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    Yeah i like the look of this, one thing i admire about the German maps / EU maps is that the routing is extensive so there’s lots to do and night routes

    If anyone could, where can I find the history of DB operated buses?

    The graphical detail looks like UE4 rather than OMSI, with that said, when TMLs the bus comes out with a map editor and modding facilities. I hope to see this work available in UE4.

    Cant wait to see what the bus fraternity come up with.

    I agree! I'd love to get rid of this as well. Any ideas/help anyone?

    In the constfile for the brakes I think its D92_bremse_G or something, disable the ABS.

    Works like a charm, just give it a good 2 minute rev at the start to wake it up, and departing from a stand, get the bus ready at 1 minute before departure, and give it another wake up rev.

    Bloody nightmare! ;(:D

    Wow an update to Berlin, incredible. I know we've butt heads Maerkertram but still my favourite map. Any extension would be welcome, (....)

    Would the M46 be an option to extend to Berlin Sud, going towards Bülowstraße would be great as the M46 was the first line I did at night when i visited


    Try repairing in Add/Remove Programs Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010, 2015 and any earlier versions you may have, had this issue too, along with the lights of vehicles all turning square, textures failing to load.

    Also repair Direct x 9.0c as well, some how Windows gets corrupt all by itself after numerous rebooting, an SSD would definitely help solve the file table getting missmatched.

    Hope that helps.

    Firstly, great. Taken Roland15s original map and given it a refresh. The timings on the 1 line mean that you have a 3 minute interval between too many stop, its every 15 minutes driving at 45kmh or 30kmh sometimes 50 depending on +/-

    The road layout is good, a few gaps in places. But the biggest let down my man is the bus depots.

    Why do some of you map makers forget the refuelling points in the depot??????? Even paid Bremen couldn't do this, what Bendy bus or double decker uses a petrol station??

    There's loads of fueling objects to use and washer objects. I have to manually edit each map each time to refuel at the depot.

    Other than that, i love it. Just wish map makers would remember the aesthetics.

    Your welcome, sorry if it was harsh, not intended. But on the line 4 from Lassy Gare, I can't give specifics but if I drive it again I'l report back.

    With the updated patches, these are now missing from OMSIBELGIQUE

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\10km\10km\A3.sco

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\20km\20km\A3.sco

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\30km\30km\A3.sco

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\50km\50km\A3.sco

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\70km\70km\A3.sco

    Sceneryobjects\OMSIBELGIQUE\Limites vitesses tram et train\90km\90km\A3.sco

    Hello Tecmons,

    It's a great attempt but the routing is very bad, and there's so many holes in the road layout, a lot of spines are either not connected properly so cars and buses disappear and appear randomly. I drove the 4 and got to Salvator Allende and got lost, the arrows make no sense after that, the omninavigation doesn't work because of the amount of holes in the map.

    I am trying to make a map myself but you have to check your work, test it to see if it works and any issues check again and see if it works. It's a great attempt but no where near finished.

    So my constructive feedback is to check the errors, tidy up the routing and make it a little more presentable it feels very empty. We have one french map already and that is great, it feels solid.

    As UK resident, I find Yorkshire is the second UK map to offer a full day and night service. As most UK towns dont offer a bus service like London.

    So I have to thank the author of Yorkshire. I think more creative licence is needed for UK maps as fictional EU maps offer a lot more playability. UK maps are highly detailed but lack longevity


    I ran a search in Notepad ++ and found this.

    Search "Sceneryobjects\Generic\routearrows_butop.sco" (2 hits in 1 file)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\OMSI 2\maps\Reseau Volbus\ (2 hits)

    Line 1553: Sceneryobjects\Generic\routearrows_butop.sco

    Line 1567: Sceneryobjects\Generic\routearrows_butop.sco

    It should be on tile 15

    routearrows_busstop not butop.sco

    If you can correct the change it'll help others not run into errors

    Lanek - Will you be making the Scania Citywide LFDD?

    I gather it's more work and I respect that, if you need any photos that I acquired i can send via PM (wetransfer) but it would be greatly appreciated in OMSI.

    We have an abundance of articulated and rigid buses but very few EU DDs, aside from the DL05 etc etc.