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    Other than the usual bugfixing, there are only two things I lack from the map:

    1. More repaints! Only a few buses have included repaints and each company only has a few repaints.

    2. A comprehensive Readme for the map, including detailed descriptions of all the lines and bus companies, a little bit of fictional history as well as detailed service fleets for all the bus companies.

    If these two things were to be included with the map, I would consider the map to be complete.

    Other than that though, this is one of my favourite intercity maps for the game, I absolutely love it.


    I don´t know where the problem is. It´s not your error in the logfile but the only thing what i think is that you do not have the object "bussteig003". Its an error which I explain in the ReadMe. But the ReadMe only is in German. So maybe you do not read this point. If you do not have this object you have to go to OMSI 2\Splines\Yufa. If there is not the object "bussteig003" this probably is the problem. Then you have to copy an other Spline from the folder an rename it to "bussteig003".

    I've checked it and the bussteig003 file is there, however it still doesn't work and the error is the same.

    I have copied the Understand_Passenger.cfg file from the HC_MC_HST_Obj folder to the NNP_Sceneryobjekte folder because I've read that it has to be copied for NNP Sceneryobjects to work. However, if I don't do this, the map still doesn't load and a different error message can be found in the logfile.


    I would like to try this map out, however I can't load it properly despite the fact that I installed all the necessary addons and everything.

    The only relevant error in my logfile is:

    Error: O3D Mesh: Create - Direct9 Error: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL (-2005530516)

    This error doesn't happen when I use any other map so I don't think DirectX or my GPU is causing the problem.

    What can you recommend?

    So far I haven't been able to fully enjoy the map.

    For some reason, most of the time when I start the map, I just get the empty sky.

    Other times it does work but along the way, it will refuse to load the upcoming tile.

    I've tried the "Load entire map" option without any luck.

    The only error message I can find in the logfile is this:

    Error: O3D Mesh: Create - Direct9 Error: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL (-2005530516)

    There are no other error messages in the logfile and no missing sceneryobjects or splines according to OMSI Map Tools.

    I've installed the map, all 6 hotfixes and the TicketPack once. I haven't tried reinstalling the map yet as MediaFire is very slow.

    Could someone help me with this problem?

    About your latest post:

    You should be more specific with the destination. 'University bus' isn't enough, you should specify some of the places the bus line goes through and also try to differentiate it from the other university bus lines (if there are any).

    //Offtopic and Beta-Trash removed. Maybe ask him per PM.

    Laupendahl Daily

    Turns out that the disagreement between MB and ROGIS has already ended and bus operation in the area is starting to return back to normal.

    The new C2 buses are already entering service with 3 of them already in service and more coming soon.

    The days of the O405(G), O407, NL202 and NG272 buses will come to an end by the end of the year.

    Meanwhile Regioforster and KVL are working on big plans to revolutionize bus services in the area which will be unveiled in the following weeks.

    One of the new solo 3-door C2 buses that entered service this day. Currently it only operates on less frequently used lines like 62, 69 and E67.

    Laupendahl Daily

    We haven't posted anything about the new MB buses for quite some time, even though the buses should've entered regular service by the end of 2018.

    Unfortunately, the order has been indefinitely postponed due to a disagreement and most old buses have been retained to continue regular service, including O405(G) and O407 buses that have been taken out of service back in late 2016.

    An O405G "scrapped" back in 2007, brought back to life in 2019. Completely faulty matrix, frequent gear lock-up, however it works.

    Meanwhile, Regioforster took over the lines operating in the area of Sisselsforst, including line 27 which would require articulated buses but the O530L buses do pretty well to be honest. Faulty matrix once again, line input doesn't work.

    I was mainly wondering about the 3-door solo and 4-door articulated Citaro Facelift buses with out-swinging doors because I couldn't find those.

    However, I'm somewhat familiar with most of the other buses and trams.

    Try to deactivate the "Save automatically" (maybe called differently) in the Options, as OMSI tries to save the situation everytime you come to a standstill. This, however, could only be a workaround. Also, maybe try to re-install the map (and overwrite all files).

    "Save automatically" solves the problem however I still have performance issues that shouldn't be hard to fix so I don't need more help for now. :D

    1. Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?

    OMSI 2.3.004

    2. How often does the problem occur and how? (Error message, but playable / Crash / Freeze / ...)

    It's a freeze which is a minute long.

    3. Which action leads to the problem? (Place a new bus / Driving on schedule / ...)

    Whenever I stop with the bus at a red light or a bus stop.

    4. Which content was used? (Map, busses, ...)

    Map: Ahlheim-Laurenzbach Updated

    Bus: any bus

    5. Which mods or plugins were used? (SweetFX, ...)

    SweetFX but it shouldn't matter

    6. Logfile in spoiler or attached

    7. System information (OS, RAM, CPU, ...)

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    RAM: 8 GB

    CPU: Intel Core i5-6500

    Laupendahl Daily

    When ROGIS was ready to demonstrate the new C2 buses, one of their drivers lost control of one of the demo buses and crashed into the garage building.

    We asked ROGIS executive Gustav Schmidt (54) about the incident: "Only the driver was hurt in the incident. He was one of our veterans and he was seriously hurt. Hopefully he will be able to return to the company and continue driving. However, what's even worse is that the front of the bus is damaged beyond repair including the electrical system, the gearbox, the front axle and the engine. This means that the bus will be scrapped and replaced with a new one while retaining the components from it that weren't broken."

    Laupendahl Daily

    This week ROGIS has decided that the MAN GN92 buses (shown on the image) will be discontinued and either sold or scrapped in the next three months.

    The decision has been made in order to make room for the new Citaro C2 buses coming in three formfactors: solo, articulated and XXL.

    These new buses have been manufactured last year and are incredibly environment-friendly with their Euro 6 engines much like the solo MAN buses from 2016. The first buses will enter service in the next month, mainly operating on lines 62, 66 and 69.

    When we will recieve more information about the new buses, we will post it here on Laupendahl Daily.

    No problem about that. Just build as much as you would like and polish the areas you have already built.

    This map is actually looking really nice. ;)

    However, I do have one suggestion about having a lot of Chrono events.

    Things like temporary construction sites, replacement lines, shuttle buses, all that kind of stuff just like in reality.

    Because that way the map would be much more realistic as such things wouldn't permanent.

    Hopefully you understand what I mean.

    Anyways, I'm really excited to play this map and have fun building it! :P

    If you want to, I can beta test the map because I'm Hungarian after all. But if you don't need my help, then that isn't a problem either. :)