint pack

    Thanks, I'll see how it goes. I wanted to keep the older O530s as well, so if I can keep em I will

    It seems to me as if you have made to the ai-list. When you do that you only have to change the lines with the .bus-files (the path of the bus itself) and the last bit of the lines that start with the vehicle number (the name of the repaint that you can find in the .cti-file in the line below [item]). With the changes you made you also changes the ai-groups. Since the remain unchanged in the timetable-files you get these error-massages.

    Nope, it was one of the ailists of the base version of Lemmental, with the modded O530 and O530 facelift. With the original ailist provided with the Updated version of the map, the older O530s kept spawning in white, or with missing parts. It worked for a short while and then, this.

    Hello there. I tried to install the ''Updated'' version of Lemmental V3, to see how it was compared to the normal version, but there seems to be a problem with the AI buses and lines. I tried reinstalling the problematic part twice, didn't do anything. As far as I can understand from the logfile, it seems to be from the ''TTData'' file, somewhere. So if anyone could help, that would be great! Thanks :)


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    Yes I saw that in every other buses, but not this one. There is just nothing about a description in the .bus file. But I still have a description when choosing the bus in-game, so it has to be somewhere...

    And for the path, it actually starts with "TC40102", which is the file for the bus in Vehicles

    Checked through the files of the bus, and the "chtex_rollband.cfg" is not even in there, so no rollband. Checked also for the description, it's not in the .bus files for the Classic, unlike most buses. Even though there is one in-game, I can't find it anywhere

    Here is the logfile starting from when I loaded the map and the bus

    Hello, I recently downloadedversion 1.02 of the Daytonford map, but a big part of the map around Leyton Depot is missing. Checked in the logfile for missing splines but nothing to be found... Anyone knows why? And I know I need to get the RNC version of the necessary MAN buses but can't find them for the moment, so if you could help me with that as well...

    Hey there, recently downloaded the free version of the GM/MCI/NovaBus Classic on vtransitforums(…=downloads;sa=view;down=4 ). When I choose the GM Classic, it spawns but the body is always invisible. Looked into the files of the bus, and the .cfg model for the GM is there, named the same as in the scripts of the .bus file. The author of the thread on vtransit said he will not give any support, so I thought maybe someone here could help me or could have found why it does that? Thanks

    I don't have the modded O530, and I never had it on this computer cause it's no longer available, since before I got this computer so... that's not the problem. I used to see buses all over the place on the map when I first played on it, then it just stopped one time and they never came back lol but I do have the base O530