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    Ja, ich glaube, dass jeder Modellbauer einmal ein Modell gebaust hat und danach unglücklich war über bestimmte Dinge. Mein Hauptfehler war, dass ich zu wenige Polygone für die Kurven gebrauchte. Außerdem habe ich für meine erste Modell ein Auto gewählt, weil es einfacher zu bauen schien. Danach habe ich wohl sofort angefangen ein Bus zu bauen aber im Rückblick gesehen gehört das model auch in dem Papierkorb. Dann habe ich noch ein paar andere Modelle erstellt und mit dem release von OMSI fühlte ich mich bereit, den gleichen Bus noch einmal zu bauen, aber 10-mal besser. Und auch dieses Mal musste ich bestimmte Teile wieder neu bauen, weil sie nicht richtig waren.

    Damn this bus is ugly. Your model is very nice but the bus itself looks sh*t :(

    Lol, well you can definitely not say that this is a "box on wheels". The design of this bus is the number one reason why I`ve made it because I think we have (had) some special buses in Amsterdam like Eyon already said.

    Thanks :)
    I think it is not possible, maybe using some kind of trick. Eg. Based on the timetable, but have to be corrected somehow..
    if you have any question with scripts, pop it up in the forum, I think there will be some folks, who may try to give solutions :)

    Hehe that sounds way too complicated for me. But maybe if I can find
    some script commands used for the timetable I may give it a shot. I now
    use a script I`ve found on the internet which displays a lot of
    different messages. For this bus I don`t need that many different
    messages but since I don`t know which lines can be thrown away the
    script has now duplicated messages.

    If you or someone else may
    have a clue on how to make the inside display work exactly like in real
    life, I will post the important parts of the IBIS-2 file in spoilers to
    have a look at it.

    nemeza I know you can script better than me because I actually tried your script for the inside display system written somewhere in this forum. So I am glad you can give some advice and I will try to add a button, but do you think it is possible to make it work full automatic like in real life?

    omsipolice12 if the bus is released you have to place the bus on the map and open the doors before starting a schedule. Sometimes they open/close very slow like in the video but this is not normal. If that is the case place a new bus and the doors should work the way they are supposed to be. I guess it has something to do with pressure so maybe I can prevent this from happening the next time.

    Edit: to-do list added in the first post. This should be everything that is left to do but maybe I will add one or two more things.

    Hi everybody,

    Getting the inside display to work was a lot harder than I thought. It is now functioning almost the same way as in real life. That means: if the bus is not near a bus stop it will show the time, line and the word "naar" ("nach" in German) and than it will show the destination. If the bus is near a bus stop it will show "Volgende Halte" (Nächster Halt in German) only one time and than the name of the bus stop will stay on the display. When the bus stop brake is active (only way to do this is by opening one of the doors) the display will show the time, etc. again. Just as in real life you don`t have to press a button to make the next bus stop announcement.
    The only downside is that the name of the bus stop will stay on the display when you pass a bus stop without stopping. But I don`t know enough about scripting to fix that. I have made a video to show how it all works. In the first part you can see how it should work and between the last two bus stops how it should not work.

    In this video I am also presenting the Schiphol Sternet version because it was only shown on screenshots until now. Please read the full description before watching the video.


    In the evening I will also make a to-do list and place it in the first post if I can edit it.

    Lol I think EgorPerm speaks not english very well that`s why the sentence came out like a demanding thing.


    I like the video presentation! That`s a perfect way to see all the differences of both versions. Amazing quality just like the Citaro.

    Today I have worked on the inside display. It is working almost correct but I still have to find a good font for it, or maybe make it myself.

    nemeza , thanks for the tip. I will have a look at it but if there are too much things that have to be changed I will keep the one from Busfanat.

    Ofcourse. Some weeks ago I have had contact again with the person who knows a lot about this bus and if he doesn`t knows it he can ask some other people (bus drivers). So now I know that the bus kneels through the front axle when the front door is openened and when you close the door it automatically gets up again. So that is the last thing I have done in OMSI before playing OMSI 2. I think I will test the bus tomorrow to see if it is working without problems in OMSI 2.

    I do not promise anything but I really hope that I can release the bus in january 2014.

    I like this bus, nice old model. The time wasn`t there yet to fully test this bus but from a quick view everything looked totally OK. I like the yellow interior lightning (in the Suburban version I don`t know if the other models have the same).

    NeonZ :
    this should be scriptable. You can switch between full light and dim light while driving, so switching between different lightmodes for the interrior should be possible, too. ;)

    In the bus I am making a view lights in the interior switch on at the same time when you turn on the headlights (ofcourse this is how the bus works in real life also). If you want to turn on the rest of the interior lights you switch on a second button. And there are two extra buttons for turning on the left and right interior light at the very front of the bus. So I think you can do a lot with scripting.

    Das wagenpark von GVB Amsterdam enthält ein super anzahl of 3 Mercedes Citaro O530 drei Türen versionen. Ungefahr zwei jahre zuruck alle anderen standard busse war der type DAF SB250 gezeigt auf den Screenshot. Viele DAF SB250 sind ersetzt durch VDL Citea zu diesem Zeitpunkt aber nicht in OMSI. 8)

    Busse: Mercedes Citaro O530 + DAF jonckheer SB250. Dieser letzte bus is still W.I.P. aber ich arbeite viel so hoffentlich dauert das release nich mehr all zu lange.
    Map: TopGear Test Track