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    Wow what route is this? :D - Frenzymax you've nailed it, i look forward to more buses from you - it works like a dream, i will get the patch (i think i heard there's one, for the freezing, but thats minor!!) Ah, finally a well made bus just like the default MANs :thumbsup:

    Thanks for adding the matrix display - I like it, it suits the night bus route on Project Szeczen not tried it on the Moges map but one thing the windscreen may need to be clearer, apart from that, ace little thing, i love it!

    This duplication error comes when everyone put Nemolus into their ZIP archives.. In the new version I have removed those signs from the poles as we don't even have them here.. So please, just be patient for the new version, it'll be here soon! :)

    Riiiiiiiiiight ok no problem! it used to work though :S - strange i had to re-install my entire OMSI as all the landscape and roads started disappearing.

    Ok here's the list.

    Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_VorfahrtstraBe (2).sco
    Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_Mast_VorfahrtGewahren.sco
    Sceneryobjects\Nemolus Objekte\Nemolus Objekte\Verkehrszeichen\VZ_OhneMast_Bussonderfahrstreifen.sco
    VZ_OhneMast_VorfarhtGewahren (2).sco
    VZ_Mast_Bussonderfahtstriefen (2).sco

    If i remove the first version of the map to install beta 2, still these errors pop up and i have the correct street sign folder, 1.5, also if i go through and load up the map there aren't any streets or buildings at all.
    Come to think of it i've seen this error before, someone else talking about it.

    Sorry but why am i getting the missing landscape objects when i have the Nemolus Objekte folder, it says that the folder is inside the folder twice, "\sceneryobjekte\nemolus....\ver\nemolusobjekte\ver" when i exchange them in the editor, there are no timetables. How many times have i to repeat the same question before i get an answer, i have the correct updated folder for the German street signs, it worked before but not this time round, i don't know whats what, it's looking for a duplicate file? maybe i should just do it myself and see whats what. :S

    Brilliant, so glad this is working.

    You and the original creator of the map should work together, chap needs help. The Reinhaussen map, not sure but the map can't locate the marcel folder, same with another map seems its either the splines, the streets or the Nemolus objects that they can never find, I am not sure why.. but thanks for sorting this one out, its not fair on the whole community to do the creators job of fixing the map

    THanks Marpe,

    Sorry i get the awful Nemolus Objekte missing file annoyance with the public beta 2, OhneMast_Verbotgerwahren, Bussonderfahrtgewarhen?! then it'll load up and there's no timetables. All i did was run the installer, All those files are in the Nemolus Objekte folder but as usual there's always a problem with that addon. Everything else is fine its just those two.

    And yes i did remove the map before installing the new one.

    Ah brilliant, gonna try it now on my system see what happens, got 7 minutes before departing Kiniklum, does the map have a working depot now? I didn't see that in the translation, sorry for the oversight. Where can i download Roland's new map?

    Hi, has this been finished? I saw an update stating that the X10 is now driveable to Zoolog Garten? Correct me if I'm wrong. I have V2 and it's still unfinished in parts?

    I can finally enjoy this route on the 311 thanks to completely re-installing the Simple Streets, not sure which version, but it's a great route, tests the dynamics of your driving.

    Also reminds me of some routes in London, although the curves are wider ;)