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    We are aware of the problem, some script files got mixed up. A fix is on the way :)

    I don't really have free time or motivation to patch up things on the bus, but thanks for the suggestions and bug reports, they are being passed on to another devteam who promised me to continue fixing up this bus, and then move on with bringing the other versions up to the same level as well in the future!

    On the other hand, HJALMAR had some excess time on his hands lately, and he just gifted the community an amazing soundmod engineered to perfection for the 7700A :)

    You can download the mod on webdisk, and before installing please be sure to read the included readme pdf in the rar file!

    Happy easter all! :S

    Laufen jetzt jeweils der linke und/oder rechte Spiegel dauerhaft mit? Der Bus frisst nach dem Update jedenfalls ordentlich mehr Leistung...Verstehe immer nicht warum man das macht, im linken Spiegel sehe ich in der normalen Sicht nicht mal was richtiges, wozu muss der dann mitlaufen?

    This is up to personal preference, many people complained after release that the mirror is disabled, that's why I changed it with the hotfix :) If you would like to disable the left mirror again, change this number in the .bus files to 0.1:

    Thank you for the kind "review"! The blinker indicator sound volume will be increased, it was also suggested by others. For the engine sounds, yes indeed from the outside and in the back section the D9B engines are quite loud, but not in the driver's place. Believe me, we also consulted with bus drivers who've been driving the 18m 7700A for years, and the engine sound is almost not noticable from the cockpit ;)

    Aber Optisch find ich ihn gut gelungen, auch vom Dashboard her. Auch wenn gefühlt im echten Volvo das Lenkrad größer ist.

    Yes, that's because there are two types of steering wheels, and the measurements of this bigger one were used by accident:

    Not sure if this will get fixed that quickly, the model is being reworked anyways, and I'd like to address more important issues first.

    The hotfix door keybinds don't seem to be correct though ... in that 'bus_doorfront2' does nothing, and 'bus_doorfront3' mapped to the third door instead of close all doors.

    You sure you have overwritten every file? The modified files necessary for the new keybindings to work are:

    • Model\model_Volvo7700_Gelenk_Main.cfg
    • Script\newDoor\door_man_3D.osc

    Please check to see if they're the correct ones.

    Lastly, a bug I've noticed with the inside stop announcement screen. Announcements are correct, but the correct stop is never shown on the screen, e.g. on Stadtedreieck map it will always show '1. Hagen', then '2. Friesenstraße' - it's reading the list of bus stops from the HOF file and then showing the 1st, 2nd, etc. from the overall list of stops rather than showing the stops from the trip. Hope that makes sense. :)

    Yes, thanks for bringing it to our attention. This is with the German variant, right? We'll look into it.


    The bus is fantastic, very high quality, love driving it. I only want to report a bug, I hope I can write it down here:

    If you press pause while driving, you won't be able to move the bus again, have to spawn another one.

    That is quite interesting, I made at least 30 screenshots during development and while taking them I always paused the game, and the bus worked normally after unpausing. Can you upload the logfile to pastebin and link it here so I can take a look?

    Thank you, and thanks for the transmission sound fix. Check your pm-s! :D

    Kann das sein das der Zahltisch fehlt? Weil so ist der Bus für mich unfahrbar, und aus diesen Grund werden ist den Bus nicht mehr fahren.

    Hi, und vielen Dank für dein Feedback! Der Fahrerarbeitsplatz wurde nach ungarischem Vorbild entwickelt, Zahltische sind hierzulande nicht prägend. In der IVU-Version hatten wir kein Raum mehr neben dem Fahrscheindrucker, deswegen konnten wir den Zahltisch nirgendwo platzieren. Wir hoffen doch, dass ein künftiges Mod das Problem bald erheben kann!

    Type of download: Bus

    Name of project: Volvo 7700A FL

    Involved persons:

    • Busfahrer-JJ (modeling of the bus)
    • Skinner_11 (modeling of the dashboard/extras, some scripts, manual)
    • Tatrafan99 (Import to Omsi)
    • MR-Software (scripts/sounds/etc)
    • Mani-Vest (articulation animation)
    • Nico K. (Sound)
    • florian99 (lot of extras, helping with the manual, repaints)
    • Adamkings14 (repaints)
    • padarmartin (scripts/converting the dashboard, BUSE matrix, Vultron)
    • Sprintex (textures, repaints)
    • Alterr & Wizard (scripts)
    • RATTI (more realistic drivetrain scripts)
    • nemeza (scripts)
    • JXBELL (EMKE printer)
    • Sven Daniel (Ticketbox printer)
    • Seevetal LetsPlayer (Pictures/Videos)
    • ViMaX (pictures and drivetrain data)
    • Tamás Molnár (feedback and information about the real bus)
    • Márton Béres (pictures/videos/some sounds)
    • Neoplaner (Tips and Tricks/Omsi Import)
    • Lion's (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • Craher (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • Siroccoxp (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • Volvo7005 (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • LPG (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • gx7767-studio (Scripts, fonts from Volvo 7700)
    • Routeres (beta testing, feedback)
    • Sosi (beta testing, feedback, repaints)
    • boeingbalint (beta testing, feedback, repaints)
    • greclev (beta testing, feedback, repaints)
    • scania_n270ub (fixed gearbox scripts and sounds)
    • rodan (better driver cameras)

    Project details:

    The 3 door articulated version of the Volvo 7700 Facelift family, built on B9LA chassis. The package also a detailed user manual, please read it before the first drive! Beta release, so expect bugs! Patches and updates coming soon™!

    Download link:

    Download through OMSI-WebDisk here


    What happened to the solo version?

    Many people are asking about the solo and hybrid versions, so here's the deal:

    After the solo and articulated versions were both imported to the game in 2017, I offered my help to make the articulated 3 door version more realistic and optimized.

    In the past two years, a lot of tweaks, remodeling and re-scripting took place, for which I'm thankful for everyone who helped.

    The solo and articulated 4 door versions have not been touched since then, so bringing them up to this standard would take a lot more time - even the dashboard is still the Actia one, from the Solaris buses.

    Same for the Hybrid version, which was never even imported to OMSI i think.

    So, long story short, I'm not sure if the other versions will follow any time soon, please stop asking. For now, let's hope that we can put on the finishing touches for the 3 door articulated ;)

    The Bus will allow the windows to be painted? Great bus awaiting the release so much! Good Work!

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, with .png files you can paint on every surface, windows too ;)

    In the past few weeks, two friends continued to tweak the bus, add even more features, and many more repaints.

    So first of all, here is a list of all the repaints that will be shipped with the bus:

    That's 28 real companies, plus 23 fictional repaints, not counting for the different sub-variations. In total, you will have more than ~60 liveries to choose from, all with their unique configurations via different setvars.

    Some new features:

    • rubberized side strips on the chassis (setvar)
    • scandinavian style advertisements on the rear and side (setvar)
    • new, more realistic licenseplate fonts
    • red prisms on the rear (setvar)
    • the passenger aircon unit can now be toggled by setvar
    • mudguard flaps behind the wheels
    • intercity seats for the Hungarian version

    Finally, here is the user manual, from which you can get a grasp of operating, and customizing the bus :)

    Release date still not set, but we are getting closer and closer to a final state ;)

    Have a nice weekend!

    Good news everyone.

    I finally managed to resolve the graphical errors in the past days, and also continued finishing up the manual:

    Once finished, it will be also translated to German and Hungarian.

    Also, I made an RVAG repaint for the bus, which will be shipped with the release version:

    Thanks for stepping by, have a nice weekend!