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    OMSI will refuse to spawn a vehicle if the notes in the script are not commented out properly.
    As you can see, in front of '#################################', which is a valid comment, is some gibberish. OMSI cannot detect this line as a note and thinks that this line is a number or string.

    That's not the case here since that is not even present in the .osc file. I just had to move it to another file and it worked.

    The model.cfg has not been tempered with for a little while and the problem is happening to another tester of the bus!

    Luckily, we have now fixed the problem. It looks like the .osc file was corrupted by OMSI somehow - by simply moving the content of the .osc file over to a clean .osc file it miraculously worked!

    So since today my bus is refusing to spawn in the game - this is my Volvo B7RLE. I haven't done anything and it worked yesterday and I just can't solve why it's doing this.

    Log file


    I have a problem with rotating this object in the game:






    It looks like this:



    And from Blender:

    How does the animation system essentially work since it won't work?

    It is my own object, However, I'm very confident that I put the origins of the light at x 0 y 0 which should be the center of the object in Blender. I'll show you the config once I get home.

    I assume you have the red bus stop cubes positioned and you've corrected the amount of passengers at it to be fair? And you remember to place the actual passengers themselves (the blue rectangular cube)? Have increased human count in settings of OMSI?

    Does anyone know which command is responsible for pressure in the tank? Oh, and one more thing, I need some help with recognition of all the control lights on the dashboard in this video: I know some of them, but not all of them


    Help would be appreciated


    By "command" you perhaps mean "variable"?


    The variables cockpit_bremse_p_tank01 and cockpit_bremse_p_tank02 control the gauges.

    A small question - the passengers whine when you drive too bad. What is the variable for this? That decides whether they should whine or not. I am developing Falck Sirius which determines how the driver drives, and this variable would make the work 10x easier!

    It seems that many people are interested in knowing so I'll make a video tutorial, most likely tonight!