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    Use google. One of the first hits will take you to a forum on which you find a link to a map mod that has those files.
    If I remember correctly, that worked on both cases. :)

    And the list provided in the first post is not enough. I had to download more files at least four times to get all the missing objects. (I was going to make a list of those, but got a bit frustrated.) And sorry for the english answer!

    In the editor menu "timetable" you can check what the 1st trip of 104 tour 2 is. Now, in "tracks & trips" you can load this trip. Is there a text shown that this trip is invalid?

    No, it says trip is ok and each tour is beginning after the previous ends. When I make completely new lines, everything works fine. I'm starting to think that you cannot modify existing lines. :)


    I've been trying to create a new timetable, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Logfile says there is at least one invalid trip, but I have no idea what is invalid about it.

    The next departure time is always after the arrival time.


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    I haven't bought this yet but from looking at the videos it seems very empty and cold feeling - compared to Ahlheim and Fictional Szczcein which has extensive detail. Maybe I need to see it for myself but the gameplay videos that i've seen seem to paint a bland picture on this map.

    I hope to be wrong as it's just a comment.

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    I have to agree with you! Even though Rheinhausen is a great map to drive, it provides a lot of different features, it seems a bit empty and cold. I've been playing Berlin X10 before it and there's a drastic difference!

    Another thing that bothers me is that the timetables are extremely tight. It seems impossible to stay on time and falling behind your schedule is impossible to fix since there is so little time to turn around.

    Anyhow, the DLC is worth to buy.

    I've been wondering something.

    Line 623 was added to the game (Berlin X10), even though it is extremely short. But line 104 between Rathenauerplatz and Fehrbellinerplatz was not added though it has several stops available? Sure we can drive it without timetables, but it is not the same. The line could have terminated at the Rathenauerplatz or have been altered to terminate at the same stop as M19 does which is this stop, but to other direction.

    Thank you, that solved the collision problem!

    Any idea why the AI buses and trams keep freezing?

    Hello, today I drove the first time back to Rheinhausen, (Version 1.2). I drove with the line 41 from Reinhardshof to Waldhof. At the railway crossing in Juliansberg is then over. Invisible collision and bus stops moving. So in the opposite direction.

    I have the same problem with Juliansberg :(

    Is this bug getting fixed anytime soon? Or has someone come up with a solution?