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    Did you ever find a copy of the arduino script etc to run this?

    i have a Dreiha heating module ordered, and it would be nice to get it to operate the heating sliders in the older buses like Lars showed in one of his video's, and also get it to light up in response to the in game lights on the module.

    I'm having problems getting komsi to work again,

    I.'ve downloaded komsi v2.4, and put them in the plugins folder etc, but when i start omsi, it loads up the komsi server v2.3,

    i can manually start komsi server 2.4, and i have found that if i run both 2.4 and 2.3 together, it works, but other people say they are just using komsi server 2.4.

    i've tried a fresh install of omsi, i do not have anything else in the plugins folder than what was in the komsi v2.4 zip file linked above. so i am not sure where it is getting v2.3 from and starting that.

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum.. not really sure where this Q should go, and i really want M&R to read this as they most likely know if it's possible or not....

    As part of my full size driving desk, i have a pay table,

    Now, there is no way to collect the money the passengers put on the virtual pay table in omsi without using the mouse and that is very awkward when everything else on my cab is operated using switches, buttons and levers exactly like on a real bus,
    i have asked before, but there is just no way to assign keyboard/game controller commands to collect money off the table, or excess change in the cup.

    And now i have a real pay table, coin changer and ticket machine to my right, i have to turn to operate the changers controls, thus taking my eyes off the screen (even with trackIR) and loosing the view of the money the passenger put on the table,

    An idea was suggested when i was asking about this a while ago about using a separate touch screen monitor just for the coins to be displayed and clicked on,

    That would be ideal, the hardware would be easy.... I'd sink a small touch screen monitor's panel into the top of the pay table, but then of course i want a way to display the top of the paytable from omsi on that monitor,

    So when money is put on the table in omsi, it shows up on the second monitor as if it was real money put on the real table, and i can click and 'take' the money via the touch screen.

    I know this idea sounds crazy, but i am wondering if there is a way to do this?
    maybe an extra camera view that is looking at the top of the paytable, and that camera view is sent to the other monitor, tho it may still have the problem of being able to select the money by touching the coins displayed on the real table, and having them taken in the simulation,

    Any ideas on how i might implement this?

    I am building a replica D92 cab

    and i am hooking up the switches now, (this is my mock up dash, the final one will be covered in leatherette, and have the proper switches and dials in the right places)

    ATM i am concentrating on the indicator/wiper stalk, what i need is to modify the switch inputs to activate only when the switch is down, and release when it's up,

    For the indicators i found a script on the old forum from when someone stuck an indicator stalk from a car to his PC wheel, kinda like i have done really.

    This adds a whole new key event, but it works (once i figured out to assign my indicator stalks switches (via it's usb gamepad hack), to the correct new key assignments)
    So when i put my indicator stalk to indicate left, left indicator is activated, when i put the stalk back to the middle (or my wheel self cancels it) the indicators turn off,
    Same the other way of course,

    If i was using the keyboard, and say i had assigned left indicator to "L", holding L down would activate the indicators, releasing L would de-activate them.

    I want to do the same with the wiper commands, but i'm not sure which script i need to modify, i.e. which .osc file is the wiper switch scripts in that i need to modify? i.e the indicators are in the lights.ocs file,

    and then i really just want to modify the existing scripts, to add the SWON/SWOFF bits that make the switch work how i want, rather than add new functions as with the indicator script.

    I am fine with electronics, wiring, mechanical things, but computer programming is really hard for me to figure out,

    what is it with you people,

    If you don't like something, dont download it, simple, but why keep having a go at people who try new things,

    pretty soon there will be no one left making anything for omsi, as they will have all been driven off by the bad attitudes on this forum,

    yes i'm pissed off, people on here drove cristian to abandon his sandau v1.4 and V2 maps, because he was constiantly nagged to release it before it was ready, when he gave in, he was slated, so what if it wasnt true to life, the 1.4 was a great map, and V2 could have been to, it just needed tweaking, but instead of constructive critisism, people have to pick every fault and make out it's a waste of time.

    So what if this touch screen ibis dosent fit 'your' version of the omsi world, i personaly like my omsi to be set in the early 90's, others like it to be modern as in today, that what is great about omsi, we can pick and choose, but the way things are going before long we will just have the stock maps and buses and that's it, then omsi will be dead within weeeks, as it's the user created content that's kept it alive so long.

    Hello again,

    i am making progress with my cockpit for omsi project, i have an arduino board working the gauges on command from X-sim on the pc, but i now need to get the dashboard data out of omsi and sent to x-sim for it all to work.

    i am not a programmer, so can someone help me write a plugin that will get all the dashboard data out of omsi (speed, fuel level, water temp, oil pressure, bus stop light, indicator light, high beam light etc)

    I have read the plug-in wiki, but i do not know how to write a plug-in or what the names of the variables are i need to be calling other than 'velocity' for speed.

    i am trying to build a replica dashboard for omsi,
    i have an arduino mega to use as the interface between the computer and my led's/lamps.gauges etc, but i'm unsure how to get the data out of omsi.

    you have obviousely figured it out, is it possible for me to see the source code privately (i will never release it to anyone else, and if i use it to get my dashboard working will credit you and ask permision if i ever upload the plugin i create to make it all work)
    or can you give me some pointers to how you did this?

    I would imagine i could just change where the outputs goto, instead of the keyboard led's, they goto the arduino.... probably via a program written in processing,

    Unfortunately i am new to this programming stuff, i am learning how to program the arduino board, also learning processing, both of which are sort of based on C,
    But i also want to learn about delphi, as i imagine that is what your plugin is written in?

    I guess it's not possible then?
    i wish i could write scripts, then i'd have a go, but programing is not something i can do,
    i read somewhere that in omsi you can write a script to do anything you can do with a mouse and click, it seems every other function has a keyboard command, even the bus windows, but not one to collect the money off the pay table.

    I have just recieved a change machine, so will be making my cash desk soon, would love to find a solution to my problem,

    i had thought about a touch screen, maybe an old pda, when a passenger puts money on the pay table, it apeers on the pda screen which is mounted where the pay table is, i can then just touch the money, or even slide it towards my coin changer to have it collected, but that would be even harder for me to figure out.

    I want to figure out how to uotput dashboard lights from the omsi dash to my replica dash i'm building,

    i.e. when the indicator light on the bus dash is flashing, i want to have an led flash, when the bus stop request light is on, i want to have another led come on, and go off when the doors have opened and the light on the dash in omsi has gone out,

    Unfortunately i have no programming skills, but am willing to learn,
    I saw on the old forum that 'Felix01' made the blinker to scroll/caps/num lock leds on a keyboard plugin, i've downloaded it, but i can't figure out how to view the code to see what he did, with a view to add more codes to get the status of the rest of the lights on the dash board and send them to a usb output card connected to my led's in the replica dash.

    i've tried viewing the code in 'edit pad pro' which reads most delphi based languages apparantly, but i just get gibberish, same as if i open it in notepad,

    please can anyone help me, i also need to figure out how to get the data from the ticket printer's display in omsi out to a real lcd in a ticker printer i have, same with the ibis display when i get another lcd, and eventially i need to get the gauge data and have it operate real gauges, either via their origional air core coils or servo's.

    Still moving my computer, but a quick shot of the cockpit for omsi i'm building,

    The dashboard is just a piece of wood with a lifesize print of a D92 dash, and it is all just a quick mock up at the moment, i plan on getting the correct switches for the switch banks on the top right of the dash, and the start and stop buttons, a proper electric and light key switch,
    Then a tachograph and some gauges, all the buttons work, hooked up to a usb input board, liiking into an output board for the lights and tacho etc.

    I really need a proper sized steering wheel, but i have plans to use a steering colum and wheel from a real bus, and a force feedback motor from an arcade machine,

    I am working on the ticket printer at the moment, waiting for a pcb to arrive which will allow the lcd to work from the computer, they i have to figure out how to get the data from omsi to the lcd,

    The ibis is just a mock up, i rendered the front from the omsi files, laminated it, but i think i have the size wrong... too large, but i am having a hard time finding dimensions of things like the ibis2, dashboard etc,
    The plan is to emboss the buttons on the laminate, put a lcd behind the window, and some tactile buttons behind the button overlay, then build it into a box.

    Now if i can just figure out how to take money without the mouse, i'll be well on the way to getting the cockpit functional.

    This is brilliant with one exception i find, the reverse warning is in english, and it's a german bus,
    i can just imagine someone stood in the way of the bus hearing the 'warning this vehicle is reversing' and getting his german to english dictionary out to translate what he's just heard, translating the word vehicle and....





    Has anyone got the reverse warning sound in german as it would make this mod complete i rekon,

    sorry for the lame attempt at german, yes google translatorised,

    but been trying to figure this out and no one in the english area knows,

    the shift+T seems to only give change, T to give ticket, i still have to click on the money the passenger put on the pay table,

    been through the manual and all the key codes that can be added, but there dosent seem to be one to take the money on the pay table, so it seems i need to write a script, but i havent a clue where to start.

    i'm in the middle of moving my computer, so the 'cockpit' is in bits, i have a photo of the ticket machine i have just got in the main section,
    when i find the dimensions of the dashboard i'll make a replica of that and begin to add the buttons to their proper places,

    Bitte helft mir,

    Ist es möglich sammel die kartengelder mit Tastendruck anstatt mit der Maus??

    Ich baue eine führerstand für omsi mit einem fahrscheindrucker, geldwechsler und IBIS, und wollen nicht zu haben um die Maus überhaupt verwenden.

    Ist es möglich, ein Skript für eine Schaltfläche zu erstellen, um das Geld aus dem Cash-Tabelle zu sammeln?

    Sorry für die schlechte Zeichensetzung, weiß ich nicht Deutsch sprechen sehr gut.


    this bus is the mutts nuts, it goes with the simulator perfectly,

    if there's one fault it's the drivers position, but plenty of others have moaned about that.... seat needs lowering a good few inches,

    not sure if it's a fault.... but i find the view in the drivers mirror compressed a bit, but at least the drivers mirror is in view when looking ahead, too many buses coming out where you have to move the view to see the drivers mirror, makes driving a pain unless you have trackIR or 3 monitors.

    Been asking this for a while, but never getting any solution, just people think it can be done, even suggestions the script is already there, but i cant find it.

    i'm making a bus simulator desk, and am getting an almex ticket machine and a change machine, i will connect the buttons in the almex directly to a usb board so a button press is seen by the sim as a joystick button press, the change machine i will add micro switches to operate from the levers, and again usb input board to get the signals to the simulator.

    I am trying to get rid of the need to use the mouse when driving a bus,

    But it seems i have to use the mouse to hover over and click to collect the money the passengers put on the pay table for their tickets, and click the coins in the change bup if i issue too much change.

    How can i make a script or something to allow a button press/key stroke to collect the money from the pay table, likewise any coins in the coin cup that shouldent be there.

    i note that when using the mouse you have to hover over the individual coins/notes to get them to be picked up, so i cant make a mouse macro up that on a button press moves the mouse to a certian position on the screen and left clicks a few times (well i could, but i'd have to have multiple mouse movements and clicks all over the pay table to get all the coins and notes, and i would hav to have the view in the one view mode to let it work.... with my hardware buttons i dont need to even look as the passenger to issue tickets and change)

    Please help me, i'm sure other people would find a button press to collect money very handy too..... like i say, if there is a button already to do this, please tell me what it is, as i cant seem to find it.

    Please can someone help me....

    i am making my driving desk as realistic as i can, based on an SD-92, so i will be making a mock up ticket printer, basically just the buttons, and they will operate the omsi buttons as joystick button inputs, i.e. day ticket, short ride ticket, issue ticket, cancel, take wrong ticket etc.

    But i have a problem with the money the passengers pay with, i need to use the mouse to click on the money to collect it, same with any change i issue by mistake,

    Is there any way to write a script that will give me a key press to use to collect the money? so i do not have to use the mouse at all???
    This would make it so i can have a very realistic operation of omsi, using buttons for everything (plus steering wheel, pedals, handbrake lever etc) and only needing the mouse to initially start the simulation.