Unscheduled AI causes "Fehler bei Bereitsprüfung" on a new map in OMSI2

  • I've created a map , I've put some road onto it, and I wanted to try it out, but after loading it gives "Fehler bei Bereitsprüfung". I can drive on the map if I switch off the unscheduled traffic. As I can recognize from the logfile, the error occures when the program tries to load the first AI vehicle. Why is it, and how I can fix it?
    The logfile (with logall):

  • We have no solution yet. The Germans have recognized the connection between ai cars and Bereichsprüfung just now.

    Payware-Addon "Berlin X10" ist fertig.

    Als Download-Version, Box-Version, Special-Edition und bei Steam erhältlich.

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