OMSI 2.1 Release notes - Update [993]

The forum is in reduced operation. The Addon and Support forums remain open.
Please note that OMSI is no longer under development. Some of the developers are now working on a new simulator. Further information concerning the LOTUS-Simulator can be found here.
  • Dear OMSI fans!

    We want to thank you for your conglomerate patience. You have been waiting for the patch for more then two month - now it has finally arrived. Naturally the meantime was not out of consequences. Somebody is working at the forum to have an eye on your issues and wishes. We have started a betatest program*. And we have fixed many bugs and problems that have come with OMSI 2.

    We also have plans for the upcoming time:
    We will start a contest (information will follow). Even after 2.1 we will provide betatested patches. Priorities are: more (smaller) bugs, plugin compatibility, problems with addons. We will have a feature wish circle to decide collectively for and against features of OMSI 2 and future versions.

    *The most acknowledgements head to our volunteers. It is obviously - OMSI is one of the projects that is addicted to its volunteers and would not be possible without them. Thus a focused thank you in the name of everybody benefitting from their efforts and of the team:
    - Beta testers: Our beta testers proved a lot of patience with us. The tests have been a continuing up and down of susceptibility to errors, performance and problems. They always had a lot of accuracy to note and describe each bug or abnormality or change. They had a lot to write and even more to read and did not discourage themselves. Their idealism has been expedient: We now have a patch which has passed the tests on a great bandwidth of systems. They saved you from aplenty of trouble and frustration and took it on. Our heartfelt thanks!
    - Experts: It is not quite easy to be an expert or support provider for an application or game that does not work adequately. Nevertheless our experts were patient and targeted to support help seeking people at the forum and provide some tips and tricks. A big thanks to our experts!
    - Moderators: Everyone's nerves are strained - it can not be ignored. To have the necessary composure and ensure calm and comprehension is not simple. Our moderators have proved top-notch abilities in de-escalation and diplomacy, cleaned up the forum and cared for a plain information and discussion platform. Thank you all!
    - Content- & plugin developers & creatives: What would OMSI be with just two maps, a few busses and trains and only one sun


    ? The enthusiasm of the content, mod, plugin (and more) developers is not exceedable. We have seen wonderful creativity and are very happy to watch you providing a unique and exciting OMSI. Many thanks!

    Here we go, the patch arrived. We are sure the patch is keeping what it promised. You will have a lot of fun with the game. Of course we provide support for every problem that is occurring and have an open ear (eye) for you.
    Have fun!
    Regards in the name of Marcel


  • New features and changes

    • Performance (fps) and map loading have been optimized to significantly improve the performance on all systems. In addition, the render and calculation processes have been corrected and optimized.
    • Many new logfile entries have been added to locate and identify bugs/problems much more easily.
    • Every addon has the option to bring its own addons.ini which will not be deleted by steam (during updates etc.).
    • Missing or corrupted keyboard (hotkey) data will be announced with a corresponding error message.
    • There have been solved some bugs within the memory management. These bugs caused bugs like „E_OUTOFMEMORY“.
    • The OMSI-internal management of AI vehicles has been changed completely to avoid access errors and thread collision.
    • The management of meshs and submeshs has been optimized to prevent bugs and improve performance.

    The gamer and his bus

    • The time of arrival and departure at the destination bus stop will now be displayed at the schedule.

    AI traffic and humans

    • Passengers are waiting for each bus (line), even if the schedule priority (options) is set to a low value. Consequently the passengers will wait for a user bus running on deactivated AI route.
    • Spawning busses don't appear during the game if the spawn point is in line of sight. After setting time, even at visible spawn points busses appear for a short time.

    Environment, map & editor

    • Switches are now moving.
    • Terrain shadowing has been corrected.
    • Editor fps have been limited to 30 to keep ressources free for different processes.
    • At a framerate of 10 or less the tile range will be reduced automatically.


    • New years and holiday fireworks is now everywhere, even beyond route 137.


    • The options dialogue has got a new segmentation to provide more clarity.
    • Autosaving is now optionally.

    The user and his bus

    • Defective path recognition between user vehicle and AI cars caused unusual stop & go behaviour and has been corrected.

    AI traffic and humans

    • Defective collision detection in conjunction with trams and trains has been corrected.
    • Defective collision detection in conjunction with articulated busses has been corrected.
    • Defective collision detection in conjunction with AI double deckers has been corrected.
    • Pedestrians caused traffic jam caused by defective path reservation. This bug has been corrected.
    • Shifting lanes is now more realistic (smoother).

    Environment, map & editor

    • Adjustable docking distance for the AI at bus stops has not been considered by station link schedules and will now be processed correctly.
    • Station link schedules have not been refreshed if the bus stop cube is moved afterwards. This has been corrected.
    • The trailer of articulated busses is now illuminated correctly.


    • Grandmother- and children textures have been shrinked to a ressource saving level - appropriate to other textures in the game.


    • Die missing passengers of the 3rd tutorial are back.


    • The game menu (key: alt) does not anymore cost 20 fps if visible.
    • Problems with the user inferace caused by activated windows zoom have been solved.


    • Bug marathon at closing OMSI has been removed.
    • The message boxes ingame caused freezes. The management has been changed and the problems been solved.
    • Direct3D device reset has caused errors at resetting. The system has been improved and those problems should not occur anymore.
  • Known issues in 2.1

    • The first few Loading AI processes (see status lines part 3) during the game may cause a few remembrance seconds during which the game does not respond. Don't panic - those seconds are over quite fast and do only concern the first processes of loading AI.
    • Error message: "Bereichsfehler/Zugriffsfehler CV.Calculate". This message is being tested by us and the beta testers. We have a lot of possible reasons for it to occur and thus decided to fix it in a further patch. Normally you can confirm the message and play on.
    • Error message: "SoundSort Fail: Invalid distance calculation". This message usually occurs when you crashed a car severely whereby it flew into another dimension. We implement some measure to prevent this behaviour but need further beta testing before releasing it.
    • Error message: "AMUAV.CNAVO.MV with ntdll.dll ir ode.dll". This melodious message occurs on some systems. We are investigating this bug for its reasons. Usually you can confirm the message and play on.

    • Concerning some bus lines: At the last stop of a route the system does not advance to the first stop of the way back. That problem is under investigation. Till the bug fix you will have to set the way back manually.

    Of course we do develop more patches to correct the remaining small and larger bugs. We support you, if you got problems with the new patch. Just let us know.

  • The small patch [004] today solved two issues:

    - Plugins sometimes caused OMSI to freeze or crash. Plugin compatibility is now restored again.
    - Converting of maps into spherical coordinate system is now bug-free. It is neccessary for e.g. Google Earth Photo import or digital elevation model.


  • Today's small patch [012] solved the following issues:

    • The random selection of vehicles at the bus selection dialog box did not ranomize the selection properly.
    • By use of the bus script can now be checked, if seats are occupied. The callback function is named "GetHumanCountOnSeat". Use it for example for folding seats.
    • In Spandau many unused tiles from the Olympic stadium to the south-east have been removed.
    • Finally we have added the basis to release and activate addons via Steam. It is not possible to do so by today, but OMSI now enables the addon developers to implement such activation.

    Last but not least our Special Forces Team brought back all the missing birds on all maps.


    Best regards

  • With today's small Advent patch [993] the following developments await you:

    • New quicksave function (Ctrl+S). If necessary you can disable OMSI's autosave function to avoid lags and save the game quickly on demand.
    • You can now choose the starting point of a map when loading it without buses. Cancel the selection dialog box to load the map at standard start point.
    • Entry points at the selection dialog box (load map without buses or place bus) are now sorted alphabetically.
    • The personnel file will be saved at the end of a trip instead of the exit of the situation.
    • Macros GetHumanCountOnPathLink and GetHumanCountOnSeat operate as well in the trailer.
    • The holiday file now knows holidays until 2016.

    • Our best-known "CV.Calculate" has been modified. We found some of the causes and corrected them - and we devided the error message into messages as "CV.Calculate - J2". You can post your information about that error here. Feel free to write in English!
    • Error whereby AI busses stood invisible at the tile edge and caused traffic jam corrected.
    • Error whereby the starter of MAN NG and NL worked even with an engaged gear corrected.
    • Error whereby OMSI endlessly tried to reload missing tiles corrected.
    • Error whereby trigger "Change_Take" did not work corrected.
    • Dialog boxes at the editor now contain corrected file paths.

    If necessary you can also find the detailed original patch notes and translate them on your own.


    We wish you a merry christmas!
    Best regards
    Marcel Kuhnt & Janine

  • Hey fans,

    yesterday's update delivered two files in wrong folders. This mistake has been corrected today causing Steam to recognize a new Update today.

    Best regards

    Another information concerning the update:
    To preserve your personal key bindings we did not deliver an updated key mapping config file. Consequently the quicksave function is new, but not mapped to a key. Open the options dialog and follow the illustration given here. Choose a key binding that is comfortable to you.