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    I also found that the bus looses air when standing with the doors open.

    Also how do you remove the lag from departing from a bus stop after releasing the exit door brake? Its the same behaviour as the NG272 from M&R.

    The handbrake takes a long while to release





    Hello LG1979 I have these missing are these from the Gladbeck addon? Thanks in advance

    Its just whenever you press the brake you get a warning message and when you've switched it off all the air disappears and no matter how much fuel you waste revving the engine it doesn't rebuild so will try this today in game see if it works.

    Thanks again!

    hi all

    I keep getting this error on the VDV display Vorratsdruck zu Gering whenever I put my foot on the brake with the Citaro Facelift

    You have to hit Accelerate in order pressurize the Brakesystem and everything else using Pressure, if my Mind serves correctly.

    I do this for every bus as standard, but it looses the air constantly, where in the constfile or bremse.osc is this controlled so I can increase the air pressure?


    Hello all

    This game really could benefit from 64bit, I understand things have to move on but with the advent of another platform utilising 64 bit to help with more memory that would be decent and less DX9 issues, at least when the game uses the GPU, that it doesn't crash, there is something wrong there for too long now.

    If nothing then I thought i'd mention.


    Hi Yannick

    I've corrected this as there was no [end] tag in the Chrono files

    Best Regards

    Great map!