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    V3Ds ALX 400 and Others.

    Haven't posted photos in a while, the flickr page is public now.



    RHD Citaro - Original by Helvete, Mod by Lowlander21Studios (Facebook)


    Also me testing out my new keyboard / desk layout hence these screens being a bit unprofessional

    Accident in the snow the UK had.

    Holding for timing at High Leys Road (Map by Mr Moose, Scunthorpe)
    First day out on the road

    I've been following this closely and it looks spot on.
    The RM being so iconic being made by a man in a city after my own heart. It's not where you live it shows your enthusiasm which is rare in OMSI.

    The red is a lot too bright the RM red is slightly darker. I would enquire with preservation groups who've restored some for London bus running days.


    Can someone clarify for me, we have the O530_Conversion 1.1 for the Helvete bus, most of us who followed Helvete have this bus installed. I have the old mod and to update to 1.1 I am not sure about as it may or may not work and as Morphi is no longer working in OMSI i don't want to ruin loads of maps which use the bus. SO, i've downloaded 1.1 and used winRAR to unrar it and installed as per readme.

    Open up OMSI and the bus is there but no headlights or interior.

    Not to put Arne J down but why is a mod like this so difficult to install? If most are having issues then what is it? I have no other mods for Helvete's bus. So until there's a fix that works for all I'm just asking for clarification on what else is needed?

    It seems although 1.1 is needed it there's still files missing, so you need to copy the 12m folder from Helvete's bus as that's needed for the Rampe, also textures that are needed are in the folder of the Setra, not seen by OMSI... And OMSI has a clean install so no issues with any other addon but this.

    Again it's not a put down as many assume in OMSI but simply, why make it so difficult to enjoy the works of Arne J this is the third bus which doesn't explain it properly.

    I've tried again and again but this bus still doesn't work, can anyone explain in crystal clear English what to do? I've translated the readme but still doesn't make any sense, I have all the files laid out and installed it correctly, still doesn't work.

    Hello Arne

    Thank you for this bus, really, thank you. ZDITM can put these buses on loan from DB as SPA Kolonowica repaints seem to be very far few and between we have too many DB repaints and companies for which we have no map for. Above all i've named it Setra-NEW as OMSI cannot seem to find new buses these days unless its a payware addon.

    Thanks for the work!

    Sadly this doesn't work so i've removed it, shame really it's so complicated to install I have the pre-requisites but there's still something wrong. There's an error in the model.cfg file - But I doubt we'll see an easier installation.

    Hallo Dennis K.

    I've done a couple videos on this route and it's fantastic, glad to finally have the Lions City GL, the minor drawback is the fuelling at the depot, having to drive through the washer there's a bump which sends the bus to jump over it slightly! Also releasing the hand brake the bus doesn't move off right away, which isn't good at the traffic lights, but at bus stops you can use the bus stop brake.

    What happens is, when you use the bus stop brake and handbrake, and release the handbrake after the door close buzzer has sounded, the bus doesn't move upon releasing the handbrake. I've not tried it since this latest patch but i'll try again and see.


    Dregging this old post up but anyone here from the Kottbuser Tor area, at first glance it was rough, but seems quite cultural. A contrast to the West! But the M29, 133, 124, X10, X33 and 337 were all interesting.

    Still more routes to travel on but thank you all that Berliner Linienchronik site is no longer? Or is there a new site?

    EDIT not caught a night bus yet as by time we do we're super tired. But thank you all for the advice, the locals are actually lovely, as evident to this post here.

    Hello not sure if this has been noted but there are no timetables that load up when you run the map.

    Also the readme should notify which lines run on which days.

    And all of the above is not the representation here is simply what I was pointing out but nevertheless it's an enjoyable addon all the same. I do get the Volvo concept as I've said above they have been in service with London for many years since Hybrids were coming into play. So true you're technical response is highlighting the real thing but when London surfaces you'll see what I mean.