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    Well... Here are first impressions from the first patch for OMSI2.

    The good:
    - Some errors in Berlin Spandau map were fixed

    The bad:
    - Game crashes even more frequently
    - All 3rd party maps stopped working properly again; i.e maps patched for OMSI2 that worked fine before - now the stops are not forwarding, so they're unplayable
    - Passengers sliding around without moving their legs instead of walking bug that was driving me crazy is still there, wasn't fixed
    - Parked cars and trailers of AI articulated buses are still darker then they should be at night
    - New problems with the spandau map - AI behaving weirdly at Ruhleben, cars bunching up into one another at some traffic lights.
    - When I tried to take a screenshot, my bus fell through the road into the great void
    - Performance and random freezes around the map while tiles are loading are noticeably worse (on my machine, at least)
    - Distant scenery now flickers on and off occasionally

    I'm not convinced this is a good way to go, I'm pretty sure that patches are supposed to make a product better...


    Seriously though, I tried to remain positive about all this, but OMSI2 is really turning into a bad experience for me. It's frustrating. While the occasional crashes and moonwalking passengers were an annoyance before, I still played the game a lot and enjoyed it. Now it is completely unplayable for me; and because of how steam works I can't just go back to the previous version. This all feels like a bad joke is being played on us, and it is not funny.


    Ah well, there's always OMSI 1, I suppose...


    Type of download: bus modification / sound mod

    Name of project: Citaro O530G articulation squeaking sound

    Participating users: jay_zhead

    Details: Adds the articulation squeak to the Citaro G with Morphi's sound mod

    Copyright: N/A
    Pictures/videos: N/A

    Newer artics can squeak as well, as aptly demonstrated by our local NG363's


    This adds the articulation squeak to the Citaro G with Morphi's sound mod. It is much quieter than the squeak in the stock NG272.

    THIS IS ONLY FOR Morphi's Soundpack mod, it will not work for people running the stock sounds from Alterr's package. The awesome sound pack for the O530G can be found here: Soundpacks by Morphi [Vorerst pausiert]

    Installation: Copy contents of the ZIP to Vehicles\MB_O530_G\Sound-Citaro\ (overwrite one file)



    Type of download: bus modification

    Name of project: Citaro O530/O530G force feedback mod

    Participating users: jay_zhead

    Details: Force feedback addon for steering wheel users - adds suspension force feedback to Citaro busses

    Copyright: Do with it whatever you please


    Pictures/videos: N/A

    I like the new force-feedback script for OMSI2; it allows those of us with FF steering wheels to "feel" bumpy surfaces and other imperfections in the road in the wheel. However, this feature is missing from the new Citaro (G) by Alterr. This script enables full force-feedback for the Citaros (or any other bus you place it in). I've tweaked the intensity of the suspension FF, so it is much less pronounced than it is in the older MAN busses, as newer buses have more dampening (better power assist) in the steering system and bumps are felt less. Nevertheless, if you're going over a railroad crossing or a cobblestone road, you are still going to feel it in the steering, mildly.

    The tweaking was made on the Logitech G25 with an Overall FF strength setting of 110% and dampening FF strength setting at 135% (these are my settings for OMSI). If you have a different wheel type or vastly different settings your mileage with this tweak may vary.

    INSTALLATION: Copy both files from the archive into Vehicles\MB_O530\Script\ and into Vehicles\MB_O530_G\Script\. You can also copy the files into any "\Script" folder of any other addon bus, it should work, but please note it was only tested with the Citaros.



    Yes! Morphi, you are a GOD. God I say!


    I've been trying to play with the G with the original sound, but after running the regular O530 with your sound mod it just proved to be too disappointing, so I decided to hold off until this came out. Now I'm calm again.


    Have you copied all files within the Money directory from your OMSI 1 directory if you're using OMSI 2?

    Why would I do that?.. The money folder only contains different types of money... The issue here is with the "[ticket_sale_money_point]" and "[ticket_sale_change_point]" values in the passengercabin cfg file. For some reason, they are being read incorrectly by OMSI2 and the money appears in the air. Like so:

    I'll try fixing it when I get a minute; I just wanted to figure out why it is happening first. It seems that Dj Noize has the same issue as well.

    I think everybody needs to calm the heck down.

    Seriously, what were you guys expecting?.. GTA5 levels of polish and performance?.. Yes, OMSI2 is very damp, and yes, they should not have released it in this state; or at least they should not have made loud claims about 100% compatibility... But OMSI 1 was also wet around the ears - you guys talk about it as if it's perfect, when it is stuttery, buggy, unpredictable at times and wouldn't load large maps without white ghost objects everywhere. Having seen the screenshots and videos, I knew exactly what I was expecting, and all of you should have also. I mean come on, the minor 1.04 update broke backwards compatibility and content authors had to scramble to fix their stuff. If you really expected it not to happen again with such a big update, you are delusional; despite the authors' loud claims for perfect compatibility. That's why I left OMSI 1 on my machine for now; in addition to OMSI 2. In a couple of weeks most issues with the content would be resolved; authors are already patching their stuff. And you guys are talking like someone just pried OMSI1 out of your hands forever, and you can never play it again...


    It's hard for me to understand how could one look at the preview videos and expect perfection. From the start, looking at the spec sheet, I was expecting this update to be relatively minor. It's more like OMSI 1.5, this. I paid 16.80 EUR for the update; same as I paid for the O305 just a few months ago. In my mind, getting an articulated bus (finally!) and an extended base map is well worth the update price. And the problems with the content will be sorted out, just give it a couple of weeks. Probably the most obvious bugs would be sorted out as well; hopefully soon. Most of the new stuff came to add functionality that, if we're honest, should have been patched onto OMSI 1 in the first place; but the new content justifies the update price in my view. And this is still the best bus sim we have, whatever it's shortcomings are.

    What I do tend to agree on wholeheartedly, is the anger regarding the lack of communication by the authors to non-German speaking customers. Us english-speaking users always felt like second-class citizens on these forums, but in the past day the feeling was downgraded to something like "the poor relatives who came to visit uninvited". German speaking users have a dynamic FAQ with bug reports and the authors frequently chiming in, we get nada. That's not right. We should not get to feel second-rate just because we don't speak German.

    A quick and dirty RVB repaint for the DD to be used with the Rheinhausen map. I made it for myself, then thought I'd post it in case someone wants it



    <img src="" alt="merc-dd-term.jpg" title="merc-dd-term.jpg" style="font-size: 0.8em;" />

    Hi, can I ask how you differentiate between gearboxes in the bus selection window?
    I ask because in the descriptions of all five models, it says ZF-4HP/ZF-5HP or Voith-DIWA-4-stepped and the sticker by the buttons is always labeled ZF....

    Both "Aussenschwenk" (out-swing rear door) versions are ZF; the Innenschwenk and Vollmatrix versions are Voith.

    Great work, this bus. I love the attention to detail, I love the wonderful scripting work for all the on-board systems, including the lights and heating (finally, a bus with a proper thermostat!), I love the dash and after the patch I also love the mirrors


    However, several points:

    1. While the Voith version is nearly perfect, the ZF version's sounds are not very good. The disparity of quality between the low-quality recorded engine sounds and higher quality recorded shift sounds is quite jarring. Also, the shift sounds have engine noise stuck on to them, which makes them weird when they appear. (I'm working on cleaning them up, if you're interested.)
    2. Once again, for the ZF version - the bus accelerates to over 110 kph. That's not realistic for a city bus; and it is because of an incorrect rear axle ratio (changing "antrieb_i_achse" to 5.74 in the ZF ecomat 447 constfile fixes this and gives the bus a much more realistic 89kph top speed, it also improves acceleration somewhat).
    3. I don't know if it's just me, but the retarder mainswitch seems to do nothing. The retarder is working whether it is engaged or not.
    4. All the switches that you say in the manual that are enabled by default (retarder mainswitch, water pump, ASR) are not; they are all off when you take control of the bus.
    6. The IBIS you programmed is great; no doubt about it. However, it is driving me crazy, because it skips to the next stop every time you touch the stop brake. So one can no longer use the stop brake at street lights or in traffic jams, and that is just a reflex for me; which is very frustrating as there is no "previous stop" button to correct it when it all goes wrong.


    Maybe it's just me, but having the IBIS trigger the next stop skip when the DOOR actually OPENS rather then when the stop brake is pressed seems to make more sense.
    And, what I think is most important:

    7. Why are there just a few standing passengers?.. This is basically relegating the bus to routes which are not busy, otherwise I'm leaving passengers behind all over the place. This is a full-sized low-floor city bus, it should be able to pack a huge amount of people. That is very frustrating. And I know that in OMSI there is no good way to make the passengers take their seats when the bus is empty if there are standing spots, but still... Not being able to get the passengers on at all is much worse, IMHO.

    Thanks again for a great bus. Hope these notes help somewhat.


    I've been getting this since yesterday - when I try to load options I get "E/A Fehler 123", and then the options turn out empty. The preset list is also empty. The whole dialog is inactive. Now I tried to erase the options.cfg file, forcing omsi to rewrite it, I tried removing/replacing with defaults all the files in the input folder and the driver profile. Still getting the same @#$@# error. What do I do?.. What other files does the omsi options dialog try to read when opening?.. I'm getting desperate here.


    The bus is awesome. However, there is a bug: when the bus is driven by the AI, it often fails to close the doors after a stop and just remains standing there forever. A patch to fix that would be great, as I already have it driving around a couple of maps...


    Great mod. However, one gripe I have is that is removes the stop request sound from the Solaris 15m, and also cancels the all-door button. I don't really get why, I liked both of these features.

    (Google translate)
    Große mod. Allerdings ist ein gripe Ich habe das ist die Stop-Anforderung Ton aus dem Solaris 15m entfernt, und auch bricht die all-Tür-Taste. Ich weiß wirklich nicht, warum, ich mochte diese beiden Funktionen.