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    New CNG buses for MordredBus... MAN A69 / 18.310 HOCL-NL CNG CaetanoBus City Gold, destined to replace most of the older diesel buses.

    MAN A69 / 18.310 HOCL-NL CaetanoBus CTN070G by OmsiVimeca / MordredBus 3000 mod (Private: STCP seating specs in a Carris-spec bus) | Neuendorf / Line 302 | MordredBus CNG CTN070G (Private)

    From Barreiro to Szczecin...

    SMTCB Barreiro's Citaro Facelift were loaned for a week to Szczecin's SPA for demonstration purposes (the SMTCB logos were removed). This one was caught on Line 59.

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift / CSF seat mod by Sven Daniel | Projekt Szczecin (pirvately modified) / Line 59 | SMTCB Barreiro (Work in Progress)

    The final ride for the Citaro Euro 3 in CortanaBus (the bus heads for retirement)...

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro I by AlTerr / Euro 3 by Morphi / CortanaBus 2003 mod by O530 Carris PT (Private) | Bad Kinzau 3.0 (Privately modified) / Line 299 | CortanaBus old Blue (Private)

    You get a new bus, you get a new bus, everyone gets a new bus! CortanaBus 6035 was sent to Wolfstal for the line 124.

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro C2G (Private - based from Morphi's mod for the 3Gen payware add-on) | Wolfstal | CortanaBus 2017 "6000s" (Private)

    After my shenanigans with the computer resolved, I'm announcing that the map suffered a little delay because of it. But again, the map work is back up and running again as normal.
    - And after Aveiras de Baixo, the next community to be characterised (scenerised) is Benfica-A-Nova, a village located after the Ribeira do Oeste Bridge, a village with a important agricultural economy and the most advanced botanical garden of the Western Portugal region (outside of Lisbon, of course).
    - Between Aveiras de Baixo and Benfica-A-Nova, the scenerisation progresses at a good rate, while doing in a new way to make the scenerisation less bothersome and more diverse in pattern (I also initially used a object from Krummenaab, but it ended being not much FPS friendly). In the meantime, thanks to Pennermaster and this object pack, I made some road and crossing modifications (done concurrently with the replacement of the road bushes alongside the sections of the line 9372/74 in both Lisbon and Santarém Districts) to streamline some roads previously complicated (the samething was done between Benfica-A-Nova and Pereira de Baixo/Infantado, sections of the line 9373).
    - 9371S is now 9371L - The Skip-Stop route will now be called a Limited-Stop Line "Linha de Paragens Limitadas". The terminuses will remain the same, but will now stop at Vila de Garanhos.
    - A screenshot publication will be announced in the next week. So, stay tuned!

    Out with the old and in with the new... At least with CortanaBus's Citaro Üs in Krummenaab.

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift Ü (Privately modified) | Krummenaab Optimised (Private) | CortanaBus 2018 "7500s/2100s" (Private)

    I'm having the same exact problem with the interior destination displays and the ticket machine after I installed the mod on the C2 bus (below is the logfile of the tests) :( :

    It seems that CortanaBus is making overhauls across the entire fleet (including wrapping some of the new buses, like the #7380 here presented, adding Wi-Fi and USB ports in the process), maybe to improve the quality of their service.

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 Ü Citaro Facelift / CortanaBus DF40 mod (Private) | Krummenaab (Privately Modified) | CortanaBus 2018 W&B (Private)

    No one knew about MordredBus until someone leaked these pictures of a Setra S 319 UL of the company in the line 76 of Manningen.
    MordredBus said that the company is an affiliate of CortanaBus.

    Setra S 319 UL / ZF 5HP502 (Private mod: LAWO matrix) | Manningen | MordredBus 2018 Setra (Private)

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü of CP in Krummenaab: On the road again? It seems the case.

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro Ü I (Private modification: LAWO matrix, Atron ticketprinter, wheels and steering wheel) | Krummenaab (Private modification: CortanaBus O307s as AI) | CP Alto da Boa Viagem Late 2000s (WIP - to be released with the map)

    Rodoviária de Lisboa around Römerberg and its places nearby, testing their new Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü.

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro I Ü (private mod: wheels and LAWO matrix) | Römerberg / Line 635 | Rodoviária de Lisboa (WIP, may not come in this form)

    Carris is reactivating their previously withdrawn Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses for their community shuttles. One of those buses was caught on in Neuendorf during tests.

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro (I) / 3-door hLA mod by Sven Daniel | Neuendorf / Line 303 | Carris 2000 (Work In Progress)

    The first of the reconfigured Citaro GÜs (the #5896) arrived to Freyfurt (for a joyride in the Line 63).

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 GÜ Citaro / CortanaBus DF60-OH mod (Private) | Freyfurt v4.5 (Private, based on the 2013 version) | CortanaBus 2018 "5900s" (Private)

    EVA Transportes and its new Mercedes-Benz Citaro MÜ going strong in Börzsöny (this bus has a 354hp engine!)

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro MÜ by KevKev / CortanaBus EF43 mod by O530 Carris PT (Private) | Börzsöny 1.02A (private modification by O530 Carris PT, original map (1.02) is from Routeres) / Line 260 | EVA Transportes "2014-Present" (WIP, still needed to modify some things)

    After 294 (!) long days without posting nothing, here I am revamping this repaint thread once again (some of the images missing here will be reset in the meantime). To begin the revamp, two new repaints are coming out from my repaint works: I'll focus first on the Setra S 415 NF of Arne J., in two repaints:

    For the Setra S 415 NF (double front door), I picked the ETG Gondomarense livery for this bus (I'll also do for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro & Citaro Ü too), since I liked the livery of the company. So, I decided to make a OMSI 2 repaint of it. Here it is the result:

    DOWNLOAD the repaint here.

    For the EF (single front door), I picked the EVA Transportes 2013-present livery (I did my best in this one, despite some inconsistences), because wanted to see how the new EVA Transportes livery looked in a Setra S 415 NF bus (anyways, the result seemed to be convincent). Here it is:

    UPDATE of 2018-04-05: Corrected repaint design, giving further realism.

    DOWNLOAD the repaint here.

    After its refurbishment, the bus #5773 was the first bus to become a LAWO LED-equipped bus in a darker shade of blue and gold (wrapped, not painted - since the old blue colour is still visible on the air conditioning casing)...

    Mercedes-Benz O 530 G Citaro FL / LAWO Matrix mod (LED) by cooper / CSF Seats by Sven Daniel (Private) | Wolfstal (Private mod: Lightweight AI) / Line: 124 | CortanaBus 2018 "5770-5894" (Private)

    I finally got the time to speed up the scenerisation of the map in order to make possible this screenshot publication (however, bringing the potential impact on the quality of the scenerisation to a minimum). This screenshot publication will cover the scenerisation progress between Alvito and Aveiras de Baixo, including the community itself, but excluding the bridge sections, which will still undergo the first phase of scenerisation.

    This screenshot publication has a lower number of photos: 15.

    The Alvito Incline seen from the EN114 corner nearby the location...

    ...And the same incline seen from the top of it.

    And here it is! Aveiras de Baixo, which is a village with very peculiar buildings...

    ...It doesn't seem to have those, but don't be deceived by the appearances...

    ...It has indeed a fire department, very important in case of wildland fires...

    ...And the buildings which I was talking about are these ones (comming from the NoNameProduktion object pack) - They are indeed the most modern and the most beautiful buildings in the region. They were designed in the late 1980s and were built from 1992 to 1995.

    And here it is the last screenshot, showcasing the road between Aveiras de Baixo and Benfica-a-Nova.