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    ..01......No. 01....Contents
    ..01......No. 02....I cannot open a 7z-file
    ..01......No. 03....The rollsign of [BETA] Setra S 215 UL doesn't work
    ..01......No. 04....How to get an authentic sound in [BETA] Setra S 215 UL?
    ..01......No. 05....The IBIS and/or the destination display remain blank in O405N² bus addon
    ..01......No. 06....The installer of O405N² addon bus doesn't work
    ..01......No. 07....Problem with announcements with O405N²
    ..01......No. 08....Lag when pulling the station brake (NL202)
    ..01......No. 09....No railtraffic at addon "Vienna 24A – LU200"
    ..01......No. 10....No destinations at [BETA] Setra S215 UL
    ..01......No. 11....InvalidTrackEntry Error at Freyfurt

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  • I downloaded an addon-bus but I only got a white *.7z-file. How can I open it?

    A 7z-file is a socalled "packed archive" which you can open and unpack with a archive manager like WinZIP (Payware), WinRAR (Shareware) or 7zip (Open Source). When you install one of theese programms the *7z-file will be associated with the archive manager. You will get every further steps from the readme out of the unpackt folder.

  • I downloaded the Setra S 215 UL addon-bus but the rollsigns don't work!

    In order to use the rollsigns of the Setra just copy the "Rollband_S215" folder into "...\OMSI\Vehicles\Anzeigen\".
    P.S.: That's how to proceed with every bus that has a rollsign!

  • Many users are argueing about the SD200-sound in the Setra S215 UL but the right sound is already part of the download. I show how to use it:

    Open the folder ...\OMSI\Vehicles\Setra_UL\ and make a copy of the file called "Setra_S215UL_2566MUH.bus". Then rename the new file into "Setra_S215UL_2566UH.bus". Now open the renamed file with windows editor and scroll down to the paragraph called "[sound]". Instead of:


    Put the following code into that file:


    At paragraph "[friendlyname]" (at the top of the file) paste the following code:

    S215UL(Original Sound)

    Now save the file and you can drive this bus also with an authentic sound if you choose "S215UL(Original Sound)" in OMSI.

  • If you have chosen the alternative download (*.zip-file) just copy the "fonts"-folder from your download archive into your "OMSI" folder. If you have downloaded the installer you won't have that problem.

  • I pasted my announcements into "\OMSI\Vehicles\TD_Mercedes-Benz_O405N2\Sound\Ansagen" but I cannot hear any!

    The O405N² addon gets its announcements out of the following folder: "\OMSI\Vehicles\MAN_SD202\Sound\Ansagen" If you paste your announcements into this folder they will be useable in the addon bus.

  • To solve this problem simply download and install the HSTB-Fix from NL202-downloadthread.

    Another solution is downloading the Kamaz-Rework-Version of the NL202. The HSTB-Fix is
    already included in this version.

  • The Setra S215 UL addon doesn't show any destinations but only the linenumbers!

    That's because the Setra S215 UL addon uses a seperate folder for rollsigntextures, but there are files from addon maps missing. The solution is easy:

    Copy all files from ...\OMSI\Vehicles\Anzeigen\Rollband_SD79\ Switch into the folder ...\OMSI\Vehicles\Anzeigen\Rollband_S215UL\.

    Delete all files in there.
    Paste the files you copied in step one.