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    The hotfix door keybinds don't seem to be correct though ... in that 'bus_doorfront2' does nothing, and 'bus_doorfront3' mapped to the third door instead of close all doors.

    You sure you have overwritten every file? The modified files necessary for the new keybindings to work are:

    • Model\model_Volvo7700_Gelenk_Main.cfg
    • Script\newDoor\door_man_3D.osc

    Please check to see if they're the correct ones,

    Thanks for replying so quickly. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t copied it properly this morning ... have recopied the files over, and keybinds are correct now.

    Thank you for the bus and the hotfix. It drives really nicely, is easy to repaint and I'm looking forward to the AI compatability.

    The hotfix door keybinds don't seem to be correct though ... in that 'bus_doorfront2' does nothing, and 'bus_doorfront3' mapped to the third door instead of close all doors.

    Lastly, a bug I've noticed with the inside stop announcement screen. Announcements are correct, but the correct stop is never shown on the screen, e.g. on Stadtedreieck map it will always show '1. Hagen', then '2. Friesenstraße' - it's reading the list of bus stops from the HOF file and then showing the 1st, 2nd, etc. from the overall list of stops rather than showing the stops from the trip. Hope that makes sense. :)

    Because BVG felt the Alexander Dennis product was superior? The Enviro platform is in use globally. Just because they're in Germany doesn't automatically give a home team advantage to MAN. The previous DL05 etc. weren't exactly well-received by BVG.

    Great mods. I'm seeing something odd though with the Solaris IV articulated bus.

    The mod works as it should ... but if I spawn an articulated Solaris IV bus manually it loads correctly with a repaint. If I put the articulated bus into an AI list and load the map, every one of those articulated buses has the Hochbann repaint on the trailer. It's definitely something in the mod, because if I change back to the default Solaris IV the bus loads correctly.

    Is something wrong with the AI trailer model and it's not loading the repaint skin for some reason?


    i want the route 27 til fachmanplatz the full route i got the linenumber . But i cant find the route code that display fachmanplatz

    In the zip file that came with the download you'll find a folder Dienstunterlagen, and in there a file called Ziel- und Routenliste.

    27 Sisselsforst - Fachmannplatz is route 15.

    With the white rollband buses, I've found that AI buses are unable to show a 9 on the second digit position (e.g. if route 198 is needed, the bus will show 1_8 - a blank on the second space), the black rollband number work fine. If you're controlling the bus you can set up the middle 9 just fine.

    Building on Marc1972's rollband issue reported a few pages ago, the same thing happens with LAWO AI buses - their matrix displays are blank until you click on a bus to take it over, and the matrix then appears as normal.

    Congratulations Aerosoft. Yet another launch that you've messed up. What's the point of using your useless servers when you have the power of Steam behind the main application?

    I note that you're quite happy to take my money though.


    And what's the betting the order won't even be in my profile because the Paypal server couldn't talk to your gerbil-driven one?

    It speaks volumes that nobody out of M&R or Janine have come into this topic to set our minds at ease.

    Janine's arrival was great, and some people started to get support. I found it strange though (and a bit disappointing as one of the English speaking members) that she had a signature written in English (and only English) threatening to ban people.

    But there's been nothing at all in recent weeks. As customers who've supported the product since Day 1, it's a big shame. The product is still developing - and works better for some people than others, with no logic behind which computers work and which don't.

    I don't object to people going on holiday as long as they say something to explain their absence.

    There's very little fun in version 2.1 - most of the time the game is stuttering and lurching along with frequent freezes and lockups. And that's with settings on their bare minimum, with multithreading disabled.

    I've spent the last few days enjoying playing Omsi 1, Great Grundorf 2 is a fantastic map which runs smooth as silk on my system - a quality product worthy of the Omsi name, unlike Omsi 2.

    You can't. It's not possible in this version of Omsi. AI buses just drive until they reach their destination.

    Some map makers 'cheat' by splitting a trip into two smaller trips, e.g. say you've got a route from A to C which needs to stand at B for 5 minutes. You could create a service A to B and then one B to C. But the clever thing is you'd tell the AI bus to always display the final destination on its trip (so when it's on the trip from A to B, it would show destination C). That way passengers would still use the bus.

    If you want to see this in practice have a look at Roland's excellent Gothenberg map. The night trips on route 1 work exactly like this.

    Thank you for this. It's excellent - I love the medium size font.

    One thing I don't like though is the faulty pixels on the display that stick on or off. Is there a way of stopping this happening in the variables? (I tried reading the German but don't see an obvious one to change).