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Please note that OMSI is no longer under development. Some of the developers are now working on a new simulator. Further information concerning the LOTUS-Simulator can be found here.

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    Thread LET'S PLAY OMSI Objektsammlung V 4.1

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    Thread MAN NL202 ELW2 Feuerwehr Hannover v0.99

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    Thread Repaints von PuddingPanzer

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    Thread New desktop icon for OMSI 2

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    Thread Woelfchens Bastelecke

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    Thread Door Animation (pivot Points)

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    Thread Die längste reale Buslinie, die ihr kennt

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    Thread omsi 2 objekte haben zu große kollision

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    Thread Städtedreieck V3.2

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    Thread OMSI Map Tools 3.1 (Update: April 21st)

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    Thread Tour value for bus

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    Thread Tour value for bus

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    Thread MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

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