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    It seems that an object is missing, it's very strange because I can't find anywhere on Google :O

    It's Vehicles\mondeo\mondeo_taxi_parked.sco

    Btw, If you have these two objects, It will save my time:



    Thank you

    Damn it!

    I waited an american map since long time!

    I'll download it and play all lines, but I have the impression that your work is underrated! :)

    EDIT: Finally, this map was a disappointment, I didn't finish my route. The map is too empty, it seems not finished, there are some bugs like passengers who come onto the street, there are intersections without signs, this point isn't a problem itself, but what is the logic? Some vehicles stop, other monopolize the way, etc... in a nutshell, I'm sorry but this map was a big big disappointment, mostly when I saw pics.



    I have the Hamburg addon, but there are two objets missing :(

    1. Sceneryobjects\HamburgLinie109\2_ada_neu2.sco
    2. Sceneryobjects\HamburgLinie109\2_nrs_neu2.sco

    Could you help me?



    Ich habe das Hamburg-Addon, aber es fehlen zwei Objekte :(

    1. Sceneryobjects\HamburgLinie109\2_ada_neu2.sco
    2. Sceneryobjects\HamburgLinie109\2_nrs_neu2.sco

    Kannst du mir helfen?


    1. Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?

    OMSI 2

    2. How often does the problem occur and how? (Error message, but playable / Crash / Freeze / ...)

    The bus isn't putted on the map.

    3. Which action leads to the problem? (Place a new bus / Driving on schedule / ...)

    Place a new bus.

    4. Which content was used? (Map, busses, ...)

    All maps.

    5. Which mods or plugins were used? (SweetFX, ...)

    Renault Karosa, Mercedes Benz

    6. Logfile in spoiler or attached

    3739 22:00:42 - - Error: SchedVehicles: Illegal Index: P.TL: 13

    Several errors per second!

    7. System information (OS, RAM, CPU, ...)

    Windows 10


    8 GB


    Thank you but no, it doesn't work. I would like to operate the Actia Board, but lights in the bus don't work, and the indicators on the board doesn't illuminate and many other problems... I will ask on the topic dedicated.

    Danke, aber nein, es funktioniert nicht. Ich möchte das Actia-Board bedienen, aber die Lichter im Bus funktionieren nicht und die Anzeigen auf dem Board leuchten nicht und viele andere Probleme ... Ich werde das Thema gewidmet stellen.

    Hi, the official patch link doesn't work anymore, someone can put the link? Thank you by advance.


    Hallo, der offizielle Patchlink funktioniert nicht mehr, kann jemand den Link setzen? Vielen Dank im Voraus.


    Thank you, so it's not the same location but the same problem with this roundabout:


    [EN ; German below]
    I have this problem (on all maps in fact), I have all objects and all splines:

    I think it's maybe the last update the problem...

    Thank you!

    Ich habe dieses Problem (auf allen Karten in der Tat), ich habe alle Objekte und alle Splines:

    Ich denke es ist vielleicht das letzte Update das Problem ...


    Für diejenigen, die die fehlenden Objekte von David wollen, habe ich sie dir und behielt gefunden; hier ^^:…7s_Objects_for_Weiden.rar

    For some people who don't have David's Objects, I find them for you and archived, there is the link



    Ok, 140 people have downloaded and nobody thanks me, even no one.


    Getestet habe ich die Karte und...
    Ich finde es sehr gut, sehr schön, für meinen Teil, ich die Busspuren lieben, die vorgeschlagene Linie zu kurz ist, aber es lohnt sich! Ich hoffe !
    Ich hoffe, es wird andere sein

    Sorry für mein Deutsch ist Google, die mir geholfen

    Type of project: Bus modification

    Name of project: New design for driver's machine

    Involved persons: Only me ; bus by Alterr, Wizard,...

    Details: A new design for the driver's machine in Flat Design in three different languages
    : english, german and french !

    Copyright: You can do everything you want except selling.


    Concerning constructive feedback:

    I am/We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me/us and must not diminish my/our work.
    Please write your feedback to my/our work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am/we are glad about any kind of compliment of my/our work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.



    Link:!eFEQiKAI (1.8M)
    The key :

    1. !8oH9sQ7_vFbTJsdsW0ejwgpfIQdkn4kvLjdE3aE7Osk