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    I seem to have a strange thing going on at Griesbach bridge.
    When I start at Nordbahnhof with line 33 everything is fine till im at the bridge near Griesbach and suddenly I have no tiles anymore. However when starting at Griesbach BF I seem to have the tiles.

    I have a image in the editor to show what I mean:

    and my logfile:

    If tried reinstalling different splines and sceneryobject as suggested in this thread, but no effect. Does anybody have a idea what it could be? I also reinstalled the addon_pack which didn't work.

    Thanks in advanced.


    Been using your mods for the MAN and Citaro for a while now. :)
    With the MAN EEV ZF, I noticed a little bug either with the bus itsself or the mod. It seems that when I use this bus(with the EEV ZF mod) as AI that at some point the doors of the AI MAN the fron door stay open and the back door wont open to let the passengers out.
    Just thought to report it. :)

    I have tested it in day and night time for the stoplight dash bug. I see now that the H button on the button right is the one that lights up when the stop button is pressed. Never noticed that, so I guess that's fixed. :)

    I know it's not very bright so it's possible that it is the reason you don't see it, unless it's at night

    Well i have not driven this bus at night, only with a dark clouds and rain, and at that time there is no light showing on the dash. Ill do some tests later today and let you know the results. ;)

    Its a great bus, however I noticed that the light for the stop button is not working. :) So I only have the sound that somebody wants to get out but I do not have the light on the dash for it. :)


    Love the work that you do. :)
    I downloaded your pack and there seem to be a issue with the EEV solo version of the Citaro. I looked in the logfile and it seems this error is the cause of the issue:
    153 15:52:50 - - Error: Error: command "(F.L.wandler_idlefadeout)" (vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\\script\zf-eco.osc) function name is invalid!: AMUAV.CNAVO.MV.E
    154 15:52:50 - - Error: You want to create vehicle vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\MB_O530FL OM457hLA EEV 2D M.bus - it is invalid!

    It seems to be a script issue, but I don't know what to do to fix it. :)

    Hi Arne J,

    I read something about this but ill report it in english just in case its something different.
    It seems that the setvar for the matrix U front might not be working. I have tested it on all versions but still have the normal matrix. :)
    If this has already been mentioned in German then my apologies. :)

    Great mod btw you did a awesome job with this mod. :)


    You might want to check the wheels of the last trailer, they are floating of the ground by a few Milimeters, that's why the bus shakes when standing still.
    For the rest its a decent bus that you have made. ;) Im also wondering how it will handle or how omsi 2 will handle if its been used as AI.

    The O307 resorts to lots of files, especially scripts, of O305, so if the O305 isn't installed correct, the O307 can't find the files it needs...

    That might be due to updates from omsi then, cause when I had the first version I had to reinstall the 305 aswell and havn't touched that since V2. So that's the only logical thing I could think off.


    I am getting a error when choosing the matrix version of the bus.
    In the logfile it gives me this: 178 20:57:35 - - Error: Error: command "(L.L.engine_servo_pump_loud)" (vehicles\MB_O307_V2\\script\engine_O307.osc) variable name is invalid!
    Seems to be a script issue but is it something that I can solve ?