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    Ich muß erstmal rausbekommewie man zum Teufel ein fertig textuiertes Modell vom zModeler in Omsi bekommt. Die TutorialVideos helfen nicht wirklich dabei. Und ein brauchbares Tut per PDF habe ich noch nicht gefunden.

    Vielleicht möchte jemand der nur Fahrzeuge konvertiert mal den Lada und andere fahrzeuge ins Game bringen oder es mir mal ausführlich erklären.

    Gruss Tatra

    I hope you can understand englisch because I can read german but to write it is something else lol. The bus I am working on is also made and converted with Zmodeler so here is how I did it. I will only explain how to start because the rest is mostly trial and error. Search for the VW_Golf_2 map in your vehicles directory and make a copy of the model.cfg file. Second stap is to open the model.cfg file and delete everything under "[mesh]
    golf2_main.o3d". Now you will see only the body but it is working fine in OMSI. So to get your Lada in OMSI you only have to replace the.o3d file with yours, here is how...

    1) If you don`t have it already download the program to convert .x files made by Zmodeler to .o3d here:
    2) Rename your object to "golf2_main.o3d" and convert it to a .x file with the same name.
    3) Use the FixZMX.exe program to fix your .x file with the standard settings
    4) Open the OmsiXConv.exe program which can be found under your SDK directory and convert the fixed .x file into .o3d
    5) Make a copy of the original golf2_main.o3d file and replace it with yours (note that the program has added a extra _ that you have to remove first).

    Now you will hopefully see your own model but it is probably rotated and too big or too small. You have to figure out the correct settings by trial and error but remember to write down every single step you make in Zmodeler! Or you don`t know the correct size anymore if you want to add objects.

    I understand that only animated meshes need to be seperate but is exporting the interior going to be too big for the X to o3d converter with textures?


    I think you have to try it out to see if it is too big. My interior needed to be in 2 parts and the mesh is even splitted in 3 parts. It`s not hard to do it but sometimes there was a tiny gap between the splitted parts but that is probably caused by my 3D program (Zmodeler) and is easy to fix if you still have all the parts before the splitting was done.

    Dutch: Het reizigers informatie systeem bouw ik pas in zodra ik de filmkasten aan de buitenkant goed heb gemaakt. Het is niet meer dan een balk waarop de lijn, bestemming, actuele halte en tijd wordt aangegeven. Om een indruk te geven heb ik maar even een screenshot vanuit het 3D programma gemaakt, maar de tekst komt er dus waarschijnlijk iets anders uit te zien in OMSI.

    English: This is an answer to cregeer1. The information system for passengers will I make as soon as I have fixed the matrix on the outside of the bus. It is nothing more than a beam shwoing the line, destination, current stop and time. To give a impression of it here is a screenshot made from the 3D program, but the text will probably look somewhat different in OMSI.

    Maybe it is better to tell it in dutch cregeer1 because I still can not understand you.

    Small update. Well I say small but I`ve spend some hours on trying to get the lighting system to work correct. When everything was working on my own bus the AI buses did the opposite and ofcourse I want to have them work the same way as the player bus. So after a lot of trial and error it all seems to work the way it should be now.

    Here is how the lightning system works...

    -When you turn on the normal dim lights the outer headlights rings will light up, together with the half of the interior lightning. If you turn off the engine the interior will become completely dark, unless you switch on the other half of the interior lightning. These will stay on together with the parking lights (including the orange marking lights on both sides).
    -As you can see on the following screenshots you can also switch on the inner headlights rings. When you do this the outer rings will switch to the parking lights stand.

    i think the inside is a little fuzzy but the outside is really nice i think

    Haha, well I am glad that you like the outside because I still see some things that can be improved a little. The dashboard can look a bit fuzzy because I have a contactperson who knows some busdrivers and they made the photos by his request. So I could not ask for better photos of every detail but I am very with the help from those people, without them it would look a lot worse. I will try to improve some textures after I have done all the scripting though. Also I still have to double check if the size of the steering wheel is correct, it is probably too big now.

    Anyway thanks for the constructive criticism it only helps me to make the bus even better. :thumbup:

    maybe you can make a screen for it like in the real busses

    Hi cregeer1,

    I don`t understand what you mean by this.

    About fuzzy textures. I am very happy with the textures in the interior but I will try to make the outside better, mainly the line-up of the different sides can still be improved. But I have to say that I`ve already tried to improve them so I don`t know if I can improve them even more.

    I have done some scripting since my last post in this topic. The numbers 231, 232, 233 and 252 from the Schiphol Sternet serie have been transformed back to the standard GVB livery with the blue seats. But everything else is exactly the same as the other bus numbers in the Schiphol Sternet serie (seat layout, "requesting a stop display"...). Dont`t mind the red mirrors these will also be white.

    I have also added the main, contact and motor switch. You have to turn them on in this exact order or the bus won`t start. And as can be seen in the following screenshot the camera on the dashboard is working now and some dashboard lights in the left panel have been added.

    *Zesored*, if you`re OMSI doesn`t work anymore you can`t say that the bus sucks. Tell it the maker of the bus when OMSI shows errors or post your logfile so he or we can help you out. I can`t believe that only a bus can crash your whole game so just wait to see if it can be fixed instead of burning the bus down, the maker has put a lot of time and effort in it.

    Edit by Yufa: Insults are forbidden, the next time you get a warning.

    No news for months I am sorry for the lack of updates. I really hope to give updates more often but I don`t promise anything. Anyway, the final serie has been finished so that means I do not have to make 3D objects anymore so the focus will be on scripting (and I have already done a lot on this part) and converting some missing small objects in the future. So the biggest work should be over now.

    I present the final serie with the following features:
    -new steering wheel (probably still too big though so not final yet I guess)
    -sliding back doors
    -LED tail lights. The normal light is a combination of the brake light (which will fill up all the LEDS).

    I have also made a small video in which you can see the doors and lights in action. Plus some very small other details.

    Bus: LAZ A141
    Map: Grundorf
    Note: when you install this bus you will be unable to change any options in OMSI due to a E/A Fehler 123. But if you delete this bus everything will be fine again. So use at your own risk. 8)

    Bus: MAZ 152-A
    Map: Grundorf
    You also need to download the following modified files and rename the folder into Maz_152a.