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    Good to see an old friend again. Even though the original map is quite old now, I still enjoy driving on it - it's well made and the city is well designed. I hope the new version will give me a couple of years of play as well. Good luck!

    As far as I know, the R&G systems are used at Piekary - Piechcin map by Pitoras, and will be supported in the future versions of Poznań by the same autor. For the busses - there is going to be a newer R&G computer with touch screen and other fireworks for the Solaris Urbino PL pack and older ones for Jelcz busses by mateusz612. After completing each tour you need to retype everything again, that's right - the real system features two options of setting up the route - the first one is by the "4" button, which sets up a single trip (so if you go as a suplimentary service, you'd use it), and the other one goes by the "7" button, and then you have the whole duty - the system automatically changes "Route", so you just give it your line, running number and don't care about anything. However, since OMSI has its limitations, the autor has no idea how to implement it easily and we're stuck with the "4" mode. "Numer kursu" is for the validators to know which run it is, so it should be as it is - 1, 2, 3 and so on, it has nothing to do with the displays or anything else in the game, so you can give it either 1, 2 or 66 and nothing will happen. I'm glad you liked it, since making the system to calculate the distances between stops is a pain


    BTW another cool feature is that you can simulate ticket inspection by pressing the "2" button - the validators will lock (well they would if OMSI allowed it), and there will be an announcement that you need to show your ticket for inspection


    Huh, that's odd - you've done everything right. Can you show me your logfile after driving like 4-5 stops with everything set up? Of course you need to choose the R&G hof file, I forgot to mention it in the previous post.

    Hi, since I'm the person who made the R&G mess, I'll answer you


    Unfortunately, there is no english manual for the system. You're right, you don't actually need the Zapowiedzi Przystanków app, since the results are in the txt provided with map, and I figure that you've added it right, so there shouldn't be any problem. Just to be clear - do you use the "Breslau v3 R&G.hof"? If so, do you set the route up via the "4" button, then "1" for "kurs normalny", type the right line and variant (i.e. 12500 and 01) and then drive right up to the "R&G START" helper and hit enter or up button on the device? Also, does the stop change right after using the "enter" or "up" buttons, or after driving away from the first stop? If it does change instantly, you've done something wrong - check in your "Zapowiedzi.osc" if it ends like this:

    1. {endif}
    2. {end}

    If it does, please paste your whole "Zapowiedzi.osc" in code tag, so I can investigate.

    Hi, I've got a problem with night textures of terrain at this map - they look like this:

    Here is part of my log from the moment the textures start to show up:

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Kartoffelphantom, your Tatra looks pretty amazing! I used to live in Szczecin (or Stettin in German) where we have a lot of these, and the model looks just like the real deal. I wanted to ask if you'd make a version for Stettin as well - these are the very same trams, but they don't have the ticket machine (or have the GMV one), some of them don't have position lights, the displays are orange and LED and the couplers are covered with cloth ( I wouldn't normally ask this, but we have the Projekt Szczecin map in OMSI and it's really well-known, so I think a lot of people would enjoy if there was a version specifically for the map. There's also a tram version of Projekt Szczecin comming, so it'd be even better. Should you have any questions, just ask me via PM or something


    Good luck with your project and happy Easter as well!