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Please note that OMSI is no longer under development. Some of the developers are now working on a new simulator. Further information concerning the LOTUS-Simulator can be found here.

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    Thread BMP in DDS Dateien umwandeln

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    Thread Info: "Berlin X10"

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    Forum Fictional maps

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    Thread Ingolstadt 2013 Version 0.6.0

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    Forum Vehicles and Maps made by MR-Software

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    Thread Mercedes Benz Vario 812D

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    Thread Tour value for bus

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    Thread Tour value for bus

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    Thread OMSI 2 Hamburg: Umlaufnummer

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    Forum Real maps

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    Thread Anleitung zum Textfeld erstellen

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    Forum Bus Mods

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    Forum Support for addons, mods, content and tools

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    Forum Addon support, presentations, wishes

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    Thread Test Map von Bussen

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    Thread The mysterious line with no tour!

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