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    Good evening. Since I was working on a converted map from OMSI 1 to 2 for private use, one of the implementations was the usage of the Chronological function, mostly for the change of objects, lines, AI usage and so on. The problem is, the only thing I could work on that was just the line deactivation and AI changes, since the chrono part for the rest I can't figure out on how to work on and I'm not sure where to start... I know a tutorial somewhere on this forum on how to make changes using the chrono function, but it's in German and I really don't understand that well and translating doesn't help either. So I'm asking if there's a way to understand on how to work on it, please? Even in small examples, just to help clear out on how to do it. Thanks in advance :):thumbup:

    Hello there! Since the O530 Citaro got various updates thanks to Morphi, but I do feel that the O520 Cito was a bit forgotten for modding, since it's quite limited due tothe fact that Alterr didn't provide to us the .blend model of it, like what the Citaro, the Solaris and the Scania did :S
    I remember seeing a screenshot in the WIP/Private thread of the Cito with the modded VDV display and, for this topic, I need ways on how to apply the following:
    - VDV display, like in the O530 (Euro2/3 in general) + all scripts
    - Hybrid scripts, based on the ones used onto the Solaris Urbino 12

    (note that painting on windows is obviously not that possible, since the Cito's .blend file wasn't provided and most repaints don't have a section where the windows are decorated)

    I did test this out, by applying the scripts and the VDV display onto the Cito, but it was a bit farther and the original one was maintained (since I didn't know which files in the model were needed to remove), which does also mean that Daueranimation is also required for that...
    If anyone has an idea how to do it, I would appreciate it :)


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    Well, unfortunatelly, I'm getting this issue a lot since Windows 10 Creator's Update... I could keep the option disabled, but it's not good when a Direct3D crash happens or a Range Check Error (Fehler bei Bereichsprufung) when selecting a bus caused by png textures :S

    Not sure if someone asked for this, but is the Euro-2 version of the bus planned? Because the one from a certain addon is not as good as the one you made, one of them the sounds (even applying the engine ones from Morphi don't work and yours can be personalized easily) :S
    (hope it's not considered as a request, if so, I apologize)

    Hope it's not something innapropriate to ask, but does someone still have the map? The original author doesn't have it anymore (since I asked for it at the other day, he's my best friend) and I also don't have it, so in case anyone has the map (not Grande Porto), let me know and upload it via PM (don't worry about copyright, it's a map that we worked together, so it's not a problem).
    Other than that, this topic can be considered as closed. Sorry, everyone :S

    Hey there. I don't know if the new download links already come with some vehicles, but I'm getting this issue as seen inside of the spoiler (from the logfile):

    Any help? :S

    Was this bus meant to overwrite the previous version or it's a clean installation? Because I tested both the UL272 automatic and the UL292 Almex version and it had errors (the UL272 the matrix doesn't work and the UL292 is invisible).
    Logfile (starts at 470):

    Re-quoting my posts under the following issue, which still has no replies:

    Now the issue for me is the tram dissapearing during the route (...)

    Also, there's an issue with the tracks where a traffic light is located and (possibly) Ampel-Splines is needed for them to work, but those cause the trams to despawn. It happens to me since the release :S

    Any help with this? :S

    Awesome! I'm actually using the Daueranimation on this one (to adjust the position of the tank, as it wasn't in the right place), along with the position change of the AC unit (Klimaanlage) with the interior piece, it's now better!
    What I did was the following: I added this code into MAN_NL2x3_main.osc

    1. 1 (S.L.Daueranimation)

    Which turns out like this:

    Then I added the Daueranimation word all away to the botton of any _varlist.txt just to function the changes on the model file.
    As for the model of the CNG tank, I used the one Busfan53 shared , extracted normally and changed this:
    For the CNG Tank

    And that's it!
    Optionally, you can change the position of the AC unit:

    This is the result:

    It's not the most perfect thing, neither is that realistic (I think the tank is different), but if you wanted a CNG tank onto this bus, this does help :)

    The problems, you've told us, are general problems with OMSI. It is no Tram Simulator and so there is the possibility, that the tram is turned on the opposite direction. But try the Entrypoints 'Ostbahnhof' and/or 'Betriebshof' (Tram Depot). They do not have so many problems. Especially the Entrypoint 'Ostbahnhof' is quite good, so you are always on the right rail. With the direction, it is another problem... There, the only Thing, you can do is, try so Long, until the tram is in the right direction. (Or you use the Entrypoint 'Betriebshof'. There is a possibility to go on the right track. But before you can do this, you have to drive your tram on the left Hand side for a short time. To your Problem with the NF6D, I can't help you. I do not have this tram.
    Hope, it helped a bit

    I tried again with the very first entrypoint, the depot one, and it worked. Also, I used the NF6D on that one and it was fine :)
    Now the issue for me is the tram dissapearing during the route (plus, tram line 3 has an issue, where the first stop, a bit after the depot, doesn't change the next one after starting the course, which causes delays), but other than that, the current version did solve the performance decay :)