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    I recommend this laptop
    It is a BTO laptop. Sold by a dutch company.

    Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?
    OMSI 2.2.032.

    How often does the problem occur? How does the problem appear? (Error message, but OMSI stays playable / crash / freeze / ...)
    Everytime I load third party maps.

    What did you do before the problem occurs? (Place a new bus / activate scheduled driving /...)
    Just regular driving. Map loads fine, but when I drive a part of the line, the maps isn't loading anymore and when I stop the bus and exit the program, quite often the error ode.dll appears.

    Which content do you use? (Maps, busses, ...)
    Map: Nürtingen V5, Gehrten V2, Winsenburg 2015
    Bus: Mercedes-Benz Citaro 0530(G) with Upgrade Pack (Link)

    Which mods or plugins do you use? (SweetFX, ...)

    Logfile inside a spoiler.
    Short version. Long version was 526346 characters long.

    System information (Operating system, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, ...)
    Intel Core i5-4210u
    Nvidea Geforce 840M
    16 GB RAM
    1 TB SSHD
    Windows 10 Professional


    Have you looked in Logitech Profiler? I believe there is under some tab an button called Gamecontrollers
    There you can define your turning axles

    I've looked in my profiler and the tabs name is Device and then Gamecontrollers

    Hello, my OMSI says that ''keritesm1felso.o3d'' o3d reading failed
    Then there comes a couple of errors ''Auf einen extern erstellten Thread kann nicht gewartet werden.''
    The map launch and I can ride on it, but when I move to one piece of the map I get this error
    Also can't I read the numbers of the signs for the routes.
    Can you help me?

    Try to use the following lines in your .sco file

    Good luck!