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    There are some vehicles in the ailists.cfg that are not on your disk. Exchange these for vehicles thar on on your disk. I saw a Ikarus 250.59 and an O=Mercedes-Benz O307 in the logfile that need exchanging, but there can be more.

    Well I do have O307 with O305 activated. Installed that one missing bus Ikarus 250.59. I told that though I stated that it worked perfectly before and there were days when I would ride all day on that map without issues for months. I'll continue to play that map and see what happens(for now works perfectly but it happened at least 3 times during 4 days.

    Sometimes I have the same problem, but generally it occurs on larger maps or in parts of maps much traffic appears and/or I use a performance intense bus model.

    I think, it is because your processor (CPU) is lower than recommended. You don't show your PC stats, so it could be an issue.

    I have played all the intense maps(Berlin X10,Belgrade,Tettau) without issues with all buses. Only occurs on Chistogorsk and starts randomly(doesn't depend on place(for exapmle fps drops to 5 fps on one place,next time doesn't on same place,then drops on place where are just road and grass texture,next time doesn't)).

    And thanks for trying to help me, I'll let you know the about the situation with the problem after I test it now with the bus that Willem1974 told.

    1. Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?

    OMSI 2

    2. How often does the problem occur and how? (Error message, but playable / Crash / Freeze / ...)

    Before it only occured on Chistogorsk,now it happened once in Fikcyjny Szczecin.

    3. Which action leads to the problem? (Place a new bus / Driving on schedule / ...)


    4. Which content was used? (Map, busses, ...)

    Map Fikcyjny Szczecin Bus Ikarbus IK 103

    5. Which mods or plugins were used? (SweetFX, ...)


    6. Logfile in spoiler or attached


    7. System information (OS, RAM, CPU, ...)

    The game runs smootly at 35fps locked.

    Just starts jumping after 10 min of driving.


    Pošto vidim da ti Engleski nije nešto dobar, sudim da pokušavas da kažeš da kada ukucaš tu liniju na IBIS-u ili preko menija ne ukucava se linija i/ili destinacija. E sad može biti da nisi izabrao pravi HOF za Beograd,drugo moze biti ako imas neki autobus sa BUSE pokazivačem linije(recimo Karosa busevi u OMSI 2 imaju BUSE displej) mora se koristiti poseban BUSE HOF( na ovom linku imas taj BUSE HOF za Beograd i taj HOF radi samo na busevima opremljenim sa BUSE pokazivačem linije).

    Nadam se da sam ti pomogao.

    P.S ako imaš još neko pitanje u vezi ovog problema, slobodno mi se javi putem privatne poruke na forumu.


    Well I see that your English is not particulary good,so I'll guess that you want to say that when you try to type the line on IBIS or using the menu the line and/or destination doesn't show on destination display. Eh... now it can be that you haven't choose the correct HOF for Belgrade, the second could be that you wanted to type the line on the bus that is equipped with BUSE destination display(for example Karosa buses have the BUSE destination displays) you must choose the BUSE HOF one( on his link is BUSE HOF file for Belgrade and this HOF works only on BUSE equipped buses).

    I hope that I helped you.

    P.S if you have another question regarding this problem feel free to contact me via PM in this forum.

    If i try anything to add a display,the bus would spawn only with driver.