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    OMSI will refuse to spawn a vehicle if the notes in the script are not commented out properly.
    As you can see, in front of '#################################', which is a valid comment, is some gibberish. OMSI cannot detect this line as a note and thinks that this line is a number or string.

    That's not the case here since that is not even present in the .osc file. I just had to move it to another file and it worked.

    The model.cfg has not been tempered with for a little while and the problem is happening to another tester of the bus!

    Luckily, we have now fixed the problem. It looks like the .osc file was corrupted by OMSI somehow - by simply moving the content of the .osc file over to a clean .osc file it miraculously worked!

    Unfortunately, the game has in some way wrecked the functionality of the bus and it is now refusing to spawn, so the project is cancelled till a fix is found - thread:…age=Thread&threadID=39100

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    Luckily, we have now fixed the problem. It looks like the .osc file was corrupted by OMSI somehow - by simply moving the content of the .osc file over to a clean .osc file it miraculously worked!

    So since today my bus is refusing to spawn in the game - this is my Volvo B7RLE. I haven't done anything and it worked yesterday and I just can't solve why it's doing this.

    Log file

    In this video the list of updates is limited but present and thus it is test drive video. The Rejsekort hardware has been developed and now the blue light is pulsating and the text is working. There's also been some changes to the light system on the bus to match reality but it's not very visible in this video if at all. Mudflaps have also been added alongside the exhaust pipe and light smoke has been scripted to appear when the engine is cold. Sorry for the numerous artifacts through the video, unfortunately OMSI is very sensitive when recording and the lag spikes cause these artifacts.

    Enjoy the drive on route 89!

    Recent screenshots of the outer part of the bus on the sensations began to look worse. There is nothing that has not yet been implemented. Everything is already there anyway in other buses. And with decent sound enough buses. Project 4 years. This is a huge job. But all new mine that has been in the Volvo is already in omsi)

    First and foremost I had a quite hard time comprehending your post. Personally, I think the new outside of the bus looks much better now and factually it is now more authentic to the real bus. However, one size doesn't fit all and if you liked the old outside better, that's totally fair. I don't see the bus fleet in OMSI as a competition of which bus can get most unseen features, however I frankly disagree with you on the fact that my project brings nothing new. The game has not yet seen a Volvo B7RLE-60 of this kind, so already there you have it, totally new for the game and every script that I have personally created is unique and is not seen in any other bus. If you find the sounds "decent", well, okay. I assume you've seen the most recent video from 2014 on my YouTube channel and judge from that and I'll give it to you that the sounds in that video are somewhat mediocre, but of the time they were really good. I can tell you that some of the best sound developers for OMSI are working on this project and have, just like me, evolved enormously since then. I suggest that you look at a screenshot of the bus from the very beginning of the thread and compare it with the most recent and you'll get the idea. Luckily, you're in for a treat when the next video comes up, because the sound side has been completely redone and e.g. it now houses a separate sound for every 100th RPM when it comes to engine sounds (that is for both exterior and interior where the bus sound has also been recorded both in the front and back for best results) and around 40 sounds make up the gearbox now. It sounds absolutely amazing and is far beyond decent if you ask me :)

    I am very aware that the project has been ongoing on and off for more than four years now but luckily I don't commit to anything as of yet and could even decide to never release the bus at all which is just one of the many peaks of being a part-time developer! This project is merely a result of my spare-time and desire and I know that when it is finally completed many people will enjoy it :)

    Big "wow" from me, too. - The only thing looking a bit "strange" is the open front door in the 4th pic. It seems to be too big. Or maybe it's just the angle, don't know. But that was my impression. Anyway, can't wait to drive it ;)

    It's a single-leaf door, so it is quite big in comparison to a single leaf in a dual-leaf door. However, I can ensure you that it is the correct size as it was modeled from blueprints of the real bus a while back :)

    March 5th Update

    There has not been published any updates on the project for more than a month now and the reason is that there has been so much going on that there simply hasn't been the time. I've been scripting like a madman but ultimately it has brought some pretty neat results.

    Worth mentioning is:

    The new front is finished and has been imported

    Dräger Interlock XT has undergone development and was remodeled and scripted from scratch to portray the real thing

    Falck Sirius fleet management system has been scripted from scratch and is fully operational (rates your driving actively)

    The Rejsekort computer script is now finished and has a fully operational ticket selling feature

    The entire dashboard has been remodeled and the instrument pods have been resized to real measurements

    New startup cycle with lights test and new Volvo logo animation has been made for the dashboard

    The engine and gearbox sounds have undergone stunning development to sound exactly like the real thing

    Lots of bug fixes here and there and other small things have been completed

    Right now I am scripting the Siemens VDO 1381 tachograph which is taking up most of my time, but I'll get there just like I did with the other things. I might even have forgotten a few things in the list above, but you get the idea. The project is absolutely not dead! I know that such a big update takes a video, but unfortunately I am unable to record and edit at the time being as I do not have the software as of yet, but I'll get around that issue soon and post some more exciting video updates with motion and sound! Remember that nothing is final as of yet, so things may go either way! Anyway, enough talk. Check the gallery for some pictures to enjoy ;)


    I have a problem with rotating this object in the game:






    It looks like this:



    And from Blender:

    How does the animation system essentially work since it won't work?

    I know this is the kind of update you mostly don't want to have, because it means that I have done nothing new on the bus but only changed old bits. However, I'm pretty sure you'll love this one!

    Internal discussion between the participants in the project and I have led to the conclusion that the old front of the bus is modeled too blocky (practically straight out of Minecraft) and the texture's bad - look at the strange transition from the front to body texture! The only solution is to remodel the entire thing.

    So what used to look like this (old picture, I know it - but you get the idea, the front hasn't changed at all) ..

    .. is in for this beautification - spoiler alert, it looks too good:

    Let me know what you think :D

    It is my own object, However, I'm very confident that I put the origins of the light at x 0 y 0 which should be the center of the object in Blender. I'll show you the config once I get home.