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    Hey, I'm playing the "Bad Kinzau" map, version 3.13 with all the required addons and this happens... It happens in other maps as well. What could be the problem, keep in mind I'm using Windows 10 Education with English as my default language and default Portuguese keyboard (input).

    I'll supply the log file as well

    Don't know why but can't seem to pickup any passengers with route 07 of line 68 (Berliner Platz to Mainz Hauptbahnof - Saturdays) Don't know if it's a bug or something else.

    Don't know why this is happening to me. The textures of the map on this section are all messed up, it's the international center terminus (23), here is the screenshot and the logfile, if you can help me out.



    edit: I tried reinstalling the map and the addons, but no go. Did that several times and it stayed the same.

    (Not sure if it is the right place to post this, if not Janine please move this to the appropriate place please)

    I don't know if anyone has seen this, because I saw a map that enabled the use of trams, (even picking up passengers), in the forums, If someone knows about this map (or any other similar one) please inform me, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you very much,



    Here in Portugal, actually in Lisbon, we have a number of Citaros, but they are not of the version you made available (i'm not criticizing your version, because they are great), I don't know which Euro version is your model, but the version we have circulating is the EvoBus version. It differs in some ways, like the front doors also have a door alarm, Red LED Matrix for the passengers (with the STOP - PARAR line displaying above the Bus Stop name), LED Matrix outside, has this engine OM 457 hJA/Euro5. I really wanted to have one like this in my collection just to show it to you


    Normally it should reset the door fault. Does it happen everytime? Otherwise open the Siemens VDO Panel_const.txt and increase the value which controls the occurrence.


    increase it to 1000 or higher.

    Normally when it's door number 2 it can't be repaired,,

    galant: Which exact variant of the bus are you using? Do you get an error message on the display? If not, press the system button to recall possible errors. Is the door got stuck in the fully opened state?

    It seems to do that in all variants. The door gets suck in the fully opened state, I can only move the bus by shuting down the electrics to force the busstop brake to disengage. I do get an error on the display, it's the door error(saw the blinking door buttons and all that), and I followed the steps in the readme, still no dice. Don't know what is wrong.

    Sometimes, it's enough, when you open and close the door again. But when there's a door-error in the display, you can make the electric off and on again.
    (Sorry for the bad english)

    Sometimes, it's enough, when you open and close the door again. But when there's a door-error in the display, you can make the electric off and on again.
    (Sorry for the bad english)

    Hum, the problem remains even when I use the wrench (repair) button on the menu, and reset the electronics. Any help please?

    I don't know either. Suggestions? Or if you can send me your install with the changed macro, it would be nice


    EDIT - Gonna try a clean install.

    EDIT 2 - Problem Possibly Solved. The problem was a corrupt download, the file is 213MB the other file i downloaded was broken but (to my astonishment) was readable, and it was only 90MB. Update the description with the size of the file, or the CRC Checksum to check against corruption


    Edit 3 - Problem Solved.